Who's the Boss?
Debut: January 01, 1984
Ended: January 01, 1992

A former st. louis cardinals pitcher;Tony Micelli decides to take his daughter out of mean streets of brooklyn. So he takes his daughter; Samantha(Sam) Micelli to a white picket fenced house down in Connecticut to go and work for a Lady named Angela Bower and her son Jonathan Bower. At first, Tony's daughter isn't custom to the ways of connectecut. Then a couple years come by and she loves it there. Tony Micelli applied for the house keeper's position. During that time, the father is getting some emotional feelings toward his boss at her home. Angela's mother Mona Robinson loved to come around just in the beginning to check out the house keeper. Then, she thought of him as another adult around the angela's house. For eight seasons on the ABC network it ran 'till May of 1992. There have been some classic episodes and some best episodes that you would remember. Like remember the hicky episode or Angela's First Fight. This was an awesome show to watch. I loved it as a kid growing up, and I still love it.

Tony: "Oh-Ay Ay-Oh -Tony"
Sam: "I don't need to keep a lid on it for her! She's not my mother...you are!!"
Tony: "And don't you forget it!"
Angela: "Sam, you need to give him some space"
Sam: "Oh I'll give him some space...RIGHT BETWEEN HIS TEEH!"
Samantha: "Connecticut? Yuck! Siberia with elm trees!"
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