Quickie Top Ten: Boss Themes

The best of the best boss themes from the 8-Bit Era to the 2000's
September 24, 2012
Ah Bosses, we all love and dread their presence. Some bosses are easily dispatched, others take weeks or even months of pattern memorization. What defines a boss the most? The music of course. So thats why I Evil Otto is going to break down my top 10 favourite boss themes from the 80's to the 2000's and all the shit in between.

Number 10

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Rundas Theme

I will admit, the Metroid Series and I have a strange relationship. I can watch someone play them for hours on end, but if I pick one up and try to play it myself its like mixing acids and bases. However I can still appreciate every aspect of the series, including the music. I watched my friend do this boss battle and the music was just so epic in my pants that I downloaded it onto my ipod later that day.

Number 9

M.Bisons theme (Super Street Fighter 2)

Whats a boss list without a Street Fighter theme? This last battle took me awhile to get to, mainly because Vega kept kicking my ass, and because Sagat is an asshole. But this theme got me so fueled that I actually beat M. Bison on my first try. As Van Damme Said: I am going to kick that son of a bitch Bisons ass.

Number 8

Bowser theme (Mario 64)
THIS is actually my favourite Bowser theme(aside from the yoshi's island one) and it formally replaces the Bowser theme from Mario 3 on my bad ass list. I would like to apologize for having an opinion, it seems that someone using the internet to speak their mind garners a low rating despite it being an okay article. Anyways, this Bowser theme is so burned into my brain from hours of Mario 64 abuse. I love it

Number 7
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Final Fantasy 4 Boss Theme

I would like to state that this shares my heart as my favourite Final Fantasy game with 6, I'd speak my mind on VII but you know I'd get a negative rating. I especially like it because It would play every morning on my phone as I scrambled to get to school. It is arguably the most memorable FF boss theme.
Number 6

This theme is a little less imposing, but its fast paced and pretty killer. Its just a generic ass kicking theme.

Number 5

Sonic 3 Boss theme

AGAIN, another game overshadowed by a predecessor. Alot of people think Sonic 2 is the best one, I think its a great game but 3 takes the cake between Genesis games (Sonic CD is my favourite Sonic game ever) and this theme is FUCKING AWESOME!

Number 4

Chrono Trigger Boss 2

This is my favourite RPG Boss theme. It just too beautiful for words to describe! Its also epic and well composed. Sadly it only appears in a few battles, at first I thought it was reserved for extremely powerful and hard to beat bosses, but I found it weird that it was used for the second battle with Ozzie, Flea and Slash.

Number 3
(Broken YouTube Link Removed)

Hell Sigma
X6 was a problem game, it was hard and rushed. However this last theme was quite amazing, a mashup of the boss themes from x1 and x2. It comes off as particularly imposing and bad ass. This boss was rather easy though, which keeps it from number 1 or 2.

Number 2
(Broken YouTube Link Removed)

Wily Machine 9

Dr.Wily is the one of the best evil genius's of gaming. This theme was fucking EPIC! I mean, you wait years for a Mega Man 9, then you finally download it on your Wii, Xbox or PS3 and its hard as shit, you struggle to the end and you are met with one of the hardest Wily boss battles of all time. This theme symbolizes your struggle to win, and its futility.

Number 1

I used to be a huge Sonic fan, my love for the series dwindled over the years but I still love this boss theme. Its just so awesome. The boss was quite easy but this theme, my god what genius composed this?

SO yes, I do expect to get a few minuses run off from my previous top ten. But come on, its a site where one can state their own opinion. Also, I shall be writing another non top 10 eventually.
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