Mega Man Bosses Part II

Some of the better robot masters.
August 29, 2011
A while back, I wrote a piece on who I found to be the worst robot masters in the Mega Man lineup, at least on the original seven games. A lot of the bosses were really ridiculous, heck even the newer games on Wii feature such names as Sheep Man and Plug Man. Yeah.

But, some of the enemies were kinda cool too. So as a turn around from my last contribution, I thought I'd list some of the better Mega Man bosses that I battled years ago. I'm not saying these are the epitome of excellence, but they're certainly better than the ones from before...

Metal Man

One of the most recognized of Mega Man's classic foes, Metal Man will shred you up. His blades are quite powerful, but your fight against him doesn't have to be so hard. For one, he won't approach you if you don't get too close, so just dodge his blades as best you can. The other reason is his weakness is his own weapon. That's right, on the second go around in Mega Man 2, a single blade will do him in. I don't know if this was a joke on Capcom's part, but it seems every gamer of the past knows of that trick.

Dive Man

In this legendary franchise, I found Mega Man 4's Dive Man to be the best of all the water-based robot masters. I mean look at him; he's basically a submarine. His missiles follow Mega Man everywhere during their fight, plus he can hurl himself at you like a torpedo! These two attacks, combined with his speed make Dive Man a difficult foe, but they also make him memorable.

Gemini Man

Holy cow, there's two of them! Not only can Gemini Man copy himself, he has a laser beam that bounces off walls. Pretty neat. It really comes in handy against later foes.

Pharaoh Man

Can't go wrong with combining ancient Egypt and modern robotics, right? What makes Pharaoh Man unique, is his weapon. The pharaoh shot threw orbs at the enemy like most others, but even better was a huge orb of the energy could hover over Mega Man's head. He's one the easier bosses, especially should you have the flash stopper, but I say screw that and beat him without it. It'll make the pharaoh shot a sweeter reward.

Bomb Man

Dr. Wily should have stuck with the idea behind this guy. Don't make robots that throw snowflakes, lasers and whatnot. Make robots that throw freakin bombs. Not only is Bomb Man a ruthless, bomb chucking maniac, he also has that 80's Mohawk going on.
So yeah, he's cool.

Shadow Man

A name like Shadow Man sounds like a superhero of some sort, but not this guy. He's one of quickest, sharpest enemies in the Mega Man gallery. It took tons of tries before I ever beat him, I still don't remember how exactly. His shadow blade weapon is really cool, and Mega Man can even fire them in an up direction. He can be a hard son of a gun to beat, but his weapon is worth it.

Freeze Man

Mega Man 7 on Super NES tried to redeem themselves with good bosses, after so many ridiculous ones on Mega Man 6. Freeze Man I think is the only MM7 foe that stands out. He has a neat frozen design, and his freeze cracker helps out greatly in Wily's castle. He's everything that Ice Man from the original game wishes he could be. But I wonder..does Freeze Man actually have a nose under that mask?

Heat Man

He's a guy in a box! Or is he a giant lighter? I don't know. Heat Man is awesome for the simple fact he turns into a beam of fire, and shoots across his boss room. What more needs to be said? Fire Man was the first, but Heat Man really defined what it is to be a fire based boss.

Napalm Man

Heck yes, another robot that throws bombs. If Wily had made more bots like this, he might have won in the end. But I guess when you eventually make guys like Plant Man and Spring Man, expecting cool ones like Napalm Man is asking too much. He jumps, throws bombs, repeat. Very well done.

Elec Man

An essential member of the blue bomber's gallery, Elec Man is one deadly dude. His thunder beam packs a wallop like nothing else, capable of killing Mega Man in three shots! Good color scheme, and lightning based mask, and of course his frying weapon make Elec Man a terrifying, yet memorable foe.

Well, there you have it. My lists of the bad and good Mega Man bosses. Maybe you're thinking "Hey, you didn't list so-and-so Man!" True, but I guess if they weren't on either list, I don't really think one way or the other about them. Not great, not horrible, just in between. Others are good, but these are the most significant foes from my life as a Mega Man gamer.

Thanks for reading.
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