The Animals of Farthing Wood
Debut: January 06, 1993
Ended: December 21, 1995
Debut: January 06, 1993
Ended: December 21, 1995

The Animals of Fathing wood is about a herd of Animals who imegrate accross the country on a very long journey to a paradise called White deer park loved by all ages accross the world.

Fox: "Badger, I'm sorry I was unkind to you -Fox"
Vixen: "He's gone -Vixen"
Cleo: "ahum, Have you dropped something? -Cleo"
Charmer: "Ranger, Please forgive Adder, Please -Charmer"
Scarface: "Curise you Adder, I am at the end of my line -Scarface"
Lierd: "Alright, who's the strongest? Who is the fastest? Who is the leader of the herd? -Lierd"
Spike: "Is it Bleeding? -Spike"
Trey: "Stop drinking you creature! -Trey"
Whesel: "HaaHaaaa...... -Whesel"
Mrs Rabbit: "Don't panic, Don't panic! -Mrs Rabbit"
Vixen: "Come on, let's go hunting -Vixen"
Scarface: "Go on, Shoot Him! Haahaaa -Scarface"
Weasley: "Oh wheasel! -Weasley"
Rollo: "I'm soo hungry...... -Rollo"
Wheasel: "Measely! This is all your fault! -Wheasel"
Bully: "Who am I Ratties....? -Bully"
Badger: "Wheasel, this is not a game. Don't you care? -Badger"
Fox: "I wish badger was here -Fox"
Mole: "Oh badger, am I glad to see you! -Mole"
Dash: "Plucky's the leader, Plucky is! -Dash"
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