My Favourite 2nd-In-Commands

A look at the henchmen who outshined their bosses
January 09, 2012
These guys don't get enough credit despite holding their own against our Action-Hero better than the main villain who's a total wimp in some cases.

However the following characters are villains in their own right but with respect to hierarchy they play second fiddle such as...

Bolo - Enter the Dragon

Right-Hand Man for Mr. Han

This was a kung-fu movie starring Bruce Lee as an agent sent to infiltrate some drug operation run by Mr. Han. For some reason Mr. Han hosts a martial arts tourney because...he can or something. So he's like the host of a party and the fighters are his guests. Just like at some parties things can get out of hand and that's where Bolo comes in.

Bolo is some kind of tournament enforcer and has the job of yelling of what I assume is a Chinese term for "fight!" to let the ass-kicking begin.

One day it turns out someone was snooping around the previous night and attacked a few guards (Spoiler Alert: It was Bruce Lee!) and to make sure it doesn't happen again, three random guys are hastily dragged forward to be made an example of what happens when you cross the line. Bolo proceeds to brutally beat the sh*t of them without breaking a sweat as if its something he does in his spare time to unwind.

Unfortunately he doesn't get to fight Bruce Lee's character which no doubt would have been epic.


Power - He's big, strong, knows martial arts and quite intimidating

Charisma - Extreme confidence

Overall Awesomeness - |||||||||[/size]|||||| 12/15

Miguel - Crocodile Dundee 2

Right Hand Man for Luis Rico

Mick "Crocodile" Dundee is back and still adjusting to living in New York with his girlfriend Linda. Elsewhere in Colombia, Linda's ex-hubby Bobby has just witnessed some drug dealer (Luis Rico) execute some dude and has taken pictures of the incident.

Unfortunately he's discovered but manages to escape and removes the film from the camera which he then mails to his ex-wife before getting killed almost immediately when he arrives at his motel room to pack up and leave.

The man who made it happen was Miguel who even casually listens in from the front-desk's phone as Bobby leaves a message on an answering-machine about what happened. How Miguel knew WHERE to find him, is a mystery. Well, at least for me it was.

The camera-film fortunately, was already on its way to New York and Rico decides to go after it. This results in Linda being kidnapped who is obviously clueless because she hadn't yet got the message or something and oh yes, its Miguel who does the kidnapping. He was one sneaky guy.

When Mick learns about her kidnapping, he plans a rescue which is successful but short lived once Rico somehow escapes police-custody and is now on the hunt for Mick & Linda. The action resumes in Australia where Rico and his gang are defeated.

Ironically, Rico was killed by Miguel after Mick switched his clothes with Rico in order to lure Miguel out. All that sneakiness back-fired horribly for him and his brother.


Power - Efficient and sneaky

Charisma - Laid back and always well-dressed even in The Outback

Overall Awesomeness - |||||||||[/size]|||||| 10/15

Clarence Boddicker - RoboCop

Right hand Man for Dick Jones

I'm not going to say much on Robocop because we (well, most of us anyway) already know the plot. But for the sake of those who don't; it's about Officer Murphy who was violently gunned down and left brain-dead. He was later brought back to life as a cyborg dubbed Robocop and then picks up from where he left.

The man responsible for his condition was Clarence Boddicker; a businessman and ruthless killer and could be labeled a villain in his own right as mentioned earlier, even though Dick Jones is the one pulling the strings.

When it comes to violence he operates with all guns blazing, because f*ck the consequences!


Power - A crap load of firepower, a gang of crazed henchmen and his superior/business partner Dick Jones who makes everything possible for him to carry out his manic rampages.

Charisma - Does not give a f*ck about anything or anyone.

Overall Awesomeness - |||||||||[/size]|||||| 14/15

Macgruda - On Deadly Ground

Right hand Man for Michael Jennings
On Deadly Ground stars Steven Seagal as a badass oil rig fire-fighter guy who fixes problems by blowing up stuff (It's Steven Seagal, what were you expecting?). So anyway, Seagal finds out things are not OK with the company in terms of equipment, pollution-levels and bunch of other stuff after being tipped off by a whistle-blower which he, like a responsible employee, brings to the attention of Michael Jennings (a big mistake) who then in turn decides to kill Seagal (an even bigger mistake).

The man in charge with this task is Macgruda who establishes him himself by first going after the whistle-blower who has the damning evidence and eventually kills him when he wont tell where he hid it and then later goes on the hunt for Seagal when it's learnt he's still alive after an earlier attempt to blow him up fails (gotta love the irony).

Macgruda is basically all talk and is not exactly a physically imposing guy so much so, that he needs his OWN right hand man. Despite his flaws he's still fun to watch and knows that "There's is no 'I' in 'TEAM'!".


Power - His personal hench-man and he lets his gun do the talking

Charisma - A bully and an arrogant prick

Overall Awesomeness - ||||||||||||||| 8/15

Karla Fry - Beverly Hills Cop 2

Right Hand Ma- er..Woman for Maxwell Dent

Axel Foley is back in Beverly Hills when he learns Capt. Bogomil was badly wounded while investigating high end store robberies. These properties belong to Maxwell Dent who (surprise, surprise) is robbing his own businesses on purpose in order to finance firearms deals by committing Insurance Fraud.

Leading the charge is Karla fry who despite her sexy looks is quite ruthless and unforgiving. She does all the dirty work for Dent and has no problem handling herself among her Hench-men who she closely supervises as they carry out their heists.

Oh and she's the one that shot Bogomil!


Power - Excellent time management skills while carrying out the job and vast knowledge of/on the use of weapons

Charisma - Very calm, and elegance which helps hide her darker side.

Overall Awesomeness - |||||||||[/size]|||||| 13/15

Wah Sing Ku - Lethal Weapon 4

Right Hand Man for Benny Chan

Riggs and Murtaugh are back and are out to prove "They're NOT too old for this sh*t!" by investigating a Chinese human-trafficking syndicate and as usual, things run much deeper than that.

Their investigation eventually leads them to Benny Chan aka Uncle Benny who unfortunately doesn't live up to his badass sounding name. To give you an idea, think of Mr. Chow from The Hangover and throw in a few unfunny sitcom jokes and that's Uncle Benny for you.

It turns out there's a currency-counterfeiting operation going on behind the scenes using the trafficked people as forced labour.

Our heroes soon find one of the guys who was in charge of the ship transporting the human cargo but he evades them only to run into Wah Sing Ku who makes sure he doesn't snitch by beating him up and then strangles him to death (just another day at the office for Wah Sing Ku)

This dude was a classic silent badass up there with the likes of Ivan Drago or The-Man-With-No-Name.

He was so unstoppable it had to take Riggs and Murtaugh double teaming him, being impaled with a metal bar and a f*cking AK-47 to kill this guy. No seriously! I'll let this clip summarise his badassery.


Power - Expert martial-artist who's so fast (as seen from the brief Mexican Stand-off) you'll never know what hit you.

Charisma - Cold and extremely brutal (He kicked Rene Russo in the face!)

Overall Awesomeness - |||||||||[/size]|||||| 15/15

And before I forget...

Honourable Mentions:

Mr. Joshua - Right Hand Man for The General (Lethal Weapon)

Pik Van Cleef - Right Hand Man for Emile Fouchon (Hard Target)

Juno Skinner - Right Hand Woman for Salim Abu Aziz (True Lies)
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