Debut: January 01, 1988
Ended: January 01, 1989

The year: 2020. The place: Empire City. The situation: Brandon "Big Boss" Babel, a nefarious crime lord, along with his army of criminal thugs is holding the city under the palm of his iron hand. His army is made up entirely of thieves, muggers, and burglars such as Berserko, Big Boss' dimwitted nephew, Turbo Tu-tone, Buttons Mc BoomBoom, Nightshade, Ms. Demeanor, Dr. BadVibes and Buzzbomb, Squeeky Kleen, and Rock Krusher. That was just before Mayor Davis sends in Special Agent Baldwin P. Vess to take him down. Baldwin Vess set off to take down Big Boss, but was severely injured when he was sandwiched between a brick wall and a delivery fish truck. At the hospital, he was given a cybergnetic torso that's entirely bullet resistant, making him completely bulletproof. While recovering from serious injuries suffered at the hands of Big Boss' criminal henchman, he sent out 2 police officers, PJ O'Malley (Codename LongArm) and Donny Brooks (Codename: Hardtop), throughout the country to help him form a team of "The finest law enforcement agency there is in the Country" known as C.O.P.S. (Central Organization of Police Specialists). Together, Baldwin Vess (Codename: Bulletproof) and his C.O.P.S. team, made up of Mainframe, Mace, Mirage, Highway, Hardtop, LongArm, Barricade, Sundown, Bowser and Blitz, and Bullseye, were able to take down Big Boss and his gang of Crooks and thwart the first of many of his criminal schemes. f

All the C.O.P.S: "Its Crime Fighting Time!"
All the Crooks: "Crime Is A Wasting!"
B.P. Vess: "Case closed."
BP Vess: "We're C.O.P.S, and you're under arrest."
Bulletproof: "That remains to be seen Mr. Keen."
Big Boss: "BadVibes, you big dummy! Look what you have done!"
Rock Krusher: "Maddog? Hey! I know you, your a Cop!"
Mayor Davis: "Ms. Horton, take a memo."
Buttons Mc BoomBoom: "I hate bugs!"
Dr. BadVibes: "I'm innocent! I've just got stuck in the mall after closing time."
Bowser: "Tell it to the judge."
Barricade: "Hey, Uncle buttons. I've got a present...for you!"
Gaylord, the bug: "Maybe, but then again, maybe not."
Mainframe: "Welcome back, sir."
Bulletproof: "Your in the arms of the Law now, citizen. Don't move! Your under arrest!"
Dr. BadVibes: "Put a muzzle on it, peabrain!"
Bowser: "I think Keen's security isn't what it's cracked up to be."
Mainframe: "Sigh.. Whew.. Piece of cake."
Mainframe: "Count me in! I've just love computer games."
Berserko: "Quit lying down on the job! We gotta scram before the C.O.P.S. show up."
Bowser: "Time to call in the calvary."
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