More Evil Dudes

More Evil Dudes From My List and a few Evil Dudettes In The Mix Too.
December 17, 2006
Well, this is really a continuation of my previous list of evil dudes and evil dudettes from shows of the 80s, 90s, and early 00s. Enjoy.

Lionel Luthor (Smallville)

Lionel Luthor sets forth the precednce of all that is evil in the town of Smallville. He is Lex's father and we wonder if Lex gets his ability to run good emotinal screw jobs on people from him? Lex says that he's nothing like his father but I beg to differ. A slick businessman with the signature long dark locks and a purple tie Lionel Luthor is the one that Lex should look out for.

Berserko (C.O.P.S.)

The nephew of Big Boss sets out to do all of BB's dirty work. Including pulling bank jobs, robbing stores, and all of the other things that bad guys do.

Looten Plunder (Captain Planet and the Planeteers)

An Eco-Villan with the highest disregard for the earth and all of its natural resources Looten Plunder is the guy who the eco-villans turn to when they want to dispose of Captain Planet with his tacky and mismatched suits Looten Plunder is a force to be reckoned with especially when he teams up with Hoggish Greedly and Dr Blythe.

Sly Rax (M.A.S.K.)

It's always important for an evil dude to have a right hand man and Miles Meyham has put all of his faith in Sly Rax. He's a slick dude that has all of the right moves.

Devimon (Digimon: Digital Monsters)

Ahh yes! This list would not be complete without any of the baddie Digimon. Devimon is the first baddie digimon that the 7 digidestined children come into contact with.

Roland Dartz (Yu-Gi-Oh! Waking the Dragons)

Roland Dartz is the master of all things that are evil. He uses the seal of orechailchos to seal away the souls of people who are greedy and selfish. You can't compete with evil that feeds the great Labythan.

Saw Boss (Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors)

Saw Boss came out of an experiment from Jayce's father which tried to make plants heartier but it all backfired on him when Saw Boss was created. Now Jayce is still searching for his father to reunite the magic root that was taken apart by his father to keep it safe from Saw Boss.

Nightshade (C.O.P.S.)

Nightshade comes from a privilaged background but chose a life that her family didn't really approve of. This is not the only villaness on my list. She works alone and during the night. She can find her way through any security system in Empire City.

Giovanni (Pokemon)

The notorious leader of Team Rocket Giovanni is always hungry for power. Especially if he can find out more about Team Aqua and Team Magma in the Hoein Region. He sends Jessie, James, and Meowth to find out more about it while attempting to capture the elusive and willey Pikachu from Ash's pokemon collection.

The Riddler (The Batman)

Out of all the ach-villans on the Batman the Riddler is one of my favourites. He's always cooking up a lot of schemes in order to get Batman out of the way so he can forever destroy Gotham City. It is especially when he teams up with the Joker that things really start to go awry.

Tarantulas (Beast Wars: Transformers)

Tarantulas is the root of everything evil. He has roots that are set in the Tripredacus Council. A mole that was sent to spy on Megatron. He seems to know that Megatron is still operating his own agenda against everything that the Predacons have worked so hard to acheive.

Crasher (Challenge of the Gobots)

Crasher is a delightfully wonderful b--ch with a vile temper to boot. She'll plough her way through any Guardian no matter what the cost. The Renegade cause is her ideal.

Sesshomaru (InuYasha)

Sesshomaru is InuYasha's brother. Being from the same bloodline presents its share of problems. Sesshomaru lusts for power the same as InuYasha but unlike InuYasha Sesshomaru is a full-bred demond while Inyasha is only a half-bred demond. InuYasha's mother was human while Sesshomaru's mother wasn't.

Kagura (InuYasha)

Another of the evil b--ches that plauge the demond world Kagura is loyal to certain demonds and not so loyal to others. Kagura especially swears feality to Naraku if only for a moment but behind his back she's always scheming to free herself from Naraku's control. She and all of the other full-blood demonds share a common bond.... Their dispisal of Inuyasha and Kagome. Kagura delights in taunting people and she has a very vile temper.

Naraku (InuYasha)

Naraku is the ruler of the demond world. Every demond and human that has come under his control is marked with a spider on their back. There is nothing that InuYasha would like more than to cut off Naraku's head and use it as a trophy. Miroku wants a piece of Naraku more than anybody for putting a curse on his family. Naraku was also responsible for cursing Sango's younger brother. It is a curse that can only be broken when Naraku is defeated.

Raphael (Yu-Gi-Oh! Waking the Dragons)

Raphael is one of Dartz's flunkies who sets out to steal the pharoh's soul but he accidently steals Yugi Moto's soul instead. But he eventually finds out that Dartz has been playing him, and his coleauges all for chumps to make them do his dirty work. Raphael's family once was on a boating expedition when everyone, his sibblings and parents, were swept over board.

Lord Dread (Captain Power and the Soliders of the Future)

Lord Dread is the ruler of Volcania and the New World order. He sends his Bio-Dread creations to hunt down any humans who have survived the Metal Wars and digitize them. The Bio-Dreads then take the digitized humans back to Volcania and Lord Dread. They use the digitized humans to feed Overmind. If not for Captain Power and his Soliders of the Future it wouldn't mean much to the people of earth if Lord Dread ruled the Earth.

Boss Hog (The Dukes of Hazzard)

If there is but one law in Hazzard County it's that Boss Hog's word is law. Sorrel Brooke played the lovable but dimwitted Boss Hog from 1979 until 1985. The Hogs and the Dukes have been in a family feud for generations. Unknown is how this family feud got started. We do know this. Whever Boss Hog ordered someone arrested they got arrested. But Boss Hog especially wants to see any and all of the Duke Family arrested.

So this is it for my list. If you have any comments about this list please don't hesitate to give me some feedback good or bad.
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