My Top 20 Movies of the 80s

Countdown of my favorite 80s films.
January 17, 2007
Here you'll find a mini-countdown of some of my favorite 80s movies, some you'll hate, some you'll love, and some you've never heard , and some of you might wonder why some of them didn't make to the list. Might i add, this is not a countdown to the obvious movies of the 80,s so im not gonna list every John Hughes movie while leaving out every other movie, so if you wonder why a movie didn't make it to the list, its not because i hate it, its because im gonna try and cover various genres without one weighing out the other. but now that that's out of the way , on with the countdown.

20.ET: The Extra Terrestrial (1982 )

This is the classic touching story, about a boy named Elliot who was lucky enough to find his own personal alien and become friends with it, and maybe consume "absolute power", and by absolute power I mean, making a fool of yourself and freeing all the subject frogs in science class, and making out with the Popular Girl, while using the token fat kid as a step (which might actually take power ). He also happens show his new friend off to his Big brother, Mike, whose busy coming home from Football practice and raiding the fridge while singing Elvis Costello's "Accidents Will Happen". but unfortunately, the friendship needed to end due to those pesky FBI agents, so ET was forced to go back home on the planet 'whereever ET's live'. Dee Walace was assumed dead after the filming of this picture and was never seen again. except you'll maybe see her bankrupt ghost attending horror and sci-fi conventions. But anyway about the movie, I mean sure yeah, its cheesy and mushy at times, but what else do you expect? its a family film.

19.Who Framed Roger Rabbit? (1987)

This very enjoyable Comedy-Fantasy-Detective Story stars Bob Hoskins as Eddy, a 1940s detective on a recent murder case, and the main suspect is the goofy doofus, Roger, a cartoon rabbit that somehow is able to react with humans, but Eddy realizes that maybe Roger is innocent, and the two become partners and solve the crime together, but the evil Judge Doom, who 'talks just like this", gets in the way with his substance of destruction called "The Dip". Very great animation and high brow humor, makes this a very watchable goof-fest of a film. but if your perverted you might be watching it to stare at 2 things on Jessica Rabbit, well Bob Hoskins almost made it with her in one scene. I mean he had his pants down for christ sakes. I wonder what a cartoon woman feels like..i mean, does it feel like having sex with painted paper? or does it feel real? we'll never know these plot holes.*shrugs*

18.The Shining (1980 )

A very unique, Horror-Suspense film, with a very great perfomace from the man, Jack Nicholson ( as always ), he stars as a writer, family man, and recovering drunk named Jack ( go figure ), who in which takes his family, wife Wendy( Shelley Duvall ), and son Danny ( Danny Lloyd ) to the psuedo-secluded, and ridiculously huge Overlook Hotel, which is inhabited by evil spirits and demons, which consume over Jack's pour soul, which causes him to go insane ( his excuse was 'all work and no play' but he lives in a hotel for about 6 months, snowed in for god sakes! you'd figure he'd find SOMETHING to do, like go to the pool or shoot some darts ), and go murder his family, but little does he know that his son Danny, is psychic or can "Shine" as said by Scatman Crothers who probably invited his son to play some "Kick the Can". Most noted for its two catch phrases "Redrum" and "Here's Johnny".

17.Tootsie (1982)

Classic Comedy-Drama about a struggling actor,Michael Dorsey ( brilliantly played by Dustin Hoffman) with a perfect sense of disguise, is having lots and lots of trouble getting parts in movies, plays and even in commercials as talking tomatoes. His friend, Sandy ( Teri Garr ), has an audition for a part in a Soap Opera, and is rejected, Michael sees this as a way to create an alter-ego and disguise himself as middle aged Dorothy Michaels, surprisingly his audition got him the part on the soap opera and becomes a huge TV star. But soon, Michael falls in love with his female co-star, and as Dorothy, is chased by other men, which is not that good a thing either, unless you go for that sort of thing. Great writing and directing and good supporting acting by Bill Murray and Teri Garr and Jessica Lange. One of Sydney Pollack's best. "That Is One Nutty Hospital."

16.Gandhi (1982)

Richard Attenborough's epic biographical Drama about the spritial leader/ politician/lawyer Mahatma Gandhi, if you need me to give you a synopsis of the Gandhi story you need to go back to History class. In a nut shell, Gandhi tries to get freedom and independence to his country India, by way of passive resistance and few assault weapons under his garments. But anyway, tremendous acting by Ben Kingsley ( who also won an oscar for his portrayal of the lead role of Gandhi ), and very great cinematography as well. Recommend.

15.The Goonies (1986)

The ever quotable and watchable Comedy-Adventure directed by Richard Donner ( original Superman films ) and produced by Steven Spielberg, about a few sea-side kids (whose houses are about to be evicted ) who go underground, with the guidance of a helpful old map, to retrieve One Eyed Willie the ]pirate's hidden treasure, so they can pay the evil contractors ( how cute ).

14.The Untouchables (1987)

Crime-Thriller with a sturdy cast ( Kevin Costner, Sean Connery, Andy Garcia, Robert DeNiro)
about a detective ( Costner ) who forms a team of other cops in which they call themselves "The Untouchables" and together they are out to put gangster, Al Capone ( DeNiro), behind bars. very well directed, written and acted. Also based on the TV Show of the same name, and probably one of the only films based on a TV show thats actually a good movie, cant forget Wild Wild West too.

13.Raging Bull (1980 )

Martin Scorsese directed this dark and brooding character study of abusive boxer, Jake La Motta. Robert DeNiro as a violent man, didnt see that one coming huh? but seriously, he does an awesome job as always. Joe Pesci costars as Jake's brother, Joey.

12.Predator( 1987 )

The movie that makes you think that the first few levels of Contra were a total rip off of it, but was still a good game, none the less. Action-Horror-Sci-Fi-Thriller about a troop of special forces sent to out on a mission in Latin America, but things go awry when they find out that they're being followed by an unseen alien, and each are killed off one by one until Arnold wittingly outsmarts the damn thing. Non-stop action and classic dialogue such as "GET TO THE CHOPPAH!", make this fun little film worth while.

11.Die Hard (1987)

Detective John Maclaine's first adventure of almost getting killed while trying to get the bad guy, This Action-Comedy was probably the first of its kind, which is probably why its gained importantance over the years. Its Christmas eve, and John Maclaine's come home from NY to California to see his beloved wife and kids for the holidays, but there's one problem, there happens to be Terrorists in the building that want to rob the buildings hefty safe, but John says 'yippee ki-aye' and credits roll. very funny and very action packed. there's actually talk of a 3rd sequel due out sometime either next or this year. when i think about it, if this movie was made in 2002, it would probably be canned cause so many people are overly sensitive about 9/11 and basing a movie where the premise is terrorists INSIDE a building, it would probably get so much shit, hell they arrested one kid this Halloween for having fake dynamite on his costume. *shakes head* but anyway, good movie.
10.Ferris Bueller's Day Off (1986)

Memorable 'Day In The Life Of' Comedy about the "Raughtous Dude", Ferris Bueller, who decides to slip the ol' fake sick routine, in order to have a nice little day off with his best friend Cameron and his girlfriend Salone, pure hilarity ensues. And you cant beat Jeffery Jones portrayal of Mr.Ed Rooney, the school principal who thinks Ferris is just another bad kid and out to bust him.pure genius.

9.Say Anything (1989)

John Cusack stars in the first of many Romantic Comedy-Drama written and directed by Cameron Crowe. He stars as Lloyd Dobler, the nice guy who aims to be a professional kick boxer, who falls for ambitious but shy Diane Court. the two fall in love, break up , and get back together like every Romance story. but this one is done right. plus, who can forget the great Boombox scene, or the awkward but funny Pen scene.

8.Beetlejuice (1988 )

Tim Burton's paranormal Comedy about a 30 something couple ( Gena Davis, Alec Baldwin ) who are killed in a bad car accident all because that Damn dog just wouldn't 'stay'. A new family soon moves into the couple's house, this encourages them to 'scare' them out, their ideas don't work so they call The Ghost With The Most, Beetlejuice, to rid their home of their unwelcome guests. Michael Keaton is Hilarious throughout, Danny Elfman out does himself supplying an awesome score.

7.Gremlins (1984)

The classic Sci-Fi-Thriller-Horror-Comedy from directer Joe Dante and producer Steven Speilberg, Billy Peltzer receives a Christmas gift from his inventor father (who should of just gave him the Bathroom Buddy instead, that things awesome), and it turns out to be a cute little creature that somehow sounds a lot like Howie Mandell doing a baby voice. we all know the 3 rules, but somehow Billy and Corey Feldman disobey those rules and were left with a bunch of nasty creatures ready to wreak havoc. Very original and very entertaining.

6.Pee Wee's Big Adventure (1985)

Paul Reubens stars as his alter-ego Pee Wee Herman in this seriously zany comedy, Pee Wee's prized possession, his red bike, is stolen and Pee Wee goes on a cross country adventure to find it. The movie that gave "Tequila" its own official dance.

5.Back To The Future (1985)

Classic Sci-Fi Comedy directed by Rober Zemeckis, starring Michael J Fox who is sent back in time to 1950s America by accident by way of a souped up Delorian which was made by his good friend Doc Brown, and runs into his parents by accident and knocks off their chance to fall in love, and then becomes determined to bring them back together so he doesn't become erased from existence.

4.Batman (1989)

One of the best comic book adaptions ever made, in my opinion, and very well made film at that. Michael Keaton does a decent job as mysterious but funny, Bruce Wayne who is just an ordinary rich guy. the event of the month is that Anniversary of Gotham City, but the committee of Gotham doesn't really want to go trough with because of all the crime on the scene, gangster Carl Grisom the big crime lord of Gotham city inst behind bars yet, Grisom sends his 'number one guy' Jack Napier (Jack Nicholson) out on a heist, but Batman comes to stop the robbery, the result ends in Jack falling into a bath of toxic chemicals turning him into the maniacal Joker. Joker aims to be the big crime lord of Gotham City after taking Grisoms place by murdering him, But Of course, Batman wont let that happen. Wonderfully Acted and written, plus Jack Nicholson's portrayal of the Joker is just brilliant. Danny Elfman supplies an awesome score like always.

3.Ghostbusters (1984)

The mega classic comedy hit of the 1980s, Three scientists get kicked out of their university and are forced to go into business for themselves as paranormal investigators and eliminators, 'which is a franchise right that will make them rich beyond their wildest dreams'. Perfect comic performances by the whole cast, Bill Murray and Rick Moranis in particular, Plus how can you go wrong with such an original comedic concept and a giant marshmallow man?

2.Raiders Of The Lost Ark (1981)

Indiana Jones is a 1930s archeologist who is assigned to find the lost Ark Of The Covenant, but the Nazis ( who have a fixation on old artifacts ) are out to find it as well, so Indy tries to beat them to it, but fails and ends up kicking Nazi ass, but the Nazi's then open the ark not knowing its dark secret. and are melted alive by the horrific spirits which are contained within it.

1. The Empire Strikes Back (1980)

The second and best installment in the original Star Wars trilogy, after the Death Star was destroyed, Vader and his Imperials comes back to gain revenge on the Rebel Alliance, and Luke goes to Degobah to further his education and training of the Force by Jedi Master, Yoda. Meanwhile, Han, Luke, the Droids, and Chewbacca head to Cloud City as a way to get away from the Imperials, but are soon put into a trap, as well as a trap for Luke, himself. Also contains the greatest battle sequence in any Star Wars film, the Battle Of Hoth. great acting, great action, and all around great movie.

And that's it, my favorite films of the 80s, some of you might bash me for putting ones the unsuited number of choice. but hey, it was hard for me to choose which number to put them in, anyway. while some of you might agree, or just call me a Star Wars geek for putting Empire at number 1. but anyway, those are my top 20 movies of the 80s. I hope you enjoyed the read as much as the grand time I had writing it..
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