Are you Afraid of the Dark?
Debut: October 31, 1990
Debut: October 31, 1990

Are You Afraid of the Dark? (also known as Are You Afraid of the Dark?: Curse of the Shadows during its ninth season or Are You Afraid of the Dark?: Ghost Island during its tenth season) is a show about a group of teenagers called "The Midnight Society". The kids meet in an undisclosed campfire in the woods and take turns telling their own scary stories. The viewers watching at home bare-witness these spooky stories come to life.

Rachel: "What is this?"
Mr. Tophat: "Isn't it obvious? This is a trap."
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Mr. Tophat: "It's all part of the show."
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Mr. Tophat: "What's wrong, little girl? I thought you liked being scared."
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Mr. Tophat: "Hello, Rachel. Welcome to the show."
Rachel: "No!"
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Dr. Vink: "And I am NOT a nutbag!"
Pete: "I thought I just saw Nosferatu step out of the movie!"
Gary: "I declare this meeting of the Midnight Society closed. [pours water on fire.]"
Emcee: "Pick the right door and you'll go free... pick the wrong door and there he'll be."
Ghastly Grinner: "Whats the matter kid don't like to laugh?"
Zeebo: "(laughs) hey what do you think I am some kind of clown?"
Ghastly Grinner: "Do you know what happened to the last guy who tried to stop me? well lets just say his subscription was canceled."
Belinda: "Belinda: I wouldn't go out there if I were you."
Ricky: "Good thing you're not me."
Kid: "Mr. Sardo?"
Sardo: "That's SarDO! No Mr, accent on the "Do"."
Hooper: "I don't have much of a sense of humor Ethan."
Ethan: "Yeah, well I don't have an Uncle Bob."
Dr Vink: "When you taste my soup you're tasting fear, and that's a taste you won't soon forget."
Zeebo/Carnival Worker: "It's the most fun in the park, when you're laughing in the dark."
Sardo: "Sold! But i'm losing on the deal!"
Kullback: "I'll cripple you later, you little dweeb"
Aaron: "This isn't silver; it's steel!"
Connie: "Arabarious Boca Radi. Creature of darkness come to me. Arabarious Boca Radette. I command you, enter this amulet."
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