Helluva Boss
Debut: November 25, 2019

Blitz, a classic demon Imp, sets out to run his own small assassin business with his weapons specialist Moxxie, his bruiser Millie, and his receptionist hellhound Loona. Together, they attempt to survive each other while running a start-up in Hell.

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Bratty Kid: "It's been a literal hell having to pretend to be paralyzed so you fuckshits wouldn't kill me, but now I want that; I want death."
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Doctor: "He appears to be in stable condition, but he'll need surgery. Now what insurance provider do you freaks have?"
Blitz: "The fuck is insurance?"
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Stolas: "When I become lonely, I become hungry. And when I become hungry, I want to choke on that red BLEEP of yours, BLEEP your salad and BLEEP lick all of your BLEEP, before taking out your BLEEP, and BLEEP-ing with more teeth until you're screaming EXTENDED BLEEP like a fucking baby."
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Loona: "[Cellphone receives a message] Oh fuck, guys I just got a text from our client. Guess he was the right target after all."
Blitz: "Who?"
Loona: "Him."
Bratty Kid: "Me?"
Loona: "Yep."
Blitz: "They wanted us to kill an actual child?"
Loona: "That's what they're saying."
Blitz: "Well, Christ on a stick, I guess there is a god!"
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Blitz: "So, what can I do you for this time, Stolas?"
Stolas: "There's a political candidate casing trouble up on Earth for a few of my associates. He's trying to convince people global warming exists."
Blitz: "Doesn't it?"
Stolas: "Well, yes, but more people die if nothing is done about it. And it gets lonely here."
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Moxxie: "Are you fucking filming us right now?"
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