Twisted Metal Retrospective Part 2

Bigger, Better, and Even More Twisted Than Ever!
October 14, 2013
Twisted Metal 2.... where do I start with this game? I mean, where do I start? This is said by many to be the best of the series (I disagree to that, I'll talk about that later) and possibly, in my opinion, one of the best Playstation games ever made.

This game now has you taking on the entire world as opposed to just LA in this masterpiece. You will do battle in the now destroyed Los Angeles to the skyscrapers of New York and finally in the subways of Hong Kong. The entire world is in for a catastrophe now by the demented Calypso.

I wanna talk about the multiplayer, something I had forgot to mention in the first part of this retrospective. The multiplayer in every Twisted Metal made is probably the sole reason to buy the game besides its amazing replay value. This was a game I'd always remember calling my friends over to play and we'd beat the crap out of each other with LAV-300 tanks and ice cream trucks on the melting ice of Antarctica (which is my least favorite level) or the lava filled ruins of Amazonia. Our battles were very epic and well fought. I would usually prevail with Shadow:

My battles with my friends were always usually fought on the city of Paris where we blew up the Eiffel Tower (Best moment in the entire game) or in the secret level "Assault on Cyburbia" (from the 1st game, level code is Down, Up, L1, R1). Good times, good times. I still play it with my nephew (he likes to use Spectre, but he will never defeat me when I'm Shadow).
Now on to the story. Calypso once again holds another tournament, but since LA was destroyed in the events of the 1st game, he faces a problem of the location. He then turns to a globe, declaring the entire world to be the battlefield for the contest. 14 drivers will compete to claim the ultimate prize: one wish granted, with no limits on prize, size, or in some cases, even reality. The only thing obstacle that stands in the way is Dark Tooth, the final boss of the game. The driver is Charlie Kane, the original pilot of Yellow Jacket (fun fact: Yellow Jacket was going to be in the game, but the idea was scrapped).

Prepare for one helluva fight as this guy is just RELENTLESS! Minion in the 1st game wasn't even this hard. Just watch this video to know how hard he is (vehicle is Outlaw 2, piloted by Captain Jamie Roberts):

If you manage to prevail at this juggernaut of unfathomable power, you manage to get your characters ending. Here are the endings (Sweet Tooth and Minion's endings included):

This game was well regarded by critics and fans as an awesome game. I'd recommend you get it. You won't be disappointing.
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