Mega Man Retrospective Part 2

The Amazing Sequel to an Already Good Game
July 14, 2014
Despite Capcom's efforts to make a mascot for their company and critical acclaim, Mega Man suffered poor sales. However, the Mega Man team wished to make a sequel, which Capcom allowed if they team worked on other projects. The team worked on it during their free time and within 4 months, Mega Man 2 was unleashed upon to the world:

Well, at least they got his color right this time...

To save time on explaining the story, here's the intro:

(Broken YouTube Link Removed)
Where's Mega Man? Where's Mega Man?

Basically, Wily wants revenge and creates 8 robots specifically to kill Mega Man. Here's the rouge's gallery for this game:

Guess which one is weak to his own weapon?

After the intense difficulty of the first game, Capcom DRASTICALLY reduced the difficulty in this game, even moreso in the American version as seen here:

Normal mode was only added in the US versions. Difficult mode is the Japanese version of the game.

Another good example of how this game was easier could also be contributed to this weapon, the Metal Blade:

The most broken Mega Man weapon ever made, boys n girls.

What made it such an amazing item was that it used little to no energy, you could fire it in 8 directions, and it was extremely powerful, to the point that it kills this boss in one hit (or two, depending on the difficulty):

The Ultimate Wimp

This game also added this:

I have no idea what this one does, as I beat the game in one sitting

This game added a Password, allowing gamers to be able to pick up from where they left off. Quite handy if you have a busy schedule.

Now onto the more infamous parts of the game. Despite this game being easier than the first game, it has parts that just piss me off a lot.

No! Not Airman, as I can beat him with very little problem. His level is a pain, but not the boss. However, here's one boss from the same song that WAS a pain:

"I can't defeat Wood Man! No matter how many times I try dodge his swirling leaves, he always kills me again"- I can't Defeat Airman

WOOD MAN! God, I always find this boss to be a huge pain as his leaf shield is hard to dodge and he always tries to ambush you! Even with both Atomic Fire (Heat Man's weapon) and Metal Blade, his weaknesses, it's still a miracle if you manage to defeat him. Protip: Keep as many E-Tanks as possible.

Another pain would be...

One of the many banes of my childhood!

... Quick Man's stage! Protip: Never try to complete this level without Flash Stopper. The lasers are a huge pain if you don't have Flash Stopper as they pretty much guarantee instant death. I know people are about to argue that you have to use Flash Stopper for Quick Man (who also is a pain), but his other weaknesses are Air Shooter and Crash Bomb.

Last, but not least, is this infamous boss:

Admit it, you always trip up at this part!

The Boo-Beam Trap. Basically, they're 5 turrets that you need to destroy with ONLY Crash Bombs. Sounds fair enough... until you realize that you only get 7 Crash Bombs and you need to use 2 of those for walls. I hate this part as I always run out and end up rage quitting afterwards! I managed to beat it however, and made it to Wily. Before you fight Wily, you have to go through this area:

One thing I'd like to point out that I forgot to mention in Part 1 was that in Wily's fortress, you'd battle all of the robot masters again. However, in the first game, you only fought them in a specific order. Mega Man 2 introduced the teleporting hatches, always featured in the penultimate or (rarely) final level where you fight all 8 robot masters again before facing Dr. Wily. I never really have to much trouble here. Once you defeat all of them and the Wily Machine afterwards, here's the final boss:


Yes, it has to be:

The alien attacks in a figure-8 pattern and will attempt to destroy you using simple and futile methods. However, using most of the weapons on the alien simply heals it, except for one weapon. That weapon is Bubble Lead, the weakest weapon in the game. Beat it to get the ending:

So the alien was a fake. Now Bubble Lead makes sense, you short out the hologram.

See you guys next time on Part 3.
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