Nuzzle and Scratch
Debut: January 01, 2008
Ended: January 01, 2010

a British children's television programme, shown on CBeebies.It stars two eponymous puppet alpacas created and developed by Barry Quinn and Alan Robinson and written by various writers.[2]The show starts with a beautiful scene of the Andes which is where Nuzzle and Scratch are originally from: (We're from high up in the Andes, we've got hooves instead of handies) Each episode follows the same format, Nuzzle and Scratch work for '2 by 2, the Any Animal Agency'. run by The Boss, a tough-talking girl. She receives a phone call from someone who is in desperate need of some assistance. Unfortunately all her hard working animals are out already and the only free hands (or hooves) available are the two alpacas Nuzzle and Scratch. The Boss knows they aren't any good so is reluctant to send them, but there is usually some misunderstanding over the phone and they end up getting the job. Nuzzle and Scratch mess up and the person rings the Boss to complain. She convinces them to 'give them another chance' and Nuzzle and Scratch normally turn things around and really impress the person who hired them. They often win a rosette or get offered a permanent job but refuse leading them to go on their next assignment.[3] Nuzzle and Scratch like to climb mountains and will go up anything that looks like a mountain e.g. piles of clothes. However, Nuzzle is scared of heights and when he climbs to the top he gets scared and Scratch has to save him. Alpacas like to herd. When Nuzzle and Scratch see a lot of things, or if they get scared, they say 'herd up' and begin herding. At some point in the episode, someone will say that they need to 'start from Scratch'. Nuzzle gets upset about this and asks why can't they start from Nuzzle. Usually the person is very confused but agrees to 'start from Nuzzle' instead. In the painting and decorating episode, Scratch complains that they always 'start from Nuzzle', and they actually do 'start from Scratch'. Nuzzle and Scratch have some catchphrases:

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