The Top 10 Powerups

In a video game, you can't defeat that boss or kill that enemy. You're going to need the most effective powerups!
November 19, 2012
SegaFanatic is back again, and this time, we're taking a look at the Top 10 power-ups!

Power-ups. Where would we be without them? Probably on a game over screen. Numerous times you'd seem like you were in a pinch and then you hit that box and your prayers are answered. Whether they make things easier or just add to the experience, power-ups enrich the gameplay. So, without further ado, let's begin the list!

#10 - Flamethrower/Flamethrower Combo (Gunstar Heroes)

I know this is a bit weird to be on the list at all, but I love this powerup! You get a flamethrower, which is pretty awesome because when you press a direction while shooting, it flows through the air and it does a lot of damage. For those who haven't played the game, look it up. But, when you find another flamethrower on the ground and pick it up, oh yeah! Not only is the flamethrower's length longer, but the power of the weapon is much stronger. This weapon is awesome and I wish it was in other video games. Like Sonic!

#9 - The Smash Ball
So one day Nintendo decided the Smash Bros. series needed something incredibly broken. Sakurai said "Guys, I got an idea. Smash Balls".

Whether you played as Mario or Olimar, when that Smash Ball materialized out of thin air, every person in the arena headed strait towards it. Don't get me wrong, there are a lot of characters with bad Final Smashes, which is why this is so low on the list. But, when the good characters get the item, mayhem occurs. Olimar, Meta Knight, Sonic, Samus, Snake, everybody dies no matter what. Smash Ball. Turn it on if you want a memorable experience with this game.

#8 - The Invincibility

Doesn't matter what game you get it in. Mario, CastleVania 2, anything goes. You are immune to any attack. Any hazard. Except bottom pits. It may be for a limited time, but in that limited time, you can blow through bosses, lava, enemies, spikes, platforming, WHATEVER! The game just feels much more fast paced when you don't have to worry about waiting for obstacles. That's all I really have to say. Invincibility. You just need it.

#7 - Pokeballs (all kinds)

Where would you even be in your Pokemon adventure without a Pokeball? Using Bulbasaur the whole time? Yeah, basically. With the Pokeballs, you could catch any Pokemon, raise any team, defeat any trainer with said team, and of course, catch em' all. Pokeballs got rid of any Pokemon that was in your way and hey, without the Master-ball, would you have even caught that Mewtwo? No, you wouldn't of. You'd be sitting there saying "I wish I could catch Mewtwo". Pokeballs made your journey so much easier and even when restricted in the Safari Zone, you could still catch plenty, some of which really rare. Pokeballs, Great Balls, Ultra Balls, Safari Balls, all were helpful on your quest.

#6 - The Master Sword

Imagine yourself for a second. You're Link, a hero on an epic quest. You have a sword, but it sadly can't take care of all those blood thirsty enemies. Thus, you open a chest and collect the Master Sword. The Master Sword, besides being a stronger sword all together, it shoots lasers! It really doesn't have too much going for it, but a SWORD, that also shoots LASERS?! Who wouldn't want one of those in battle. Knights in real battles could certainly benefit with this. The Master Sword is just a awesome concept all around, and that replica Master Sword is cool.
#5 - Screw Attack

The Screw Attack is great. It's like every platformer character who jumps into a ball, you jump into enemies in a ball. This attack is stronger than a charge shot, and this isn't Samus's method of attack. Samus shoots things, not jumps into things. But, once you get the screw attack, jumping into enemies is your NEW method of attack. by this point you should have the Space Jump as well, so it's time to kill pretty much every thing in sight. That's pretty awesome. In Smash Bros, it's also your triple jump. Sweetness.

#4 - The Spread Gun

THE SPREAD GUN? ONLY NUMBER 4?!?! I don't really like Contra to begin with, but the Spread Gun made every thing so much easier. Your bullets pretty much shot across the whole entire screen and killed all that it touched. Like the Smash Ball, when you saw that item laying there, your mind just said "Gotta get that". It's really strong and effective. Very simple. No other "wide" weapon could truly pull off what this gun could, and that was just fine.

#3 - Hammer Bros. Suit

Remember the Hammer Bros? Those cheap enemies in Mario 1 and Lost Levels? Don't you wish you could BE one of them? Thanks to Mario 3, you can! By ducking, you can block projectiles. By pressing B, you throw hammers. The hammers kill anything but cannonballs. Ghosts? Hammers kill them. Nuclear Waffles? Hammers kill them. What a broken powerup. It also magically improves your playing skill because you're so wary of losing the best powerup in Mario 3. What a powerup.

#2 - The Cape Feather

Imagine picking up a feather and then getting a yellow cape. Sounds random like that, doesn't it? But, ignoring that weird idea, the cape gives Mario the ability to fly, much more reliably than the Super Leaf. Mario's cape also has a whip attack, also much more reliably than the Super Leaf. When holding forward while flying, you crash into the ground and kill every enemy on screen. Lastly, the powerup is so easy to pick up and use. What could be better than this cape?

#1 - Metal Blade

Megaman. Why can't you shoot in all 8 directions? Why do all your weapons lose juice really fast? If only there was a weapon that fixed these problems...The Metal Blade? YAY! It is really effective, most robot masters are weak to the attack, it shoots in all 8 directions, one shot kills almost every enemy, and uses next to NO juice. Clearly this is the best powerup in gaming history as in such a short time, I just explained every reason why this weapon can kill any FPS weapon. (P.S. I don't play FPS games. I'd rather not).

Thanks for reading. If you respect my opinion I'll respect yours. Stay tuned for more.
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