We love the Blue Bomber! Part 2

We look at the game that blasted this series to the moon!
October 18, 2012
Mega Man 2, the follow up to the flop later-turned-hit by fanboys Mega Man. This game raised the bar not only for the series but for the Genre in General. Mega Man 2 featured 8 selectable robot masters, (two more than the previous game).

Dr. Wily is back to his old schemes again, trying to take over the world (of course!) but Mega Man is back! And this time, its personal...actually no it isn't lol.

So you can choose between 8 robot masters (Metal Man, Bubble Man, Wood Man, Quick Man, Heat Man, Crash Man, Air Man and Flash Man)

So I don't know who the standard first choice is, Metal Man has the most efficient weapon in terms of effect and energy used per shot, it also is strong against 4 different Robot Masters (Bubble Man, Flash Man, Wood Man and Metal Man himself), Flash Man is generally easy to beat, but his stage can be troublesome to first time players, and his weapon is useful for like 3 things, then there is my usual choice in Bubble Man, he is easy, his stage is easy and he makes for a good warm up.

After you choose your first victim, you gotta use your best judgement to find out the weaknesses, not too hard
I think it goes like this
Bubble Man
Heat Man
Wood Man
Air Man
Crash Man
Flash Man?
Quick Man
Metal Man

Something like that, but this game isn't as much of a whore with the weaknesses as the first one.

It's not a particularly hard game, even on the Hard Mode Setting. Which as far as I can tell makes the bosses a little stronger and gives you less health powerups, and you may take a bit more damage.

Either way, the game added some new features, such as the Support Items, 1,2 and 3. I don't quite remember which one is which, but one is a floating platform that allows you to cross large gaps, the other is a hoverboard similar to the Rush Jet of future games, and the other one is something that scales the wall, carrying you nicely to the top. These items become extremely helpful as the game progresses, and luckily you get them automatically, unlike the Magnet Beam of the past game which one could overlook.

Like all Mega Man games, this one has a great soundtrack, my favorite theme happens to be Air Man's theme.

The Robot Master Level Design is pretty awesome, you have some challenges (specifically Heat Man's stage which I can't do without Item number 2.)

The Only bosses that give me any problems are Air Man, Quick Man and Wood Man, but they are easily dispatched. Quick Man's stage is harder than the boss, featuring a barrage of death lasers, Air Man's stage spawned a meme of sorts, a Japanese Band released an internet music video titled "I can't Defeat Air Man"


JAPAAAAAN! (Street Fighter 2 reference)

Personally, Air Man was not so hard that one can be justified into making a song based on how hard he was, but I digress. Aside from Quick Man, Flash Man and maybe Air Man all the other stages are cake, also for any Canadian Readers, listen to Crash Man's theme then take a look at the show Video and Arcade top 10 on YTV from back in the day, its the same fucking theme and I'm surprised nobody sued.
(Broken YouTube Link Removed)

Once you get through the 8 elaborately designed levels, you must chase down Dr. Wily!




(Broken YouTube Link Removed)

Yes it is a catchy theme, and it has awesome remixes. but I am sick and tired of everybody making it out to be the greatest composition in the series.

Anyways, the Wily Castle levels in this, aside from the first one are average, but the final boss has a sort of fake-twist.

WILY PHONE HOME! (stolen from Duane and Brando)

So you throw water at the Wily Alien, and yeah he isn't an alien.

The reason my review of this game is so brief is that there really isn't much to say that you don't know already, it is one of the most popular games in the series. My experience with it was meh, it's not my favorite in the series, and I think it gets more praise than it deserves. It was groundbreaking, I'll give it that, but it is not the best in my opinion, the best is this gem (IMO)

(Broken YouTube Link Removed)

This game is my favorite and nothing can change that.
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