10 Most Underrated Heroes

Underappreciated, but still amazing
August 31, 2009
First article, let me know what you think.

This article was inspired by all those who wrote best hero and villians lists. Thank you.

These are the people who never get recognized as being top tier heroes, but their deeds and actions should not go unnoticed. I pulled from movies, TV, and video games to make this list.

10. Ultra Magnus

In the original Transformers movie, he is Optimus Prime's successor and takes control in the Autobots' darkest hour. Even though Hot Rod saves the day, Ultra Magnus deserves a lot of credit for making sure the Autobots keep up the fight.

9. Mrs. Brisby

In "Secret of NIMH" she fights to save her son from his illness and find a better home for her family. All the while wondering what happened to her husband and exploring a new world all by herself. Both brave and vulnerable, she deserves a lot more credit than what she gets.

8. Mega Man

You may not think Mega Man is that underrated, he is the star of one of the most successful game franchises, but how many times do you see the Blue Bomber on best video game character lists? He needs some love.

7. George McFly

Not a traditional hero, early on he is a complete coward, but at the very end he stands up to the one person who terrorizes him the most. He does what he knows is right even though he thought he was fighting a losing battle.

6. Felix Leiter
For those who don't know who Felix is, he is a CIA agent who works closely with James Bond. He is the one who does the dirty work while Bond is talking to some hot girl. In "Casino Royale," Felix gives James the money to keep playing poker, then fades into the background and doesn't take credit.

5. Mr. Tastee

From Pete and Pete, he was the Ice Cream man who saved the kids from the hottest day of the year. He's on the list as a dedication to all the ice cream men in the world, without them summers as a child would not be as fun.

4. Velma

She's the real brans of Mystery, Inc. She solves the crimes, but never gets credit. Fred takes the glory, while she gets shoved to the side. Well here's to you Velma.

3. Benjamin Franklin Rodriguez

From "The Sandlot," he sticks up for Smalls when all his friends laughed at him. Benny takes it upon himself to befriend the new kid and make him a part of the group. Not a typical heroic act, but brave all the same. Oh yeah, he pickled the Beast, awesome.

2. Mike Walsh

Leader of The Goonies, he takes charge when his family and the families of all his friends are going to lose their homes. He keeps everyone going and faces down danger after danger to keep his family from moving away. In the end, he saves the day, but doesn't take credit, he's just happy he can stay where he is.

1. Chewbacca

Number one for one reason. At the end of Episode IV, Luke gets a medal, Han gets a medal, but the person who flew the Millenium Falcon toward the Death Star gets nothing. Not Cool George Lucas, not cool.

Thanks for reading.
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