We love the Blue Bomber part 3

We look at my all time favorite game in the series, Mega Man 3
October 25, 2012

You know what, fuck it. I love 8 bit, but its a bit underwhelming for my thoughts on the series...gimmie one second.

Much better

So we have reached the third game in the series! and IMO the best one, it has a tonne of levels, cool robot master designs, level designs and a somewhat decent plot. SO lets dive in boils and ghouls!

So it starts, no intro, nothing, just the start screen with that awesome theme. We enter with an theme just as awesome!


So before I start, the composer of this game was a guy named Bun Bun, having done Final Fight 1 and 2, he would go on to do every theme in Mega Man 3 (besides Needle Man, Gemini Man and part of the cast roll) and Mega Man 4 and 5, he also composed Breath Of Fire's soundtrack, Metal Slug 1 and 2 and skyblazer. Not to discredit the rest of the series' themes they are all great, but Bun Bun leaving the series made it very hard for anyone to compete with 3, 4 and 5's themes, its a shame he left for 6,7 and 8. He did do a track on the Arrange Album of 9, and would actually return to compose Mega Man 10's OST. Bun Bun, if I was gay I would fuck ya!

Anyways, the game starts up and you have the standard 8 robot masters to chose from, I normally do either Needle Man, Gemini Man or Snake Man as they are only weak to eachother's weapons, and defeating one of them gets you the Rush Jet. Speaking of which, Rush made his debut appearance in this game and has stayed a mainstay of the series in every game prior if I am not mistaken. He's a robot dog that can act as a spring jump mechanism, a submarine or a jet, he does other stuff in later games but that's not important now

Stupid Lovable Dog

So you blow through Gemini Man's annoying stage, where you have to do alot of shooting, his weapon fucks Needle Man up, so you do that, (his level is annoying as balls too) and then you get to Snake Man, who.....youtube video of theme!

Just gonna say this before I have an outburst, Mega Man 3's soundtrack SHITS on Mega Man 2's, eat it fanboys!

Metal version please!

Sorry, so Snake Man's level is fucking cool, its all scaly.

After you get through that ordeal, you face off against the next 6, starting with Top Man. He's like the Cut Man of this game, so you beat his ass and go onto Shadow Man. Your Top Spin may seem like a worthless hunk of shit, but just watch this video!

Holy Shit

Thats right, just time your jumps and your fine

So Shadow Man is runner up for favorite robot theme in the game, so beat him and go onto Spark Man, he is a little difficult but once you time your jumps your good, Magnet Man (2nd runner up for theme awesomeness) is next, followed by Hard Man....yeah you can make whatever you want of that, look him up.
It's also worth mentioning that a suspicious Red Robot keeps attacking you, Break Man is apparently training you for Wily's castle.

But wait, you arent going to the castle. A new robot has appeared? You must go through Gemini Man, Needle Man, Spark Man and Shadow Man's stages. At the half way point of each level, the Doc Robot appears and copies the abilities of a Mega Man 2 Robot Master, each has a weakness to a weapon in this game that I can't explain. to refresh your memory, Air Man, Heat Man, Wood Man, Metal Man, Quick Man, Flash Man and Crash Man, oh and Bubble Man too.

So after that, you reach Wily Castle! but wait!

Break Man appears again for one last training match!

Beat his ass and go onto the Castle.

The Castle Levels have some good themes, my favorite amongst them is

Awe was that all of them? Oh wait THE BOSS THEME!


Anyways, so the bosses in these levels are a littttle lackluster, except in 1 or2, the Yellow Devil returns, and he is pretty damn hard, with no pause glitch and more movement patterns and shit. However the rest of the game is quite easy from here, and then you face wily, you beat his machine and when you see him fall to the ground, a mere robot was behind the scheme. And thats when you fight the stolen Robot; Gamma

I would pay very handsomely to ANYBODY who has this poster, I'm not kidding I would shell out like 40 dollars MINIMUM for it

So Gamma is really hard, how do you beat him? The Top Spin, thats right, run up his fist after bringing him down to half health via the Shadow Blade and kick that mofucka in the head. Wily comes out, you go to apprehend him but suddenly the castle collapses. Mega Man is saved by a mysterious Robot.

We learn that your robot brother has been running around, and that he was this Break Man, looking out for his younger brother. And what of Wily? Well he didn't make it. So is this the end of the series? Did Proto Man usurp the position of new Baddie?

(Broken YouTube Link Removed)

Nope, we succumb to late 80s early 90s Cold War message syndrome, as seen in Rocky 4. Next we take on Mega Man 4: Mega Man blasts Communism away! Just kidding, stay tuned when I take a look at what can be considered a great in the series!
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