Nostalgia for Me #1 - Nicktoons

In the far off year of 1991, Nicktoons were made. This is their personal impact on me!
October 09, 2012
Sega-Fanatic here! Introducing my series of articles called "Nostalgia for Me". Now, what will I cover first?

That's right! Nicktoons! Now, for those looking for the history of them, you aren't finding them here. This is just my personal account of the station.

Now, I don't know when I started watching Nicktoons, but I know my first show was Hey Arnold!

Hey Arnold was a show about a kid and his friends usually struggling with a conflict. Sometimes, it was something really stupid, but other times this show got really dark. Like the episode "Parent's Day" or "The Journal". Arnold's parents aren't around in this show, so Arnold lives with his grandma and grandpa. Hey Arnold had morals that a kid could relate to, and that's what I liked about the show. It had memorable characters and episodes that made no sense, but were still funny. I love this show.

But, our next show certainly makes no sense. Goes under the name of "The Ren and Stimpy Show".

This show was insane. Every second there was something loud, zany, or out of the ordinary. Also, LOOK AT THIS PICTURE. Does that look REMOTELY normal? No, it looks like Rob Zombie got a hold of Blues Clues or something. But, this show was still funny. It reminded me of Looney Toons a lot, with the same old royalty free music, sound effects, and just way of movement. The voice talent was spot on, hosting stars like Billy West as Stimpy and the creator doing Ren, but he sounds like Peter Lorre. Possessed by the devil. Anybody who has seen this show knows how "out of this world" the animation was. Here's an example:
(Broken YouTube Link Removed)

So yeah. This is pretty weird.
Third, we have an enjoyable one for all ages: Rocko's Modern Life

Besides having plenty of adult innuendos, Rocko had well writen humor and it took it's time with things. Mostly.

This show is about a wallaby dealing with modern life situations. Even nowadays, you can still relate to the show. This show feels much more well thought out and planned. If you're having trouble with your life at the moment, watch an episode, it will help you out. Life is full of ups and downs, and this show taught me that, no matter how random it got, you know, except for that picture up there. The humor was spot on and I loved every moment of it. There was never a unfunny joke. Kids and adults could enjoy what it had to offer, and that was just fine.

Lastly, we have a show that started amazing, then slowly got worse and worse until it met it's demise. Rugrats.

Rugrats was a show about babies things. I don't really go back and watch this one. First off, I liked this show when I was a kid. The babies were pretty funny and they could be dumb, but they still knew what they were doing in a given situation. The characters were funny and they were unique enough to be funny. As the show went on, more babies were added, the babies became stupider, and just got to a point where is wasn't even fun to watch. This show was very good, but like I said, it lost it's charm, and went from '91 to '04. Then they made a spinoff or something, then ANOTHER spinoff, and it just kinda sucked after a while. But, the old ones were still great. I like the episode where Angelica is "turned to stone" or the one with nightmare fuel.


So, that was my first "Nostalgia for Me" article. I hope you enjoyed it. Tell me, what are YOUR favorite Nicktoons. I love to hear it. See you guys later.
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