Gumby: The Movie
Release: May 01, 1995

Based upon Art Clockey's famous Gumby cartoons from the 1950s' and TV show from 1987, Gumby and the gang stop the Blockheads from becoming rich and powerful. The film was released in theaters on December 1st, 1995 and on video 14 days later.

Singing voice: "How does he do it? He's up in the air He's on a merry-go-round. He'll make a trip to outer space Before he ever comes down. -Singing voice"
This way and that song: "He's goin' THIS WAY AND THAT! -This way and that song"
part of the TAKE ME AWAY song: "Take me away Oh Gumby, you do something to my chemistry Take me away Oh Gumby, you are a total mystery You're green, you're clay, you're a cosmic display How can I go on this way? ! -part of the TAKE ME AWAY song"
Goo: "I found a robot that made soup! -Goo"
Prof. Kapp Prickle Goo: "Professor Kapp: Oh my! This music does things to my brain! Prickle: It does things to my spine! Goo: It makes me feel funny all over! -Prof. Kapp Prickle Goo"
Pokey: "Holy toledo! -Pokey"
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