My personal top 5 Mario outfits!

Mario wears some cool clothes!
September 21, 2015
Hello fello RJers, here is my own personal top 5 list for my favorite Mario outfits in Mario games that I myself own. If you don't like this list then u are a losr and don't like goodly written articles, LOL! I also now that countdown lists are very popular on REtroujnk.

Without frther adoo, my top 5 list, remember these are games that I own and love, pretty retro!

Number 5.

Marios racoon tail is my favorite outfit of ALL time, I mean, you can run, wiggle and fly...then REPEAT!

Number 4.

Marios frog suit is my favorite of all time, and my favorite color is green, duh!

Number 3.

Fireball is my favorite mario outfit of all time, it's red and you spit fire "but fireball is a powerup, not an outfit". Whatever, this is my list, and your clothes trn red. And by the way red is one of the favorite colors.

Numbers B and 1.

Drumroll pleeeease..........Marios Raccoon tail and marios cape. Oh man, Marios raccoon tail coupled with his cape are my favorite mario outfits of all time.

be on the lookout for my nxt articles, here is a sneak peak:

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Ok, obviously guys that was not the real article, that as my "ode to crappy articles on Retrojunk". Let's be honest, there are way too many just like the one above on here.

A true retro gaming system I haven't seen anything about on Retro Junk is the Panasonic 3do console. (if I for some reason missed an article about the 3do I apologize)

This was the first 32 bit system introduced in the USA back in October of 1993, and sure it had it's fair share of AWFUL games (Plumbers don't wear ties, Shadow War of Succession, Twisted the Game Show). Honestly there are probably no articles about the 3do because no one owned it, considering it made its launch debut priced at $599!! I mean, that's just utterly insane. Once you adjust for inflation, that equals almost $1,000 if you were buying one in 2015. But for every 50 vomit inducing games, there was one gem (Myst, Alone in the Dark, Road Rash).

Obviously I couldn't afford one, and quite frankly I would have felt terrible even asking my parents to drop $600 on a video game system. (plus cost of games, etc...) So I didn't actually own one until the weekend after my 8th grade graduation about 4-5 years after it was first launched. My brother drove me to a place called Buy Back Games as I wanted to use my graduation money to buy something that had to do with video games, I just didn't know what. After searching the glass counters for a few minutes and finding nothing that jumped out at me, I came across this cool looking black gaming CD rom based system in the corner. And at only $79, what a steal!!

It was the Panasonic FZ-1 model of the 3do with the mechanical pull out trey to load games and a couple controllers. This thing was awesome looking, but really weird at the same time. It only had one controller port on the system, where the in the world was the other? After finding out you hook the controllers into each other to "daisy Chain" them together, I instantly had my mind blown. It was also 32 bits, so it had to kick ass! I picked up only a couple titles that night:
Pebble Beach Golf Links:

I was impressed with this game because of the "real life player" animations as the golfers. It was fun for a time until I eventually got PGA Tour 96. But still one I won't forget as my very first 3do game experience.

Mad Dog McCree:

This game was absolutely impossible without the 3do mouse (which I did purchase at a later date). Don't get me wrong, it was still a fun game. This wouldn't register a "kill" unless you had perfect timing. Plus the 3do would make a loud loading sound, so you knew exactly when you hit someone.

Over the years I accumulated a bunch of games, and sold them with the FZ-1 system on Ebay. Then after about a month I missed the system enough to buy the updated FZ-10 model (off Ebay again of course). This was the top loading model, and honestly wasn't as cool, but it worked.

I bought this system with probably 100 games as a bundle, including a mouse and several controllers. As I said before, there were some stinkers, but there were some that more than made up for those.

FIFA International Soccer:

In my opinion one of the best versions of FIFA in the mid 90s, but it had 32 bits of power to back it up. A true 3D soccer experience!

Return Fire:

If you haven't played Return Fire, you are missing out. It was essentially a capture the flag type game where you shoot your way through the defenses. I believe they made versions for the Sega Saturn and PC, but I may be mistaken.

Need for Speed:

Everyone probably has played this game at some point in their lives. I knew the Playstation version was a little better and supported 2 player Vs. racing, but I didn't care, this is all I needed. Speeding away from pixelated cop cars was a blast you just have to experience.

Way of the Warrior:

Alright, most people say this game sucked, but I thought it was great. It was a Mortal Kombat wannabe, that honestly didn't do anything as good, but still had a kick ass sound track (White Zombie) and some cool fatalities.

Super Street Figher II Turbo:

You want an arcade perfect SSFII port? Look no further, I spent hours playing this game and was amazed just how great a conversion it was. And when Ryu shows up in the opening sequence in all his badassness (can I make that a word?) you essentially get your mind blown.

All in all, it was a Decent (maybe closer to mediocre) forgotten system in my opinion, but some of these great games made up for that. The 3do has a lot of history to it too, like being conceived by EA founder Trip Hawkins, 3rd party system manufacturers like Goldstar and Sanya, etc...Honestly, you can look at that stuff on your own with Wikipedia. I just wanted to bring back some 3do memories and some of the great games in its library.

I was always late to the video game console party anyhow. I Didn't get a Playstation until the year 2000, a Sega Saturn once it was in the bargain bin and never had an NES. But I had the 3do to keep me company when I wasn't playing sports or outside.

Does anyone have any memories of the 3do?
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