Ed, Edd n' Eddy
Debut: January 04, 1999
Ended: November 08, 2009

Ed, Edd, and Eddy is about three young boys(estimated ages: 13-14) who live in a diverse yet fictional stereotypical neighborhood cul-de-sac (named Peach Creek) with other children. The three boys are constantly trying to "make tons of cash" by swindling the other kids any way possible, which usualy leads them in to trouble and a lesson they will always ignore. Ed is the muscle of the group, but not particuarly bright, he has the mentality of a 4 yearold, speaks nonsense, has no concept of hygene, loses his concentration on small distractions and is terrified yet protective over his baby sister. Edd (or Double D) is defenetly the smartest and has the most logic... but is very timid and suspectable to peer preassure, and a complulsive neat freak in short he is a coward but is wittingly sarcastic and has a brilliant mind and usualy comes up wth ingenious devices that Eddy always exploits. Eddy is the unoffical, self proclaimed leader who always comes up with "get rich quick" schemes in order to buy massive amounts of jawbreakers. His ideas are usualy halfbaked and he never really plans anything through, he is very ambitious, vain, and extremely annoying. Other characters include... Rolf- The strange foriegn kid who has a pet goat and has strange customs and sayings Kevin- The bully who rides a bike and always torments Ed Edd and Eddy Sarah- Ed's bossy, overly assertive baby sister Jimmy- The very flamboyant best friend of Sarah Johnny- The buck toothed kid with a very large head who has an imaginary best friend that is made out of wood named plank Nazz- The cute giggling Tomboy that all the boys except jimmy have a crush on The Kanker sisters- Three girls who are the typical trailer trash that are the number one enemy of all the kids, they also have crushes on Ed, Edd, and Eddy HUGE NOTE: The show's so called last episode aired in April, 2007 at the end of a 2 day Edd, Edd, and Eddy marathon called "The Best Day Edder" although this was not exactly the last episode as another new episode appeared in Cartoon Network's "Invaded" also the creator of the show said that there is supposed to be a new season airing later (The sixth and final one) sense the "last episode" was actually the last episode of the fifth season, also there have been rumors about a movie.

Eddy: "ed can't come out.he has a third nipple like the bad guy in the james bond movie."
Ed: "*Smacks his face into the ground* I am a woodpecker!!!! *Smacks a couple more times* Except with dirt."
Rolf: "*has lobsters pinching his ass and finger* NANA!!!FIND THE PLIERS!!!!"
Ed: "Whoops, there it goes. Yup. My brain stopped."
Ed: "What can you do when you live in a show and you ain't got no sole?"
Ed: "I'd say I love you Edd but I am not that kinda' guy"
Ed: "Butterd Toast."
Rolf: "Never use hot wax to sooth raise lobsters."
Kevin: "Dork."
Ed: "Been around the block now Eddy."
Eddy: "*muffled* "I can't think of a scam. *again, still muffled* I can't think of a scam. *amplified by Ed's mouth* I can't think of a scam.""
Ed: "CHRISTMAS!! I want a flying saucer, a pen and pencil set, four eggrolls, a subscription to Chunky Puff Quarterly, a box of band-aids, *counting his toes* a big book, and..."
Ed: "*tummy grumbling* "That sound is coming from a horrible beast FROM THE BELLY OF HADES!!!""
Edd: "Summer rains, you can never predict them."
Nazz: "Where do you lay off? You guys are totally acting like jerks picking on Jimmy like that since he's younger than you and all and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah..."
Ed: "Slide on the soap! Slide on the soap! Slide on the soap!"
Eddy: "Shut up and pour, Lumpy!"
Rolf: "I am a wiener!"
Edd: "Down, Ed! Down!"
Eddy: "Filthy, filthy, filthy."
Ed: "That's something I'd expect from Double D. "
Eddy: "Don't remind me."
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