My Top 10 Genesis Games

The Genesis was a classic, undeniably. What were the best games on the system?
October 15, 2012
Now, before I begin, I must say I am a huge SEGA fan, look at my username. So, expect a bit of bias from this list, but let's get started. The Genesis was a great gaming system and although it may not of lived up to the Super Nintendo, it was still a blast. What are the greats of the console? Well, this is my opinion, but let's take a look at the 10 Best Genesis Games!

#10 - Sonic Spinball

You want a challenging, skill-required game? Play Ghouls and Ghosts, and then play Sonic Spinball! Sonic is back, but he's not platforming, he's in a pinball machine! Now, this isn't like every spin-off pinball game. You actually play as the pinball, or Sonic. Despite being really hard, the game was fast, full of action, plenty to keep you going, and going through the stages just to reach the end and pound Robotnik once and for all! Until Sonic 3, of course. Now, many people DESPISE this game, but I love it. I have tons of memories with it, and will always have a soft spot for it.

#9 - Altered Beast

Before Sonic came out, SEGA had to bundle something with the Genesis. So, Altered Beast was born. This is a
auto-scrolling beat-em'-up, where you collect power-ups to become different beasts to defeat the bosses at
the end of each stage. Every level has it's own distinct enemies and locations, and although it may be boring
with one player, two players is a blast with a buddy to always steal power-ups from them. The game is very nice looking for the Genesis, and it is at a moderate difficulty level. Every time I play it, I always get a bit farther than before. We're only on #9, so let's keep moving.

#8 - Vectorman 2

I am a huge fan of this game. First off, the game runs very smooth and it is easy to get into. Second, the controls work really well and the stages are, for the most part, well designed. The game was hard, and it made sure that you would die at least a couple times. I have to admit I wouldn't of beaten it without the Lives + Health cheat code, but I'm a wuss. The game was groundbreaking for the time and it was very unique. Definitely worth your time.

#7 - Aladdin

Oh yeah! Now, nobody can deny that the SNES one was better, but was the Genesis one bad? No, far from it. This game had amazing graphics, smooth control, and another Disney great. Now, it isn't as hard as other Disney games, like the Lion King, but it was still challenging enough to keep you playing. Besides just being a blast to play, the game was very unique, even if it WAS based on a movie. You had a bunch of unique moves, like a whip. Another platformer, but it's another Disney classic. I can't describe it with words. Try it out.

#6 - Golden Axe 3

Before the rage comes, I think this is the best Golden Axe game. The first two games felt rather clunky, but this one feels just right. More combos, more strategy, more fun! First off, the game has a lot more of a fun factor than the previous ones, with a lot faster action and a lot more to enjoy. This game had memorable music, better graphics, and a much more enjoyable experience than the previous games gave us. I know I can't be the only one who thinks this. Besides having better graphics, it still looks fun to play. I don't own this, and I had to use the port on Xbox. That doesn't change how good it is.
#5 - Rocket Knight Adventures

This game was awesome in every way. You had epic music, smooth controls, fast-paced platforming action, and a jet-pack. How COULD you go wrong? The answer, you don't. This game was by Konami, and they went all out for this one. Not only did it have some memorable tunes, but each stage was epic in it's own way. The story? You play as a rat trying to defeat the...PIG EMPIRE! Not so epic, now is it? Doesn't matter. The game is addicting, fun, and something you should try.

#4 - Ristar

What do you get when you combine a star with Stretch Armstrong? You get Ristar! Ristar is yet another platforming game released on the Genesis. Combined with the ability to grab onto many objects, he could also throw them at enemies. Combined with catchy music, strange game logic, and an awesome character, I must ask you Sega, why isn't there a Ristar 2 yet? Oh whatever. This game is still really fun to play and always catches my eye every time I play it.

#3 - Gunstar Heroes

Imagine Contra, then "Sega" it! Is that a verb now? But, yeah. Gunstar Heroes is a game where you pick your character, his insane weapon, and you take them to the battlefield and suddenly it becomes a Michael Bay movie because there are so much explosions, action, and much more! Unlike a Michael Bay movie, this is good. The game play allows you to run and jump through many intense stages as you attempt to save the world. The control is responsive, you have a great co-op feature, and it's truly greatness.

#2 - Streets of Rage 2

Beating people up never felt so right. This is my favorite in the series because it had the best music, best story, best game play, and I have tons of memories playing this beast in co-op mode. You have a punch button and a jump button, but pressing these at different intervals will let you do a certain move. I know this may be a bit high on the list, but I had so much fun playing this with my friends and I love going back to play this in single player mode. This game was willing to show you that a beat-em'-up can be really great if you set up a good atmosphere.

Here is where my list gets pretty predictable.

#1 - Sonic 3 & Knuckles

Oh boy! This, besides being my favorite Genesis game, is my favorite game PERIOD! The level design is pretty linear in it's own right, but if you explore, you might find a hidden Special Ring or a powerup. Each character plays differently enough that they all bring something new to the table without completely changing the formula. It has an incredible atmosphere with amazing (for the time) graphics and really catchy music. The physic-based game play is perfected with the perfect balance of speed and platforming, and it works well. Every stage is large and full of adventure with a boss at the end of every act. Unique bonus stages, really good control, this is the best game on the Genesis period and I really recommend you get it.

This is my opinion. If you don't agree, tell me your personal Top 10 Genesis Games, or your favorite in general. I'd love to hear it. Well, this is SEGANut, and I shall see you next time!
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