Top 10 Sega Genesis Fighting Games

Here is the list of top 10 fighting games
May 19, 2006
Top Ten Sega Genesis Fighting Games

This is the list of the top ten sega genesis fighting games in my opinion. Maybe I missed some or probably somebody will disagree but this is just my opinion. So here we go:

10. Double Dragon

This game is at the bottom of my list as you can see, the only reason I put it up here is because of the two cool brothers (or friends: not sure) fighting for the pieces of the missing medallion against the bad dudes. When I was little this was one of the first fighting games I played. Graphics are okay but everything else sucks. For example little dudes kick your butt even do you upgrade from the small guy into the big one. Game was very difficult and I did not beat it. I have also seen the movie and it was very bad just like the street fighter.

9. Shinobi: Return of the ninja master

Shinobi is one of the first fighting/action/adventure games Sega produced. In the first part you fight as the white ninja and you are trying to rescue a princess. What separates this game from the other two is the ending when Shinobi fights on the cliff against the last boss and after you beat him Shinobi rides on a horse and instead of the ending it says to be continued. Another reason is level backgrounds are little better and the game is little harder.

8. Alien Storm

Remember this one? Earth is attacked by aliens and you get to defended it and save its people. Game offered three characters, you could play as a robot, big muscular man or the lady. Your characters are armed with flame throwers, electric whips, guns and all different kinds of weapons. Aliens can transform into people and they can be really annoying when fighting them. Over all this game was fun and graphics were good.

7. TMNT: The Hyperstone Heist

Okay, if you watched the teenage mutant ninja turtles show then you got to love the game. It’s four turtles just like in a cartoon against shredder and his foot ninjas. Shredder stole hypersotne from another dimension which allows him to shrink everything and anything, he of course starts with the New York home of the turtles. Game was fun and was fairly easy to beat. Graphics were good and it was fun playing in two players with your brother or sister.

6. Terminator 2: The Arcade

If you are a terminator fan, and you have seen the first two movies back in the days, than this is the game to play. The reason for choosing this game over the other terminator game is because it is an arcade. You know the story I don’t have to explain it. If you had a Sega gun than this game was extremely fun. Sit back, shoot the robots and enjoy the game. Graphics were amazing especially on the last level where you fight T1000.
5. Punisher

Punisher was the amazing game. Punisher and Nick Furu get the revenge on the bad guys who murdered Punishers family. Graphics were awesome. Game offered fist and leg fighting as well as plenty of weapons such as guns, M16, swords, throwing knifes, baseball bats, flame throwers etc. All levels were amazing especially one where you fight by the pool and in the jungle. Game was fun especially when you play it with another player but it was also pretty hard.

4. Mortal Kombat 3

No need to say much about this because all video gamers know this game. It does not matter if you played it on Sega genesis or super Nintendo the game was simply awesome. Better graphics than in first two, more characters to choose from, more fatalities, animalities and friendships.

3. Streets of Rage 2

Axel and Blaze were back for the second time to kick butt. This time the game offered much better graphics, better music and more fun. Beside Axel and Blaze you get to choose Max Axels friend and Skate, Adams little brother. Game as mentioned was simply amazing much better than the first one. My favourite level was on the ship. Just like Sonic series Streets of rage series helped Sega in promoting.

2. Street Fighter: Champions Edition

Street Fighter does not need much explanation because it is household name just like Mortal Kombat. This version on Sega Genesis offered two players to pick the same character, pick the boss character, nice music and nice levels.

1. Streets of Rage 3

Finally, number one fighting/action/adventure game in my opinion. I don’t know where to begin. Whenever I play this game it takes me back to the golden years of video gaming. Graphics were excellent, although some people prefer SOR2 over this one but not me. Six levels to play, great music, alternative ending to the game, picking the boss characters (if you know how to use the cheats after you beat Shiva and Roo), and there was another playable boss character in the European/Japanese version of the game named Ash. Game was very fun especially when you play it in two players. The only negative thing which this game possessed, it was easy to beat. It is not big of a difference if you play it on normal or hard. I especially enjoyed the story line.

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