Top 10 Movie Monsters

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October 26, 2009
Which monsters are the most intimidating? Which are the ones that gave you nightmares and made you piss the bed? Or which were the most memorable and entertaining?

Well, today, I will take a look at the top 10 best (and scariest) monsters from the movies (or TV movie) that made us shriek to the top of our lungs. But let me just say that the Universal Classic Monsters won't be on the list. They are scary, but I feel it would be cliche if they were on the list.

10. The Lord of Darkness from "Legend" (1985)

Legend is probably one of my guilty pleasures and one of my absolute favorite films of all time, so you'll guess that the villian would make the list.

Tim Curry really pulls this character off with his sensual dialogue, appalling (in a good way) appearance, and that frightening laugh.

But let me ask something...if you could look at Darkness' horns and question yourself: can he REALLY support his balance with those giant horns? Wouldn't he just topple to the ground? Well, when you watch this film, I guess logic doesn't matter.

9. The Goombas from "Super Mario Bros." (1993)

I said in my review Super Mario Bros. that the Goombas in the movie were considered to be obscure by many haters of the film. I also said that the designs of these guys looked GREAT. I mean, take a look at this comparison below ya:

Which Goomba would intimidate you? The short one that resembles a Chicken McNugget? Or the tall bulky-shouldered one with a small head with gnashy teeth?

I thought so.

8. The Air Conditioner from "The Brave Little Toaster" (1987)

Though techinally not a monster, this character (played with gusto by the late Phil Hartman) put plenty of chills into me when I first watched this excellent movie as a kid.

What makes him scary? Well, how about the fact that his resembles Jack Nicholson. Nicholson is already creepy, so if you were to either get Hartman or Nicholson to do this guy, the A/C conditioner will still scare me.

7. The Demon from "Rock And Rule" (1983)

Umm, this guy looks...kinda hungry. Shall we, uh, continue on?

6. The Monster from "Big Trouble In Little China" (1986)

Another one of those choices where a character from one of my favorite films of all time. When I first saw him, he nearly made me piss my pants! Why? Well....just look at him! He looks like Bigfoot's demented cousin from hell! And that would be a lot scarier than.....

...Yeah, not very scary.

5. The Stay Puft Marshallow Man from "Ghostbusters" (1984)

When I first saw this epicly funny moment, I laughed so hard, I couldn't breathe. I never saw this moment coming, and I don't think anyone else did, either. He's so funny and so evil at the same time. He stomps on a church, for crying out loud!

By the way, did you know that The Stay Puft Marshallow Man was created by the same guy who did the monster from Big Trouble In Little China? His name is Richard Edlund, but I call him the man who makes some of the scariest monsters to scare the living daylights out of us.

4. Chucky from "Child's Play" (1988)

You know how boys never seem to like to play with dolls? Well, I think Chucky might be the reason why. I never seen any of the films, save for a few minutes of the Seed Of Chucky one, but whenever I see him, he just gets scarier and scarier as I see him.

Wouldn't you like to see him as a Tickle Me Elmo ripoff?

3. The Cat Creatures from "Scooby Doo on Zombie Island" (1997)

While a lot of people who've seen this film agree that the zombies were scary (and they are), the cat creatures manage to be more frightening, even though their origin about how they became cat creatures is a bit silly.

Now, I love cats, but these ones are just insane. They attempt to steal souls, they killed the innocent years ago, and they're mean to Scooby Doo.

2. Chernabog from "Fantasia" (1940)

I was only a little kid when I first watched Fantasia (who hasn't?). Once I got to the final part, A Night On Bald Mountain, I never watched the film until many years later. When I watched the final segment again, the only thing that did scare me was...

...there were boobs in a Disney movie!

But still, Chernabog was pretty scary, and still goes on to be one of the greatest Disney villians of all time. He shows no mercy, only evil.

And the #1 Movie Monster is....

1. Pennywise from "IT" (1990)

Who better to be the scariest movie monster of all time than all your fears in one creature?

Anyone who has or hasn't seen this TV movie (I haven't) knows who this is, and regret ever knowing. Anytime I seen him, he just makes me shudder. Why? Well, come on...he's a goddamn clown! Clowns are, without a doubt, scarier than Pauly Shore movies. Pennywise might be the reason.

Stephen King, master of horror, you've done it again.

Well, there's my list. If you don't agree with me, there's a thing called making your own list. Good night, and Happy Halloween!
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