Top 10 90s Animated Movies

My Personal Top 10 Favorite Animated 90s Movies.
October 19, 2007
This is my 5th article, and I decided to make it about my top 10 favorite animated movies of the 90s, but before I begin, I have something to say; I think that it's pretty sad that out of my first four articles, only one was never sent to the back page.

Ah, the 90s, the decade where CGI Animation was getting popular, when celebrities started voice acting in movies, and the last decade in the 20th Century. The 90s was also the decade that I was born in. Just like the 80s, the 90s had some awesome cartoons and animated movies (at least to me), and here's my 10 favorite animated movies of this decade (this is similar to an article that Dalmatianlover wrote, but that was for the 80s).

10. Pokemon: The First Movie(1999)
Now, some of you might be saying "Wait a minute, Pokemon sucks, how can you have that on this list?" Well, just so you know, I used to be a huge Pokemon fan (my brother still is), besides, the first season was the greatest. when I first saw this movie, I loved it. This was the first Pokemon movie, and definitely the best, it has the first 151 pokemon in it, and has all the characters. This was one of the few times that I cried over a movie, near the end where Ash gets turned to stone, that scene still makes me cry. This was a pretty good movie and if you're currently a fan of the anime, you should check it out.

9. Balto(1995)
Now here's a movie that my brother used to love. As crazy as it may sound, Balto was a film that was actually based on a true story. It was about this racing dog (I think, I haven't seen this movie in a while) that has to get medecine and get it to a hospital filled with sick kids. One thing that I love about this movie is that it's sweet and modest, and I've always loved it. Balto spawned two sequels: Balto II: Wolf Quest and Balto III: Wings of Change, I haven't seen either, but since most direct-to-video sequels aren't that good, I don't plan to. This was Amblin Entertainment's last animated movie until Monster House in 2006. This was an entertaining movie that has always been one of my favorites and one of my brother's favorites.

8. Tarzan(1999)
Another one of my favorites, and also a classic. Probably the last 2D animated Disney film to be released in the 20th Century, Tarzan is a great film and has one of my favorite songs from a Disney movie (You'll Be in My Heart). The plot is about this man named Tarzan who was born and raised in the jungle, then three people come and although two of them are flattered by Tarzan, one wants him dead. At times, it was so emotional and sad, I get very teary. I still remember seeing this in the theaters with my brother, and he also loves this movie, and he watches it whenever it comes on Toon Disney. I haven't seen Tarzan in a long time, but I still remember a lot. I also loved TV series. Overall, this was a good movie and is a must see to all fans of Disney films.

7. The Rugrats Movie(1998)
Okay, we've gotten to a movie that was based on an animated TV show, and it was very good too. The entire plot was very exciting, and is one of the few times where the movie introduces a character that becomes a main character for the rest of the series. Rugrats is my brother's favorite Nicktoon (I don't know if it is anymore because he loves Avatar: The Last Airbender), and he loves this movie. Out of all the Rugrats movies, this was probably the best (I haven't seen the 3rd one, but I hate The Wild Thornberrys), and I think it would be interesting to know that this used to be the animated movie based on an animated show that got the most money at the box office until another movie pasted it the summer of 2007 (I think we all know what movie that was). Many people say this was the downfall of Rugrats, but I didn't think it went downhill until Kimi was added. This is my fourth favorite movie based on a cartoon (behind The Spongebob Squarepants Movie, The Simpsons Movie, and South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut), and if you like Rugrats, then this movie is a must see.

6. Aladdin(1992)
Now let's take a trip back to ancient Egypt with Aladdin. Aladdin is one of those films that I've always loved to watch, and it has a very good plot. The plot is about a street rat who finds a genie and becomes a king, then the evil Jafar takes over and Aladdin has to stop him. This movie got really funny once Aladdin met Genie, and Genie was what made this movie so funny, and there was one person who made Genie so funny: Robin Williams. If Robin Williams didn't play Genie, he probably wouldn't be that funny. Another thing that makes this movie great is the songs, I mean, "Friend Like Me" and "A Whole New World" are impossible for me not to love. This movie was released the same year my brother was born, and I would see it in theaters if I had a time machine. I also loved the TV show. To sum it all up, this movie is a classic, and is definitely your typical good Disney movie.

5. The Hunchback of Notre Dame(1996)
Paris is known for its great food (like in Ratatouille), but do you ever think on what keeps this city awake, the bells of Notre Dame, that's what. The songs were fantastic, my favorite was "Out There", I used to sing it all the time, "God Help the Outcasts" was also good although it felt like a Christian song and I'm Jewish, but it was still a great song. The plot was also great, the last 15 minutes or so is definitely how to use a fighting scene in a movie. The villian in this movie, like many other Disney villians, is truely evil, trying to burn down Paris just to find the Gypsie Esmeralda. This movie was pretty controversial because it was dark and mature, but I don't mind, it was a great movie, that's all that matters. Overall, it's a good movie and if you like Disney, then you should check this out.
4. A Goofy Movie(1995)
A movie starring Goofy has to be great, and it is. The whole plot makes sense, the songs were great, and the voice acting couldn't be better. The plot is about Goofy and Max having a father and son relationship, but Max wants to impress a girl named Roxanne, so Goofy and Max drive across a country to a Power Line concert. This movie is basically Goof Troop but with Max as a teenager, and apperently Max and P.J. made a new friend since they were kids: Bobby. I'm not going to say that Bobby is a teenage version of Goofy, but he's still funny, and should've been in the movie for a little longer. The songs are my favorite part, I can't even say which one's my favorite, there all just so good. Like I said before, Goofy is comedic genius, and having him star in a movie is one of Disney's best ideas. An Extremely Goofy Movie is good too.

3. South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut(1999)
Here's a movie that's so funny, that the first time I saw it, I could hardly breath by the time it ended. The whole plot is Kyle, Stan, Cartman, and Kenny go to a canadian R rated movie and start cursing, then the US and Canada start a war and if Terrance and Phillip (the stars of the canadian movie) get killed, Satan and Saddam Hussein are going to take over the world. The jokes were great, the first 30 minutes is the funniest, and you'd laugh at least once. The songs were the best part, I can't help but sing along, and this is coming from someone who hates musicals. This and The Simpsons Movie are tied for my favorite animated movie based on an animated TV show. Here's an interesting fact: This film was ranked #5 on Bravo's 100 Funniest Movies. Overall, this is a great film and if you love South Park, then you'll love this.

2. The Lion King(1994)
What movie do you first think of when you hear "Hakuna Matata" or "Circle of Life"? That's right, The Lion King, well, that or you know a movie that I don't know. The plot is about this cub named Simba, the son of king Mufasa, who wants to be king, but his uncle Scar kills Mufasa and Simba thinks that he did it, so he runs away and meets Timon and Pumbaa who teach him Hakuna Matata but runs into Rafiki and decides to go back where he challenges Scar and becomes king at the end. The songs are definitely one of the highlights of the film. I mean, how can you not like "I Just Can't Wait To Be King", "Hakuna Matata", "Circle of Life" and "Can You Feel The Love Tonight"? People call this a rip-off of Kimba the White Lion, but some people (even me) didn't even know about that show. This film was released the same year I was born, only I'm three months younger than this movie. In my opinion, this was the best Disney 2D animated 90s movie, and you should check it out.

My #1 choice is a tie between two films, and here they are...........................................

1. Toy Story(1995) and Toy Story 2(1999) (tie)
Now, I have to say, many of you probably had a feeling that at least one of the Toy Story movies was going to be on the list, and ever since I first started the list, I wanted to have Toy Story as #1, but since I couldn't decide on which one was better, I decided to have them tied at #1.
First, I'll talk about the first Toy Story. Altough I might've seen Toy Story in the theaters, I don't exactly remember it (after all, I was 1). The plot is about this cowboy doll named Woody and this space ranger action figure named Buzz who are trapped in a house of a kid who does bad things to toys, so they teach him a lesson and Woody and Buzz become best friends. This was the first full-legnth computer-generated animated movie and is among the list of "Films Considered the Greatest Ever".
Now I'll talk about the second Toy Story. Now this one I DO remember seeing in theaters, and I'll treasure it always. The plot is about Woody getting his arm torn and being kidnapped by this man and Buzz and some other toys who were seen in the first movie head out to rescue him. While many of the toys in this movie return from the first one, it also features some brand new characters, and many of them are very good too.
To sum it up, these are great movies, but then again, it's from Pixar, and if you ask me, Pixar has NEVER made a bad film, on a scale of 1 to 5, Pixar has had maybe a 3.5 out of 5 movie at worst.

There's my list, I hoped you liked it. Most of you will probably disagree with me on Pokemon, heck, some could even say this isn't retro enough, and I'm probably missing some of your favorites, but in case I am, they fall under one of these catagorys (yes, I took this from Dalmatianlover):
A: I haven't seen it
B: I don't like it
C: I forgot all about it
or D: It just missed the list
If it's C or D, then consider it an honerable mention. Also, I noticed that most of these movies were from Disney, but the 90s had my favorite disney movies.

Pictures taken from Wikipedia. My next article will probably be on how much I hate the "Life Sucks Now" articles.

PS: Sorry if I wasn't accurate with the plots, I didn't want to give much away.
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