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Here are 5 shows that Nickelodeon should bring back and get rid of.
July 27, 2007
I may have been born in 1994, but I stiil know that Nickelodeon isn't what it used to be, anyway, I decided to do a list of 5 old shows that Nick should bring back, and 5 new shows that Nick should take off, although half of this article isn't really that retro, the other half is, and once again, no pictures, but I still haven't figured it out, but anyway, on with the list.

5 old school Nick shows that Nick needs to bring back.

1. Rocko's Modern Life

Most of you should agree that this show should be brought back. I mean, what's not to love about a wallaby having adventures around O-Town, with funny humor all around. Also, kids these days would find out on how Spongebob and Camp Lazlo really got started, all with this great show. Nick should really bring this back.

2. Hey Arnold

One of my all time favorite Nicktoons and a very good one too. Sure, maybe it was a little boring , maybe not even that funny, but it was still a great show, and it leaves me with a good feeling after watching it. It also had great characters, voices, and plots. Nick should really bring this back.

3. The Angry Beavers

In my opinion, this was the funniest Nicktoon since Rocko's Modern Life, and that's not a bad thing.
The voices were great, the characters were awsome, everything was good, there was nothing bad about it. 1997 was a great year, wasn't it? Nick should really bring this back.
4. Kablam

This is one of the most unique shows I've ever seen in my life, and very fun to watch. Sure, it might be outdated, like most of the shows in this show can be done in CG, but it's still a good show all around. I loved the Henry and June scenes best, but I liked all of the sketches. Nick should really bring this back.

5. Kenan and Kel

This predesessor for Drake and Josh(another show that I love) was a cool show, most of you agree with me that this was pretty funny, and on how it always starts and ends with them in front of a red curtain. I loved Kel's line "Oh here it goes." Nick should really bring this back.

Well you heard on what I think should be brought back, now let's see the ones that I think should get canceled. NOTE: I know this isn't retro, but you'll probably agree with me anyway.

5 new Nick shows that Nick needs to take off(no descriptions because they're not retro.)

1. Mr. Meaty (worst of them all)
2. Naked Brothers Band
3. Zoey 101
4. Unfabulas (I don't care how you spell it, it sucks anyway.)
5. The X's

Thanks for reading. I bet most of you agree with everything that I wrote.

P.S.: Another reason why I didn't put down descriptions for the ones that I thought should get canceled is because I couldn't think of any except for Mr. Meaty and Naked Brothers Band.
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