Top 10 Angry Beavers Episodes

This is a list of the top 10 Angry Beavers episodes.
June 04, 2010

10) Oh Brother? (Season 3)

"Oh Brother" was an episode of "The Angry Beavers" from the third season. What this episode is all about is that it starts off with Norbert and Daggett looking at their family home movies when suddenly, Norbert notices in the film that there is another beaver baby that looks exactly like him! Weird, huh? So, this leads to Norbert thinking that Daggett is not his real brother and Norbert tries to find his real brother on his fancy computer database (you know how Norbert always have a secret room in the dam). Like, five seconds later, a beaver named Byron who looks exactly like Norbert (only he has more teeth and more hair) comes to their dam along with his brother Randy (who looks like an very ugly version of Daggett) and Norbert is happy that he finally finds his true brother...or is he?

What I loved about this episode was that fact that there is another beaver who acts like Norbert, yet he is smarter and more refined than Norbert and you know how Norbert gets when someone is better than him! Anyway, this was a pretty good episode from Season 3 and the writing was actually witty, though there are some parts that are too complicated for a smaller child to understand. "Oh Brother" is one of the few gems from Season 3 of "The Angry Beavers."

9) Pass It On (Season 3)

"Pass It On" is basically about Daggett and Norbert hanging out with their friends around a campfire and it starts off with Norbert telling the gang a story about a James Bonds like beaver (Norbert) and his sidekick (Treeflower) escaping from the villian (Daggett) and ends off with Norbert and Treeflower falling off a cliff. Norbert than explains to his friends that each of them has to give their own version of what happens after the James Bonds like beaver and his sidekick fall off the cliff. And this is where the episode gets interesting...

"Pass It On" was a pretty interesting episode because I love hearing how each of the beavers' friends tell their own versions of the tale. The versions that I loved the most was Barry's version of the ending where it is a disco themed story and Treeflower's version where her story was in an anime styled setting which was probably the best version out of all the versions of the ending since the animation for her story changes dramatically. This is truly another gem from Season 3 of "The Angry Beavers."

8) A Little Dad'll Do You (Season 3)

"A Little Dad'll Do You" is a great episode about Daggett and Norbert's dad coming to visit them unexpectedly and boy, does their dad turn their lives upside down...

I love this episode because this is like the first time we actually get to know more about Daggett and Norbert's dad since in the earlier episodes he doesn't really say much. My favorite part of this episode would have to be where Daggett and Norbert's dad embarasses Norbert in front of Treeflower and the classic "NOOOOOOO *gasps* NOOOOOOOOO *gasps* NOOOOOOOO!!!!!! moment was hilarious! Also, it is surprising that the brothers' dad looks like Daggett yet he has the same attitude as Norbert.

7) Bummer of Love (Season 1)

"Bummer of Love" is a cute episode about how Daggett and Norbert's pond is over taken by a rock concert and how they tried to gate crash the concert. Well, Daggett tries to gate crash
the concert while Norbert finds love in a female beaver named Treeflower, who at this time is in a rock band and she wants to perform at the concert.

What I loved about this episode was the great music video "I Think I Like You" sung by Norbert and Treeflower and it was a pretty interesting video because it had that trippy 60's feel as you can see many colors surrounding Norbert and Treeflower. Norbert and Treeflower's first meeting each other is classic, as I would have never expected them to meet at a rock concert and instantly fall in love with each other. I also love the scenes with Daggett trying to gate crash the concert because it provided some good humor to this episode. This is definitely an episode of "The Angry Beavers" that you don't want to miss!

6) If You Insisters (Season 2)

"If You Insisters" is a wonderful and moving episode about Daggett and Norbert's younger sisters, Stacy and Chelsea, coming to visit them for the weekend. Unfortunately, this had to be the day where Daggett and Norbert's arguments with each other had to be the worse as they argued with each other throughout the whole episode about what fun things they can do with their sisters.

This episode is probably one of the best out of "The Angry Beavers" since we actually see Daggett and Norbert's sisters for the first time since their first appearance in "Born to be Beavers" and what was so surprising about this episode is that Stacy and Chelsea get along way better than Daggett and Norbert ever could. Also, this episode features the voices of Stacy and Chelsea Schauer, who are in fact Mitch Schauer's real life daughters and that's what made this episode a true treasure among "The Angry Beavers."

5) Fancy Prance (Season 1)
"Fancy Prance" is a cute episode about Norbert wanting to fulfill his lifelong dream of being a Lipizzaner stallion and with Daggett's help, Norbert discovers about the trials of fulfilling his most impossible dream yet.

I loved this episode because I love the scenes where Norbert goes through various trials to become as graceful as the Lipizzner stallions. Also, this episode teaches the audience about not giving up on your dreams and just go for it. Norbert had a rough time during the episode trying to be graceful like a stallion, but he never gave up and that is what is so inspiring about this episode.

4) Beaver Fever (Season 2)

"Beaver Fever" is a brilliant episode about how Daggett and Norbert become big time disco stars when they were singing their song, "Beaver Fever." Now, the problem with being famous is that the two brothers are arguing with each other over who made the song in the first place.

This episode probably featured the best music video out the whole "Angry Beavers" show since it was extremely catchy to listen to. I love the numerous references about the Beatles in this episode, especially during the scene where Daggett upsets the bread lovers when he says that they are bigger than bread, which I found so hilarious! In case you don't know, that scene was similar to the incident where one of the Beatles members said that they were bigger than Jesus, upsetting many fans. "Beaver Fever" is truly one of the most creative episodes of "The Angry Beavers" to date!

3) Food of the Clods (Season 1)

"Food of the Clods" is about Norbert staying up late every night to watch horror movies while stuffing himself with loads of junk food. But, throughout the night, Norbert would start sleepwalking while acting out various monsters he saw in the horror movies, scaring Daggett out of his wits. Can Daggett snap Norbert out of his sleepwalking frenzy?

This episode was so hilarious! I really love the scenes where Norbert starts sleepwalking and scaring Daggett and I was also impressed by how much food Norbert can eat! What was probably the true highlight of this episode was the fact that they mix the realistic animation from the old horror movies with the zany animation of "The Angry Beavers" which brings out effective results in the creativity department.

2) The Day the World Got Really Screwed Up (Season 2)

In this Halloween Special, the episode starts off with Daggett and Norbert going trick or treating the day before Halloween (one of Daggett's schemes to get more candy, but of course it goes up in flames). Anyway, the beavers ended up going to a scary house on the hill, which turns out to be *gasps* Oxnard Montalvo! But, wait! What's with all these aliens suddenly popping out of the scary house? It seems that it is Daggett and Norbert to the rescue!

This was the funniest episode ever created out of "The Angry Beavers." I love how the episode tends to mix up the animation between the beavers and the horror movie stars and mesh them together into one episode! The effects of this were priceless and not only did the animation of Oxnard Montalvo bring drama and horror to this episode, but the animation of the beavers brought humor that no one could have ever thought of in a thousand years! My favorite moment in this episode would have to be where Oxnard tries to catch Toluca when she falls, but he ends up missing her and she just drops to the floor! That part was truly hilarious!!! Fans of "The Angry Beavers" will definitely treasure this Halloween special as one of the best episodes out of the whole series!

1) Fakin It! (Season 2)

"Fakin It!" is a great episode about the consequences of playing sick. The episode starts off with Norbert making Daggett think that he has a serious illness just to get out of working on the dam. However, when Daggett suddenly gets gravely ill, Norbert comes to Daggett's aid to make him feel better. Is Daggett really sick or is he really... FAKIN IT!!!!

This episode is number 1 on my list because I love how Daggett and Norbert actually do care about each other in this episode. This episode has everything from humor (Daggett bringing in ridiculous demands by Norbert such as a moon from Jupiter), drama (when Norbert worries about Daggett's health), and caring (Daggett and Norbert apologizing to each other). This is also one of the few episodes where Norbert actually gets very angry at Daggett, making this scene a classic one for "The Angry Beavers" show. "Fakin It" is definitely an episode that marks the golden moment of "Angry Beavers" history.

Honorable Mentions

Here are a couple of episodes of "The Angry Beavers" that I thought were pretty good, but didn't make the list:

1) Yak in the Sak (Season 4)
2) I Dare You! (Season 1)
3) Up All Night (Season 1)
4) Born to Be Beavers (Season 1)
5) Bite This! (Season 3)
6) Tree's Company (Season 1)
7) Bug-a-boo (Season 1)
8) Slap Happy (Season 3)
9) All in the Colony (Season 4)
10)Act Your Age (Season 3)
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