Top 10 Nickelodeon Shows

This is a list of my top 10 Live Action Nickelodeon Shows.
June 04, 2010
10) 100 Good Deeds for Eddie McDowd (1999)

This short lived series was about a bully named Eddie McDowd who would pick on anyone weaker than him. Well, the story starts to get more interesting when a mysterious man named the Drifter puts a curse on Eddie by turning him into a dog when he witnesses Eddie's bullying. The Drifter tells Eddie that the only way he will change back into a human is if he does 100 good deeds and the only person who can understand him is the last person he picked on, which is a boy named Justin. What's so interesting about this series is the awkward relationship between Eddie and Justin that brings humor to the show. Also, the most memorable aspect of this show is that whenever Eddie completes a good deed, the countdown of his good deeds would appear in unsuspecting places such as one episode where Eddie has about 94 good deeds left (I think it's 94) and the number 94 shows up as a fireworks display. "Eddie McDowd" is a wonderful series for anyone who loves dogs and who also enjoys a bit of adventure as well.

9) My Brother and Me (1994)

"My Brother and Me" is a great series about two brothers named Alfie, the oldest son and his younger brother, Dee Dee and their lives in North Carolina. "My Brother and Me" was memorable for being the first African-American show on Nickelodeon before "Kenan and Kel" came along and also for its characters, such as Alfie's best friend, Goo. Now anybody who ever watches this show will definitely remember the song sequence "Goo Punch" sang by Goo when everyone was daydreaming about becoming rich and because of its humor and how genuine it was, "My Brother and Me" will always be a Nickelodeon classic in many people's eyes.

8) Cousin Skeeter (1998)

"Cousin Skeeter" was a great sitcom about a boy named Bobby who realizes that his cousin, Skeeter, is moving in with them and ever since Skeeter came into the picture, life has never been the same for Bobby. What is so memorable about this show if the fact that most of the show's cast (Meagan Good, Robert Ri'chard, and Rondell Sheridan) all started their acting careers in this show and Cousin Skeeter himself. Cousin Skeeter is actually a puppet and is voiced by Bill Bellamy and he is probably the most interesting character on the show as he knows various celebrities and don't forget that famous earth shattering burp he lets out at random moments. "Cousin Skeeter" is one of the funniest sitcoms created during the late 90s.

7) Clarissa Explains It All (1991)

"Clarissa Explains It All" was memorable for being the first show on Nickelodeon to feature a lead female character, which is Clarissa Darling. Also, this show was Melissa Joan Hart's first mega hit series until "Sabrina the Teenage Witch." What was so interesting about this show was that Clarissa would always talk about her problems about her brother Ferguson or about teen issues towards the audience, making her break the fourth wall in every episode. Also, Clarissa's character is that she is smart and sassy and that makes the show interesting to watch. "Clarissa Explains It All" is truly one great Nickelodeon show that you can't afford to miss!

6) The Journey of Allen Strange (1997)

"Allen Strange" is a sci-fi/drama series about a young alien named Allen who crash lands on Earth and quickly becomes friends with a young girl named Robbie and her brother Josh. "Allen Strange" is a great show that combines teen issues, such as Allen trying to fit into the society on Earth and adventure as Robbie and Josh try to make sure that Allen is not exposed as an alien to the public. Probably, the most memorable episode of the series is when Allen discovers about the Civil Rights Movement and Black History as he was not exposed to Black History and he merely thought that he should do a presentation on his favorite color, black. "Allen Strange" is probably one of the few alien series that touches on teen issues and combines adventure at the same time and is truly a classic series that you should not miss!
5) Animorphs (1998)

"Animorphs" is a tv series based off the popular books by K.A. Applegate and is probably Nickelodeon's most intense series yet! For those of you who have read the books, I won't go into too much detail about what this show is about, but I loved this show because there was so much action and drama in every episode and whenever there was a cliffhanger on one of the episodes, you just eagerly await the next episode to see what happens next. "Animorphs" is truly a classic sci-fi series that both kids and adults will enjoy.

4) Kenan and Kel (1996)

"Kenan and Kel" was created as a spinoff to the already successful series, "All That." "Kenan and Kel" is basically about two best friends, Kenan and Kel (hence the title of the show), who get into all kinds of trouble because of Kenan's endless scheming or because of Kel's immaturity. "Kenan and Kel" was memorable for having very funny scenes with Kenan and Kel and the show even had the two starting the beginning of each episode by addressing to the audience about what kind of crazy adventure they will end up in next. My most favorite part of the series is whenever Kel sees Orange Soda, he states: ""Who loves orange soda? Kel loves orange soda. Is it true? Mm-hmm! I do, I do, I do-ooh!" After I saw this show, I just started loving Orange Soda ever since! "Kenan and Kel" is truly one of the funniest series ever created on Nickelodeon!

3) The Secret World of Alex Mack (1994)

"The Secret World of Alex Mack" was an amazing series about a teenage girl named Alex Mack who accidently has a strange chemical called GC-161 spilled on her and ever since then, life has never been the same for her. Alex now contains awesome powers such as telekinesis, shooting electricity out of her fingers and the ability to morph into a liquid puddle and not only does she have to go through life in school, but she also has to envade the people from Paradise Valley Chemical Plant who want to use her as some sort of an experiment. "Alex Mack" has enough action and teen drama that made this show amazing to look at during the 90s and what made this show memorable was Alex's powers, especially her ability to turn into a liquid puddle. "Alex Mack" is probably the best sci-fi series on Nickelodeon to ever be created.

2) All That (1994)

Before the 2000s, "All That" was the funniest and most original series ever created on Nickelodeon. "All That" is like the children's version of "Mad TV" and it contained many skits that were well known in the audience such as Repair Man-Man-Man-Man, Good Burger (which spawned a movie) and Dear Ashley. What made this a truly memorable show was not only the funny skits that the cast would perform but the original cast themselves. Many people remembered Kenan Thompson, Kel Mitchell, Amanda Bynes, Lori Beth Denberg, and Josh Server as they were the ones who brought pure humor to "All That" before the later seasons. My favorite skits on this show were always, "Dear Ashley" played by Amanda Bynes who would give some harsh yet humorous advice to a fan and "Vital Information" by Lori Beth Denberg who would provide some unusual advice for the audience. "All That" is probably Nickelodeon's greatest sketch comedy series as it lasted for 10 years and has since then been a memorable series in many people's hearts.

1) The Adventures of Pete and Pete (1993)

What can I say? "Pete and Pete" has got to be the greatest Nickelodeon show in history! "Pete and Pete" stars two brothers, Big Pete and Little Pete and their adventures Wellsville. This show made number 1 on my list because of its surrealistic situations and interesting characters. I always loved the situations that Little Pete (who was played by a young Danny Tamberelli) gets into such as the one episode where he believes that a love epidemic has spread all over town and his friend, Nona (played by a young Michelle Trachtenberg), briefly fell in love with him because of the epidemic. My favorite episode out of the whole series would have to be where a health inspector comes to town and there is one memorable scene where he is eating ribs and he lays out the bones of the ribs in a sort of tower stack and he made it look so neat that the Petes' father wanted to copy him too. "Pete and Pete" is one of the few shows on Nickelodeon that deals with teen issues in a very creative and interesting way and has made this show one of Nickelodeon's best series to ever be created!

Well, that's my list of the top live action shows on Nickelodeon. Feel free to comment on this article and tell me your favorite live action shows on Nickelodeon!
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