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This is my Nicktoons article (inspired by many others).
March 01, 2007
Seeing that there were a lot of articles on here about Nickelodeon's Nicktoons and how much people miss the originals but hate the new ones, I thought I'd make my own Nicktoons article. I have some similar and different thoughts on each series. I'll attempt to talk about each one at the best of my knowledge.

It all started in 1991 when Nickelodeon launched it's Nicktoons lineup. It started out with the three originals, "Doug", "Rugrats" and "Ren & Stimpy". Let's start with "Doug":

The guy on the left is Doug, not the guy on the right! I think "Doug" was a perfectly okay show, but I think it's weird how much it compared to our regular life. It was canceled in 1993, and it continued to play on Nickelodeon for the remainder of the 90's. However, Disney picked it up in 1996, and everything went downhill from there. Thanks to Disney, the show got more popular, but shows that exceed in popularity have always annoyed me...especially when I'm not a hardcore fan of them!

"Rugrats" used to be a good show. When "Rugrats" was active in the early 90's, it used to be funny, and I liked to watch it every once in a while. However, in 1996, two years after it's cancelation, it somehow gained peak popularity, and Nickelodeon brought the show back into production in 1997. From that point on, the show just kept sucking harder and harder, especially since new characters like Dil and Kimmy were added to the cast (whom were introduced in the many Rugrats movies that came out). I don't think the show has even ended its production yet since then. I mean, this show ran almost as long as "The Simpsons"! It's just getting ridiculous!

"Ren & Stimpy" was the third original Nicktoon. I remember this show...well, actually, I don't, because I never really sat and watched it. My mom never let me or my brother watch this show, because she thought it was too inappropriate. It does contain a lot of sick humor, and it's one of Nick's very few Nicktoons that got a "TV-Y7" rating (the rest were "TV-Y").

"Rocko's Modern Life" was the first new Nicktoon, which debuted in 1993. Out of all the Nicktoons, this one had one of the coolest theme songs, but they screwed it up in the second season when they changed it! A majority of the stuff on this show is just plain weird. This is another show my mom would never let me watch because it contained some sick humor.

Finally, a Nicktoon that I can watch! In 1994, "Aaahh! Real Monsters" was introduced. This show did have some gross stuff, but it didn't have the same toilet humor that "Ren & Stimpy" and "Rocko" had. "Aaahh! Real Monsters" happens to be one of my favorite Nicktoons of all time. It's really entertaining; the jokes are great, and you gotta love the main characters.

We had to wait 2 years until another new Nicktoon was made. I guess either the viewers didn't have enough of the monsters, or Nickelodeon was working on something incredible. What we got was this. It was 1996 when "Hey Arnold!" was brought into Nick's lineup. This is not one of my favorites, but I seriously believe that this show was very VERY overrated. I guess this was probably Nick's new-generation "Doug".

Another Nicktoon was released about the same time as "Hey Arnold!" This one was called, "Kablam!" This was one of Nick's most unique Nicktoons, since it contained a variety of different forms of animation. During it's production time, I was easily entertained by this show. I wish Nick didn't cancel it; they could have kept it running just a little longer.

In April of 1997 came "The Angry Beavers", one of the funniest shows that Nick has ever made! It's strange how fast they've been making new shows at this time. I guess it was to make up for that hiatus in between 1994 and 1996.

In March of 1998, Nickelodeon announced that it's next Nicktoon, "CatDog" was going to air the upcoming fall and showed the pilot episode. I found the pilot to this show to be rather interesting. I was thinking, "Oh, cool, can't wait for this show to air."

When September of 1998 came, "CatDog" unfortunately didn't premeire. Instead what we got was a completely different show, "The Wild Thornberries", a Nicktoon that nobody really appreciated, and yet another overrated show of Nickelodeon's. We also got a variety show entitled, "Oh Yeah! Cartoons!", which was very short-lived.

"CatDog" eventually did air in October of that same year. A lot of people hate "CatDog" and claim that it was the start of Nickelodeon's downfall. I strongly disagree. It was actually a pretty good show. I have a way of learning to accept cartoons, and you can plainly see by looking at my "Top 10 Cartoons of My Life" article.

Shortly after "CatDog's" release came "The Brothers Flub", a Nicktoon that failed miserably. Not having seen any episodes, I'm not going to go into further detail.

In May of 1999, Nick released it's phenominal Nicktoon (dare I say it?), "SpongeBob Squarepants"! This annoying sponge I hate dearly, mainly because he's the most popular cartoon in the world, and he's like...EVERYWHERE! This show's even more popular than "Rugrats" ever was! I've hated this show ever since it began it's gigantic popularity in late 2000 or early 2001.

Later that year came a show called "Rocket Power". I wasn't a fan of this show, but I watched it whenever it was on, and it was okay.

Then later came two more Nicktoons. One of which was "The Fairly Odd Parents". It's an entertaining show to watch, but it's so annoyingly popular, and it's almost as popular as Spongebob! The other one was "Invader Zim", which is probably the last GOOD Nicktoon ever made. Today, "The Fairly Odd Parents" is still on the air, but "Invader Zim" has been cancelled due to the fact that it was too frightening for small children.

As of 2002, I honestly lost track of the Nicktoons. I pretty much stopped watching Nickelodeon mainly because it just wasn't good anymore. Well, I think I'm all done doing my rants about what I thought of the Nicktoons. I just wish I can have Nicktoons TV, so I can watch "Monsters", "Rocko", "Angry Beavers" and "Invader Zim" more. Thanks for listening, and good night.
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