Favorite Nicktoons

My favorite nicktoon shows.
May 09, 2011
#10 CatDog

Okay, I know what you guys are thinking. Oh CatDog sucked. Well, I liked it, I thought it was a very funny show. All it was was fun and not meant to be taken seriously. Even though when you get older, you do wonder how they'd go to the bathroom but other than that this show holds a special place in my heart and has earned a spot on this list.
#9 Invader Zim

Oh man, this show was just CRAZY! It was so dark and had very gross humor and sometimes it was just plain disgusting. I loved it! Invader Zim was one of Nickelodeon's best shows to come out during the 2000s. Even though it only lasted a year, this show had one hell of a fan base. I try to catch it when I can but in the meantime I know I have cherished memories of it. Truly great.
#8 Ren & Stimpy

Ah man, truly a classic! I know some of you might be mad that its so low on the list but the reason for that is because when I was born, it wasn't on TV long enough for me to endulge in it but I did watch some episodes and all I remember is laughing my butt off. Especially the episode when Stimpy was sad and he kept saying I don't care to Ren. The way he said it was hilarious. Classic. Nothing more.
#7 Rocket Power

Now, I grew up on this one and I know one thing. Otto used to piss me off! Hard! I remember when I saw the episode when Otto kept making up that game and every time they scored he would say, "You didn't follow the rules." I used to be like, "Shut the hell up. They won, you lost. Get over it." But anyway, its a very good show. Especially for kids into sports. Its very entertaining and its fun. If you watch it, you'll want to do those tricks to. Greatly missed.
#6 Kablam

Ah wow, I miss this one. This show brings really good memories to me. I remember when I used to go over my aunts house and me and my cousin and brother would sit down and watch this. Our favorite was Action League Now! Imagine how happy we were when that sketch got its own spin off. But I also liked Angela Anaconda and Life with Loopy. I thought it was very silly and wacky and the animation was strangely likable. I really miss this show and I think Nickelodeon should go back and do more sketch shows. They were my favorites.
#5 Angry Beavers

This show! That them song! I loved it. I would have this theme song stuck in my head for days. This was one of Nickelodeon's funniest shows to date. I remember I was to happy when it got put back on Nicktoons Network but got cancelled shortly after but at least I got to relive my childhood for a couple months so that was all that mattered to me. Thank God for YouTube.
#4 Rocko's Modern Life

Now this show was funny as a kid but when you grow up and get some of the jokes they make regarding to sex its just plain hilarious. This show is a favorite to many and it is very understood why. Its a family favorite and everybody can enjoy it. I am so happy that I was able to watch this because if I didn't I know I would be missing out and is very understood why. I love you Rocko's Modern Life and I miss you.
#3 Doug

Ah man, so nostalgic. Everybody loved Doug. (Well, when it was on Nickelodeon). Doug was like one of the most remembered cartoons character because you could relate to him. I mean who hasn't had a crush that they liked for so long but was so terrified to tell them. I know I did and still do. Doug was a favorite of mine and I remember loving Skeeter. He just always seemed so cool and fun to me. Going in the Nickelodeon Hall of Fame for sure.
#2 Rugrats

Did you not expect Rugrats to make this list? Now this show is the most recognizable, most popular, most successful, long running Nicktoon ever. And it deserves every reason why it is. Rugrats was one of those shows that was about babies and you loved it and you weren't embarrassed to like it. It appealed to everybody. Teens, kids, adults, older people. Everybody loved Rugrats. It was one of the first nicktoons I saw and I was just drawn to it. I wish I was like them when I was a baby. When I saw Rugrats In Paris, I cried like crazy when Chuckie didn't have a mom to dance with. It was just so...sad. Everyone will remember Rugrats and smile because it is a very special show and I still love it to this day. Truly a classic.
And Number One Is..............

#1 Hey Arnold!

My favorite Nicktoon of all time! Period! The reason why I love this show is because its real. It was on a very deep level sometimes. The episode "Helga On The Couch" touched on the reason Helga is the way she is. It touched on how she felt neglected from her family and the only person who ever noticed her or was remotely nice to her was Arnold and she was smitten instantly. But Harold ended up teasing her and she just dealt with a fear of being hurt or rejected so she was mean to people before they were to her. That episode gave me a new respect to Helga and I loved the show even more. You don't see that alot in cartoons nowadays. But other than that the show could be hilarious with one word. Curly! Curly had to be the most possessed charater at PS 118. I remember when he locked himself into Principal Wartz room just because he couldn't be ball monitor or when he framed Eugene and almost got him kicked out of school because he returned his pencil back all chewed up. Curly was a nut job but he was funny and wacky. This show will always have a special place in my heart and it always brings back great memories for me. It was a very heartwarming show and I loved how the show could get really deep. Truly a gem. If you haven't seen it. Go on YouTube immediately. Won't be disappointed. Thank you Hey Arnold and Nickelodeon for the great memories.

Well, those were my favorites Nicktoons. Even though there were more and equally as great, these just capture my heart. I miss Nickelodeon and I hope one day they stop focusing on funds and focus on family. If it doesn't happen then oh well. We always have YouTube and our childhood memories. Thank you Nickelodeon for giving us these great cartoons.
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