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December 21, 2007
First off thank you for all the great comments on the great animated feature films article.I would as the holiday season is fast approaching like to mention some of my favorite holiday picks. I was going to focus on either movies, tv specials, cartoons or some kind of general topic, but I have decided to just put a smoregst board of all of my hoilday favorites.I Hope that some will bring back memories, some will inspire people to see them again or some will give people the chance to see them for the first time. Well here it goes my christmas favorites.

Rocko's modern life/ ren and stimpy
let's start off with two nicktoon christmas specials that I find myself watching year after year. The son of Stimpy is a hilarious, heartwarming, and hilarious christmas short. This contains one of my favorite ren and stimpy lines of all time "Ren something came out of my butt, and it made a sound and it smelled funny" Not the exact quote but I still chuckle to myself everytime I hear it. Stimpy having a fart baby from his butt, that is crazy yet it makes since. Rocko's christmas special is wacky. But that is what makes Rocko's modern life one of my favorite shows. I can't remember the exact plot that well but crazy elves living and working on toys next store to rocko's house, need I say more.

Tales from the darkside's "seasons of belief"/Tales from the crypt's "And all through the house" Ok, so this is probably the creepiest of the bunch and the season should be peace on earth goodwill to men. But I still like these cult christmas classics. seasons of belief is something me and my brother watched. It used to delight me and terrify me.A creature named the grither lives on the other side of the northpole. That instead of being the warmest kindest place on the earth (north pole), it is the coldest, dampest, unhappiest place on earth. The one thing that the grither hates the most is having his name being called out loud.The more you say it the angry he gets.If he hears his name enough he will come from the north pole to get you. Yeah, pretty creepy, but still a very fun tales from the darkside episode.And all through the house is a story about just desserts and a parent's worst nightmare. A lunatic dressed in a Santa suit playing with your little kid. Gives me shivers.

A Simpsons Christmas special
Never gets old after all these years. Homer becomes a department store santa,bart gets a tattoo, snowball gets caught in the (lights) spirit,and Flanders wonderful light show. Aaaa.. Christmas memories with the Simpsons.

It's a Bundyful Life
I used to laugh at this show but their values are kind of cheesy. I know that's what makes it funny, but I guess I don't watch it as much as I used to. Still one of the christmas greats. Al babysitting in his shoe store while telling kids a rhyming poem about the ungrateful bundy household, got to be in all the married with children
shows, one of my favorite moments.Marcy gets drunk and al gets visited by a comedy great telling him how great life would be without him. Aaaa...Holiday fun with the bundys.

Pluto's christmas tree/How to ski/Toy tinkers
Three classic disney cartoons. The first two Pluto's christmas tree and How to ski, I know from the disney chrismas compilations (like a Disney christmas gift) and the last one toy tinkers, I was lucky to find in a classic collection. Pluto's christmas tree the great disney classicwith pluto, chip n' dale, and mickey mouse. Crazy combo. You always see Mickey with pluto but now joined by the classic tormentors of donald, chip n' dale.This cartoon is a great example of what you should not do to a christmas tree.Speaking of what you should not do,How to ski is a great misinstructional goofy classic. If you are at all feeling nervous about going skiing just watch goofy and you see that you can not do much worse. The classic annoncer guy just puts the cherry on top, great cartoon. Toy tinkers, Is a christmas episode with Chip n Dale and Donald duck, Yea! It is not just a put together christmas cartoon either it is just as good as any of the classic Chip n Dale vs. donald cartoons.To see chip n' dale battle donald with toys is so much fun.

Ernest saves christmas
I am sure everybody has heard of this classic.
Heartwarming and funny always a pleasure. Santa teaming up with ernest just in is self is a fun concept. Then you got the classic visit to go see vern. Also can't forget those two screwballs Chuck and Bobby. That reindeer in crates skid is a side splitter.

Mr. Magoo Christmas carol/ Mickey's Christmas carol
Two great animated recreations of the Charles dickens classic.Mr. Magoo I am due to see again I can't remember too much, oddly enough I remember just the beginning where magoo does not into character until he does a song and dance then arrives late on the set to finally start it off.I feel bad mentioning it without much to say, but it is still from what I can remember a Christmas favorite of mine. Mickey's is one that I
remember as a kid always watching it with my grandmother. It is probably one of the best use of character placement I have seen in a version yet.You got Scrooge mcduck as well Scrooge, Donald as his nephew,mickey as Crachit, goofy who even though he is kind of crazy for the part of marley still is one of the best parts of the cartoon, jimmy cricket as the ghost of christmas past, the giant from jack and the beanstalk
as the ghost of christmas present and evil pete as the ghost of christmas future. Boy, what a mouth full. Fun and heartwarming it is another great christmas classic.

Bernstein Bears christmas tree
I have always like the Bernstein bears. I read the books, speaking of books I just remembered the book where papa bear teaches little bear how to ice skate,
Aaaa..classic. But, yeah I am getting off track. I don't know why I still like these simple cartoons which kind of remind me for some reason of the Arthur cartoons on channel 11. But I do, and this one one is a fun one. Papa bear on the search for the great christmas tree,kind of makes me think of Clark W. Gridswold's guest. But for those who are fans the the Bernstein bears it is a christmas must.

Beavis and Butthead Christmas
I have the vhs with a couple of episodes and some funny things filled in between. I guess this is more about the vhs tape than anything.Both episodes are classic beavis and butthead stupidity. The first is about butt-head's version of a Christmas carol.Again this comes next to Mickey's version with great hilarious character placement.Then you got another ghost telling someone how much better life would be without them. Butt-head gets a sour taste of the classic it's a wonderful life.They also have a couple of christmas music videos and a couple other skids. My favorite skid is dear santa butt-head. that gets me laughing every time. Stupidity and christmas,who better to bring that out then beavis and buttthead.

Christmas at ground zero
The music videos from beavis and butthead got me to thinking about this one. I dont know how many people like this music video or song. But I think it's great.
All the vintage clips from public domain add to the fun. My favorite line has gotta be "You could some reindeer on your rooftop, or jack frost on your window sill. But if
someones comin' down you chimney you better get you gun and shoot to kill."Aaaa...Christmas with weird al. What is the count for how many times I have
gone Aaaa.....

Christmas comes but once a year/jack frost
Again the paragraph before made me think of something else. Remember Those old Public domain cartoons you could always find on the Dollar slp(aka super long play)
recorded vhs tapes? I sure do. I have many favorites but the two that come to mind for Christmas are Christmas comes but once a year and jack frost. Watch I am going to finish this article and think of two even better ones. But anyways,Christmas comes but once a year is one of m y favorites because of grampy from the betty boop cartoon series.He's always thinking of ways to invent things.In this cartoon he uses abunch of useful/useless stuff to make fun looking toys for a bunch of misfortunate orphans.In jack frost, now I know what your thinking and not it's not the rakin/bass stop motion, which is still a great one. But this ones about a bear who goes out of hibernation without his mom and dads permission and meets jack frost along with some other interesting characters. A dancing scarecrow and I dont know if this is jack frosts evil brother but this creepy ice creature. Which is one of my favorite reasons to watch it. That ice creature looks so creepy and cool. But yeah, fun classic public domain cartoons.

All I want for christmas
This is one movie that is not afraid to show what real famlies are going through.I also think it was mentioned in the santa clause. About divorce or separated familes,
givin that they dont always have a happy ending like this one does, it still is a bold move to show familes they are not alone. This movie kind of has a feel like home alone.
Kids that work together through crazy schemes to get their parents back together,fun movie concept. Just a thought would nt it be cool to live in a diner. Anyways, great family movie and by the way see if you can catch the guess star who appears as santa claus.

The bear who slept through Christmas
This little known cartoon jem it a fun one. This originally started as a book then was brought to life by producer Friz Freleng. Which include characters voiced by Tommy Smothers, Arte Johnson, and Barbara Feldon. It is about a bear who wants to know what christmas is all about. Only problem is bears sleep through the winter, but that doesnt stop this bear.Full of gags and laughs, it is heartwarming christmas story.

I just had to bring this one up. What do you get when you cross tim Bill Murray and scrooge?, You get tv exective mr. cross. There are so many fun parts in this movie. The appearance of Bill Murray's old boss, the eye ball in the drink, Bobcat Goldthwait loading up a two barrel shotgun, meeting death in an elevatior and a taxi cab driver for the ghost of christmas past. Also love the soundtrack by Danny Elfman. Great christmas classic.

sabrina the teenage witch/so weird
Ok, here's where things get kind of weird, when I say sabrina the teenage witch I feel a fozzie the bear tomato hit the back of my head. I had a crush on meilssa joan hart and I think salem is the greatest talking cat who ever lived (he won an award for best talking animalon kids choice awards). That is why I guess I kind of feel attached to the cheesy chrismas specials.There are two that I can remember one is where sabrina gets greedy and/or spoiled and has to be somehow despoiled by a guy named bob who also happens to be santa claus. Another is where the spellmans get mad at salem and he ends up getting kidnapped or catnapped (oh,no here comes another tomato) and the obvious plot where they feel sorry and salem feels sorry and we have all learned a vailble lesson etc etc..Now the so weird x-mas episode is cool, this is where Fi goes back in time and has to find a way back out only problem is she keeps getting younger
and younger and younger....This so weird episode is one my all time favorite christmas tv episodes next to the 2 part "the office" christmas special.

If you believe
This was a surprise. I was expecting another dumb poorly put together christmas movie. But this was good. It is about a cynical woman who has forgotten the spirit of christmas.Her world starts to turn upside down when her younger self (yes, like in disney's the kid) comes back to change her life around. The younger version of her reminds me of curly sue.But it is alot fun, again another heartwarming and funny film.

Nutcracker Fantasy
For my last pick I have chosen a movie I have been looking for, for awhile. When I was a kid I remembered a nutcracker that started out with a creepy beginning and this one is it. It talks about the rag man or bag man who comes at night and finds all kids who are not asleep and turns them into rats. I am not giving it justice. Go to youtube and type in nutcracker fantasy and choose the beginning sequence you will see what I mean. Aside from the beginning I am sure as a kid I had to have liked the other parts of the movie because I remember my mom getting it for me alot of times, so...I will have to look for it and give it another round to jog back my memory.

These choices are all very random. I could have metioned others, but I thought it would be fun to list a different assortment then people are used to. The classics Christmas vacation,A christmas story, Santa clause and/or Santa claus: the movie,Classic Rankin/Bass Stopmotion, all still greats in my book.I guess I just wanted to bounce around abit instead of hearing the same old classics.Hope you have a happy hoilday and may santa bring you many presents. P.S. Dont forget to leave the milk and cookies under the tree.
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