Great Animated feature films

top animation studios who released some of the best animated films
December 19, 2007
Before I start I would like to apologize for the article 10 female pop artists of 1999. I am one of the very few people if any that like pop music. Also as my friend so rightfully put it, it is not retro therefore it is not retro junk material. However I do thank you for your comments and criticism.

I would like to talk about the great animators and animation companies that have in my opinion made some the best animation in films that I have seen so far. Now I am not going to get into stop motion animation or cgi animation because that would be another set of animators. I am just going for the basic animation, pen, ink, and a lot of paper. I am only going to be mentioning a couple that come to mind but there are probably others that are just as good that I have not thought about yet. Maybe you will agree or maybe you wont,but I think that these are some of the best animated feature films in the history of Animated movies.

Don Bluth

These animated films are always a treat. Dons animation is one of a kind and always seems to make you smile. Goofy, funny, and unique his characters have always stuck with me and probably others.His stories are well told and leave you feeling satisfied that you have walked away with something more than just another movie. It is a shame that they had to make other films that are in not comparison to these but carry the same title. I have not seen American tail 3 nor have I seen land before time 2 through 20 but I am pretty sure what I am in for. Anyways to get off of my complaining, these films should be an inspiration to other animators on what
they should aspire to and I am sure that his movies will be remembered and treasured for generations to come.

Studio Ghibli

There are probably more anime series that have not mentioned that are also good suggestions but this is one company that I like mainly because of their rich
storytelling.I like it when people think differently and do not just do what others think is safe. This studio is bold and tells new stories that do not involve cute little furry animals or the common princesses in distress. They introduce new ideas, new worlds, and unusual characters. As semi-quoted in the Twlight Zone, they stretch the boundaries of imagination.

Walt Disney

Ok, you knew this was coming up. But however I am mainly focusing on the days when Walt was alive. When he was over seeing the movies that he was releasing. The early years of Disney movies like Jungle book, Sword in the stone and Lady and the tramp. Their animation style was greatly focused on their backdrops, richly detailed they always seemed to pull you a little closer into the story. These movies seemed to capture innocence which I think is somewhat lost in these days.The Walt Disney company has continued from that point and has made other great animated films such as the Lion King, Aladdin and Beauty and the Beast. But none of them would have been possible if it were not for the early Disney films the paved the way for future Disney films to come.


They have been most popular for making stop motion animation like "Santa Claus is comin to town" and "Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer". But they have also made some decent animation films, using the style of anime to bring classic books to life. The Last Unicorn by itself is a surprise, all the stars that took part in that movie. Don Messick(scooby doo), Anglea Lansbury, Jeff Bridges, Christopher Lee, Alan Arkin, and Mia Farrow, what a mouth full. Not to mention other great movies like the Hobbit and Lord of Rings, which were not as detailed as the book but were still well done. They have not made a lot of animated films, but the ones they have made have made them worthy to mention.

Emerald city productions

For the last mention of great animation I have chosen a company that mainly has animated films that have been done many times before. But they do it a little
differently. Like Disney they have great backdrops and some pretty good voice actors. They also put the story plot pretty well together, it does not feel rushed at all. They are a rare gem, a company that does not just care about making money but takes time to make something special.

I have only given a brief summary of each but hopefully it will bring back memories or maybe encourage those who have not heard of some of these companies to give them a shot. Like I said before you may agree with my choices or you may not. But these animated films have meant something to me; hopefully they will mean something to you.
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