G.I. Joe: The Movie
Release: August 14, 1987
Release: August 14, 1987

A Direct-to-Video spinoff movie from Sunbow Productions and Marvel Productions. Time and time again, Cobra has been on the threshhold of global domination, only to be thwarted by the Joes. But a new force comes to Cobra with a plan. Cobra-La wants to steal the Joes' Broadcast Energy Transmitter in order to ripen plant pods that have been launched into the earth's outter atmosphere. The spores within these plants will contain enough spores to eliminate mankind turning them into mindless beasts. Cobra Commander had been originally sent by Golobulus, Cobra-La's leader, to destroy mankind after they fell during the ice age. The Joes capture Serpentor, but in a huge battle Duke is knocked into a coma. During tha attack on Cobra-La the Joes were captured, so it's up to the trainees and Pro WWF wrestler Sargeant Slaughter to rescue the Joes, stop Cobra-La, and save the world.

Cobra Commander: "Unsubstantiated fantsy! Lies! LIES! LIIIIEES!!!! -Cobra Commander"
Cobra Commander: "Useless. It's all useless. I was once a man. A man! -Cobra Commander"
Pythona: "Nemisis Enforcer fetch him. -Pythona"
Golobulus: "It is over!...... And the verdict is guilty..... Of the one unforgivable crime FAILLIURE! Nemisis Enforcer destroy him. -Golobulus"
Cobra Commander: "Punishment?! What about my trial? -Cobra Commander"
Golobulus: "But your punishment will not be. -Golobulus"
Cobra Commander: "Fool. You haven't got the Broadcast Energy Transmitter. You don't even know where it is. Your plan is laugable. -Cobra Commander"
Sgt Slaughter: "It's time you learned Red Dog..... Either we all go home or nobody goes home. -Sgt Slaughter"
Law: "Order and I are a team. He sniffs out the bombs and I disarm them. We tried it the other way but it didn't work. -Law"
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