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Ive always been into great animation and I wanted to share my top choice
By dg
July 17, 2006

I've always been a great fan of anime and cartoons maybe because I have a crazy imagination.I have put together my favourites that I think any one should watch especially my manga choice.I think that Manga films have been explosive during the 80's and early 90's with some real epic action films.I've always been a fan of the more realistic art work in animation and cartoons rather than today cartoons.I think today's cartoon are very basic and lifeless to kids imaginations but that's my opinion.They should have the opportunity to watch some of the cartoons that we used to watch.

The gyver films were great its shows what manga is really about with humans turning into huge monsters ripping every one apart,yeah its pretty gory.Sho a student comes across a guyver unit which gives him super human strength and bio armour suite which lives inside of him and when he calls its name he turns into the gyver.There's plenty of gore and fighting in this animation, the only down fall from this series is that they never really finished it off which would been great.


The cartoon series was aired over here in the in the UK around 1993, it used to be on during half-term on Mr Motivator's GMTV. Unfortunate it only featured 13 episodes but it was a very underrated cartoon in my opinion.I really wished that they made more I was only a kid when it was on but I enjoyed it loads and then it was cancelled like that which was a shame but thanks to DVDs you can now buy it.For me though its one of those lost cartoons which no one really remembers, maybe because it wasn't that close to the games.

teenag mutant ninja turtles[TV-Series 1987-1996]

This was an amazing cartoon another cartoon which I saw at an early age.It has huge popularity which is no surprise.It has a kick ass opening tune and some really cool action.I don't go much on the remake I kinda don't see the point in doing it when you have the classic cartoon such as this.The villains were great shredder was very well known but my favourite villain was crang the little pink dood in side the robot with a funny voice.Bobob and rocksteady were really y good as well always messing up which gave it good comic relief but it was an amazing cartoon which every generation should have the chance to watch.

real goast busters[TV-Series 1986-1991]

The cartoon version from the successful movies.It is very good and had some really eerie episodes.I really enjoyed watching this cartoon and its decently favourite growing up.I remember I had the toy building and always used to put Jell-O down through the roof which you could do.Even though the couldn't make any more movies this cartoon made up for it. A great cartoon and if they have a box set I'm defiantly getting it.

dungeons and dragons(1983)

I think this has to be the greatest adventure cartoon ever.It starts with kids taking a ride on a rollercoaster and end up travelling into another dimension.It really is perfect for kids imagination it had loads of episodes I don't know exactly how many but I have the boxset which is more of a collectable.Maybe are have time to watch a few again some time.The thing about this cartoon is that they never managed to reach home which would of ended it brilliantly.

ninja scroll(1993)

Another great manga film this time a ninja Jubei has kill the evil Gemma from becoming totally invincible.Its a great adventure with really evil villains and loads of gory scenes.This has to be one of the greatest ninja films ever it comes up really imagitive villains such as the bee man and the stone man that eats people,not very nice I know.Its defiantly a must see with a great story and one mangas best films.

street fighter animated movie(1994)

Street Fighter the live version movie which every one knows was a real let down but this version of the popular fighting game doesn't disappoint.It was made around the same year and stay more close to the game with fights that are out of this world and amazing animation.Ryu and Ken are the main doods which it should of been and have to survive from the evil M.Bison.Loads of street fighter characters pop in cameos which keeps the fans happy. When things heat up ryu and ken hold know prisoners in a fight to the death in one the most kick ass fighting films your ever see.

The Flight of Dragons (1982)

This cartoon is a classic which every one watches when they are a kid.Its another great cartoon showing great fantasy with dragons and knights.A man called peter Dickenson gets transported back in time to help destroy the evil Ommadon played by James earl Jones.The evil Ommadon can only be destroyed by physics showing that fact is more really than magic.Its a fantastic cartoon which captures the imagination of every child who watches it.

castle in the sky(1986)Hayao Miyazaki
Castle in the sky has to be one of Hayao Miyazak best film he done with studio ghbli.The film for me shows real heart and determination for human life.It has absolutely beautiful landscapes and great imagination which allot of his films have.It tells the story of girl who has a precious air loom stone which holds the path to the floating castle.There loads of amazing action scenes along the way,She meets a young boy called Pazu who helps protect her with the pirates that are also after the stone but they don't have bad intensions like evil Muska who only wants it to control the world.Over all its a must see film and check some of Hayao Miyazaki films like spirited away.

cyber city(1990)

Not one of mangas well remembered films but when I did some searching I managed to get it and it ended being a really good choice.Theirs three episodes for three different characters Gogul ,Benten and Sengoku.There all great episodes which each have great villains and fantastic action.My favourite would have to be Bentens with the vampire episode which is really good even if he does dress like a women.This films decently one of mangs finest and up there at the top.

Visionaries: Knights of the Magical Light(1987) [TV-Series]

Visionaries is a proper boys action cartoon which has it all.Knights go on quest to gain magic power totons on there chest and call upon them at any time but they must charge there starf to perform them again .Its a wicked cartoon with amazing action and really great characters.It has an apocalyptic feel with desolate landscapes to battle on.The first few episodes were great but become a bit boring and childish towards the end.They seemed to run out of ideas towards the end which was a shame.

The Transformers: The Movie (1986)

I haven't watched the TV series for a long time but I bought the movie about a year ago and to my surprise it is still very good by today standards.The animation is totally amazing but that's how good the 80s were with there animation making it realistic as possible.The story was really cool and and the battle scenes were great.It had some really good Villains such as the big robot eating all the planets.I wouldn't say I was a hardcore fan but still think its great and any transformers fan should own it.

Spider-Man [TV-Series 1994-1998]

I really enjoyed watching the 90s cartoons I felt it took Spiderman to another level with great action and cool characters.It covered allot of stories and was really successful, it aired from (1994-1998).I could always remember the episode when Stan lee was in taking a ride across the city on Spiderman's back.My most favourite episodes were the Venom saga they were quite in impressive seeing Spiderman go against his most dangerous villain.

Ghost in the Shell(1995)

This film was a breakthrough in animation mixing it with computer effects and worked brilliantly. One of Mangas better films made during the late 90's when Manga was starting to fade away in my opinion, I haven't really seen a decent film since.It was a really good movie and used a similar matrix style concept.

thundercats [TV-Series 1985-1987] and thundercats the movie

Thundercats was a kick ass show and I was devastated when they stopped showing it on TV.I watched every episode right to the very end which was an episode with a book which transported each each of the thundercat character into it and then had to fight the enemies.The movie was really good it had some great fight moments and introduced some new cool characters.I still own the movie and still really love the thundercats. It had some great action in it and great quotes snarf was a classic character and mumra one of the bad ass villain ever to come out of cartoons.

vampire hunter d(1985)

Vampire hunter D is quite dated and one mangas early films.Its absolutely amazing though for its time the only thing it really lacks is the action it could of had a bit more in it.There's some great scenes in this film and has Victorian hammer horror feel to it.Vampire d is a great character which of course kills vampires but he is half vampire himself and has there unique strength and power,he also has a hand which talks he always tries to put D down with funny humour telling him just to give into his vampire nature and kill humans.A very dated animation but a classic with a great story.

akira(1988)Katsuhiro Ôtomo

The ultimate Manga film, if you love Manga you have to own this film. Akira led the way showing that animation could be watched by older audiences. It had a very good story and the scenes were spectacular with some amazing action. There were so many great scenes but one of them is is the bike chase at the beginning seeing Kanadas gang rip through Tokyo streets.The film had such an epic feel to it with great music and is a classic in film history.

I hope you enjoyed reading through my list and if you haven't seen any of them you should defiantly check them out I'm shore you will find them very watchable and exciting.
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