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By dg
February 05, 2009
Since there was an alien article I thought I would do one on the Predator films. I love both franchises equally so it will still be interesting talking about the Predator films.
Like everyone I grew up with the predator films and loved watching them both but back then it was still on VHS which my dad taped from the TV.

So Ill start with the first film which is a classic which was made in 1987 directed by John McTiernan. One of the greatest action films of the 80's. Arnie is up against an intergalactic hunter from another planet called the Predator. The predator is defiantly one of the coolest aliens in film because he's so interesting to look at and his weapons are so cool and inventive.

The predator was created by Stan Winston and originally Jean Claude Van Damme was supposed to play the Predator. From info I found Van Damme was unhappy in the costume and found it hard to move and they eventually sacked him and he went onto to make Bloodsport which is a great film, sorry I'm a Van Damme fan. I managed to find some pics of Van Damme and the original look of the Predator.

They eventually found the perfect guy to play the predator who had preformed in costumes all his career Kevin Peter Hall who played Harry and the Henderson's as well. He was a gentle giant and knew how to move perfectly in the new costume. The new costume and look would be iconic with the dreadlocks who James Cameron apparently came up with. The new alien look also had a mask which covers his hideous face underneath maybe to help him breath since there was steam coming out when he removed it and the weapons he hunted with.
Among those weapons were wrist blades, the Shoulder Cannon and a cloaking devise to make him blend in with any background. The most interesting thing is the Predators vision. His vision allows him to track his prey easier by seeing the heat of there bodies. You also see him using a Medi-Kit halfway through the film which is quite interesting for when he gets badly wounded. Just something else as well, the noises that the Predator made like the gurgling were done by Peter Cullen who voiced Optimus Prime in Transformers. I read this in a DVD magazine.

The film starts off brilliantly with the Predators spaceship flying by Earth and then a pod dispatches from the ship sending the Predator down into the Earth's atmosphere.

Then the film introduces the characters. Dutch played by Arnold leads a group of marines who have been sent into rescue a presidential cabinet minister kidnapped by guerrilla forces in Val Verde. Along with Arnold are some hard-nailed fighter including Jesse Ventura, Carl weathers, Sonny Landham,Bill Duke,Richard Chaves and Shane Black. The basic idea was the Predator was a hunter and he came to earth to hunt the most dangerous thing which was man.

Along the way they find a helicopter with Hoppers men who were skinned alive hung upside down. This was the first clue to the Predator and how he kills his victims. They eventually come to the guerrilla's base and take it out in style. One of the best action sequences your ever see and most memorable was Jesse Ventura Minigun.
They find a girl in the camp and the only female in the film Anna played Elpidia Carrillo.

After they've taken out the guerrilla soldiers the survival of the fittest begins as the Predator takes them out one by one.They eventually relies that the predator is killing them off and that he uses the trees so they make a stand to try and kill it.
This part shows the typical action films of the 80's as they build a trap for predator flexing their muscles. If you looked like Arnie back then who could blame him.

One thing that always stuck out in my mind when I watched it as a kid was Billy's death. The way he cut himself and stood up to the Predator it always seemed like a really dramatic scene and you knew he wasn't going to survive. I also used to wonder how he actually died as well since you don't see it.

The film is full of memorable lines and Arnie would say one of them next telling Anna "get to the chopper". This was a brilliant film for Arnie and his catchphrases and for the other actors not forgetting "stick around" my favourite. the memorable line would appear near the end of the film when Dutch must square off against the Predator using mud to camouflage himself so the Predator cannot see him.
Eventually Dutch gets stuck between the Predators wrist blades and held up against a rock with one hand. This is when your thinking hell the hell is Arnie gonna get out of this one. The Predator removes his helmet and you see his face for the first time in the film and Arnies greatest line "your one ugly motherfucker". But the Predator doesn't use weapons on him he wants to do it the old fashioned way fist to fist, just a question of who has the harder punch. Dutch uses a stick to hit the Predator but finds it has no effect and gets hit half way across the screen.
The only way Dutch can kill the Predator is not with strength but brains and crawls back to the trap. The Predator being clever doesn't fall for it but Arnie kicks the stub holding the trap with the trunk crashing onto the Predator defeating him once and for all. The Predator realising its defeat uses his self destruct as Dutch legs it to safety.

Predator is a classic film for its brilliant action, intense scenes an the fact that the predator is so original which the audience has never seen before. All the actors gave great performances to make this one of the greatest action films of the 80's.

Now to the sequel made in 1900 directed by Stephen Hopkins. I remember being disappointed with this film as a kid because Arnold wasn't in it but now I appreciate the film much more. Instead of the jungle the Predators has come to the city of L.A to hunt. Its in a time when violence is really bad with gangs and there's a really bad heat wave.
The film had a pretty decent cast including Danny Glover and Bill Paxton, Rubén Blades and Maria Conchita Alonso . I think Danny Glover did a good job replacing Arnold he didn't try to play him too macho and if you want you could look at Predator 2 as being another Lethal Weapon film since it was a about detectives just with the Predator in there.
Kevin Peter Hall reprises his role as the Predator again and did a great job He uses some really cool new weapons in this film. There's smart disc which he uses towards the end and my favorite the net gun.

Peter keyes is played by Gary Busey is a federal is agent is after the Predator and his technology with the help of Garber played by Adam Baldwin. They mention about the survivors of the first film but not the names.

I find this film so enjoyable to watch now. In the first film you hardly got to see the Predator only towards the end which worked great for that film but in Predator 2 you saw allot more of him. This wasn't a problem since we learned more about him and his new weapons he brought along with him. He also uses a cool medi-kit in this film using blue liquid to resolve parts of a wall to heal his wounds. You also see an old lady which I found so funny and say to Danny Glover "I don't think he gives shit". I know some people thought that was to silly but I thought it was great humour.

One of the highlight of the film was seeing the Predator ship and the trophy cabinet where they keep all the skulls when Danny Glover has the last fight with the Predator. You get to see some wicked skulls in there and the most exciting one was the Alien skull which sets up for the AVP films. The interior was really unique to look at which gave you an idea of what their homeplanet looks like. Then you see all the other Praetors appear and their elder. The elder give Danny Glover 17th century gun which tells you how long they've been hunting on earth for.

Predator 2 is defiantly a great sequel and one of the most underrated films apart from Alien 3 which I find great as well now. Sadly after this film was made Kevin Peter Hall died. In 1990 he had started filming the television series of Harry and the Henderson's. In April of 1991 he succumbed to AIDS which he had contracted via a blood transfusion some years before.

If you have facebook there is fan pages for Predator, Predator 2 and a page for Kevin Peter Hall.


Predator 2

Kevin Peter Hall

I think when I was a kid I would have loved to have seen another Predator film but now I'm not bothered. I think mainly because Kevin peter Hall passed away and he is the only person to really bring the predator to life even though the guy from the AVP films did an ok job. Also I'm not really sure what else they could do with the Predator. I wouldn't want them to ruin the first two by making a crappy sequel like AVP R.
There were three scripts for Predator 3.

The first, written by Sam Park, is called Predator 3: The Deadlier of the Species and features Arnold Schwarzenegger's character, Dutch, in New York during a blizzard. A Predator comes to New York and tracks down Dutch to try and kill him.
The second script, written by Robert Rodriguez, is called Predators and is set on a 17th century ship where a Predator stalks the crewman who have to fight with inferior weaponry. The writer did speak about his script during an interview at the beginning of 2004 and said it was rejected because the budget would have been too big - about $150m. The third and final script is called The Zoo which brings back both Dutch from Predator and Harrigan from Predator 2 and they are captured and brought back to the Predator homeworld because they were the only two people to have ever killed a Predator.

I liked the 17th century ship one and the Predator homewolrd idea. Mainly because you would get see what it looks like and have Arnie and Danny Glover in the same film together but I think there a bit too old for that now.

When this film came out I really hated it my expectations were really high and I found so many annoying things about it. I disliked the cast the way the predators looked and the lack of violence. I watched AVP on film 4 again and I have to say its much more easier to watch than AVP R. Its better directed the actors aren't as annoying as the AVP R ones. It was quite cool that lance Hendrickson was in it and showed the creator or one of them as Bishop. He even does the pencil thing on his hand as little homage.
When ever its on Ill probably watch it and I just see it as bit fun. I can understand where James Cameron was coming from now its not as bad as I thought.

Obviously I still have a problem with the 12 rating and the Predators looking to fat and the fact the two predators got taken out to easily. I don't mind them dying but atleast put up more of a fight not as soon as you see them on the screen fighting they die straight away. So they could have handled all the fights better.
And I still cringed when Lex runs off with the predator to the nest and when they escape. I didn't mind the Predator giving her a weapon but once that was done he should have told her to go and get out or something. The alien queen was pretty cool and the end fight but it still could have been better.

I don't necessarily hate Paul W.S Anderson he's not an awful director he does have a nice visual style to his films. Its when he puts too many of his own ideas into his films which don't really work. I hate the Resident Evil film he made with a passion but George A. Romero should have made his script anyway which would have been more faithful to the game. But at the end the film sets up for a
sequel as a Pred-alien comes through the Predators chest.

From the trailers it looked wicked but the film turned out awful and the worst in the franchise by far. It had more gore and had the old style predator back but that wasn't enough to make this a memorable film. The cast was so annoying and the acting was again awful. I think the directors had some good ideas for this but weren't experienced enough to make it great.
The Predator had some wicked weapons in it.The battles between the predator and aliens seemed more enjoyable although allot of fans complained that he killed all the aliens too easily and maybe they had a point. All the Predator stuff was wicked and you got to see their Planet which looked impressive but apart form that it was crap.

Now everyone knows they put allot of gore in it but I'm sure I'm not the only one I found it too much especially with the pregnant ladies. It just seemed too grotecst at times. It just seemed a very cheap film as well with the cg blood and the fact it was like a Dawson's creek cast. I carnt really say there was any highlights of the film apart from the end credits when it finished. The Pred-alien looked a bit shit and the last fight was ok but where everything was so dark in the film you couldn't really see it clearly.

The directors had the right intension's but weren't experienced to tackle a film like this when there were so many expectations riding on it to deliver after the first film. They didn't know how to execute the film atoll. Ill never know why Fox hired them when they should have got a better and more experienced director.

Before I move onto AVP 3 I just wondered and allot of other fans why didn't they base these AVP films out in space where they belong in the first place. They were influenced from the AVP comics and the second AVP game on the pc Alien Vs Predator 2: Primal Hunt so why didn't they base the film on them or atleast some of it.
They would have made a far better film if they did, so it just makes you wonder.


Well I know people will never want to see another AVP film after AVP R and its understandable but there were rumours that allot of fans wanted David Twohy to direct the next one. Maybe as a reboot I'm not sure but he's made some good sc-fi films and for him to make an AVP out in space which they should have been based in the first place would be pretty good. Someone also set up a petition for him and there is a little fan vid for it on YouTube somewhere. There were some fan made AVP pics right at the beginning of the AVP films so maybe any director can get some inspiration from them that fans liked. I think they were for cards or something but they were good none the less and gave you an idea of what they could have been like if a film was set out in space somewhere.

Alien vs. Predator 3 - David Twohy for director petition Petition

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10 years, 9 months ago
Like the original, although some of the language is a bit too harsh for me. God bless.
    11 years, 5 months ago
    predator is a creature
      12 years, 5 months ago
      I think they should base AVP 3 of The video game AVP 2. That would be wicked sweet man!
        12 years, 6 months ago
        I myself and i think everyone else feel that preditor is a classic film very good movie' i never really seen the alien series but i hear its good as well' andi thought AVP was pretty good i enjoyed it. i was going to see AVPR but i heard it wasent to good so i didnt bother if they do decide to do a third installment they should get a new writer and director if not leave it be
          12 years, 6 months ago
          Need to do better. But I will still give you a thumbs since you did cover most of it
            12 years, 7 months ago
            Overall, I liked the subject matter, but sometimes, the grammatical errors made it difficult to read and at some points, the article seems all over the place (needs to be a little better organized). I'm not insulting it, I just thought I'd offer some constructive criticism for the future :)
              12 years, 10 months ago
              well well nice article dude. I hold predator very high on my all time greats list the sequel was good too even though they moved away from the military theme it still was sweet. I saw info about an abortive pred 3 tentatively titled the Pedator 3: The Invasion some time in the 90's but it was scrapped early in development. The alien series was sweet until the fourth installment which lost all scary as hell drama in favor for hammy lines and weak acting with a 3rd grader written plot. I had some seriously high hopes for AVP as I had read several decent comics along those lines and the AVP game for PS2 was badass! unfortunately they seriously dropped the ball and it just became wait for the pred/alien effects and foreget the actors or crappy story. AVP R was more of the same but with an even weaker script and budget. Hard to imagine when both Predator and Alien are fantastic flim icons you would think impossible to bungle. Best I can say for any AVP3 coming down the pipe would be I hope I am pleasantly surprised rather than equally dissappointed. I dont know anyone who wouldnt have liked to see both series go a different direction after the first films or two.
                12 years, 10 months ago
                i remember as a kid reading in an old storer cable guide(storer cable was my local cable company before switching to comcast)that arnold shwarzeneggers character dutch was supposed to be sgt.rock from dc comics. i never forgot it because as a kid in the 80s the only superhero we got in movies was superman so i was excited to see another comic book character in a movie. but of course we all know this didnt happen.
                  12 years, 11 months ago
                  Nobody liked AVP R. It was HORRIBLE!
                    12 years, 11 months ago
                    Nice article, you just need to polish up on your grammar, it's jam-packed with typos and lack of punctuation.
                      12 years, 11 months ago
                      They should have stuck with the original script for Alien vs Predator, The arcade which was taken from the original script was awesome, that would have been a good ass movie
                        12 years, 11 months ago
                        What was it about or how can you find it likangx?
                          12 years, 11 months ago
                          I reakon he would be good he's well known with a few good movies under his belt unlike the people that have been getting attatched to the AVP movies.
                            12 years, 11 months ago
                            Theres some rumour going around Robert Rodriguez has plans for a third one and it will feature multiple predators.
                              12 years, 11 months ago
                              I loved both Predator movies, but for different reasons. The first one was so cutting edge and compelling. Not seeing the Predator for so long made it suspenseful and all the more threatening. The second movie was awesome because it was so active. It wasn't all setting traps and skulking in the bush. Danny Glover actively hunted, both crminals and the Predator himself eventually, and if you pay attention to the opening action sequence, it's that hunter's spirit that makes him a target. AvP wasn't bad, but if anyone reading this gets a chance, read the books. They piss all over the movies.
                                12 years, 11 months ago
                                Interesting fact for you about the actor who played Billy (Sonny Landham).

                                During filming of the movie he often went out to bars and got really drunk and rowdy. Apparently he was a really good fighter, so the studio had to send bodyguards out with him to make sure he didn't get wasted and beat anybody up, because that would have interfered with filming.
                                  12 years, 11 months ago
                                  The alien skull in predator 2 was'nt a set up for the movies it was a set up for the comics since they came long before them.
                                    12 years, 11 months ago
                                    I know alterbeast I ddi go over it but not enough. Its really annoying I carnt edit it.
                                      12 years, 11 months ago
                                      Predator is a classic science fiction film almost as good as Aliens or Terminator 2. It is my favorite Arnold film, not T2 like everyone else. The first time I saw the film was back in 2001 and then I bought it on DVD in 2003. It was my first DVD. Anyway, Predator is a great film and Predator 2 and AVP aren't bad, but AVP: R blows dogs for quarters.
                                        12 years, 11 months ago
                                        Just thought you might want to know, the teacher who taught me perspective when I was in art school had worked on Predator 1 and Predator 2. He worked as an animator, and he animated the lightning that you'd see over the Predator's body whenever his cloaking device fails.
                                          12 years, 11 months ago
                                          I actually really enjoyed AvP. It borrowed a lot from the very good Dark Horse comics. Also their is a good reason why the 2 Predators died so quickly is because they were very young. That is the reason they had not yet gained their shoulder cannons. Also this was a good article and a fun read.
                                            12 years, 11 months ago
                                            Great article! I liked how you showed what it originally was supposed to look like and your attention to detail..
                                              12 years, 11 months ago
                                              BTW I also never liked AvP mainly coz the idea that the Aliens have been on earth the whole time before Ripley discoverd them, didn't sit too well with me and AvP R was totally unwatchable.

                                              I got bored after 20 minutes and just walked out the theatre and nevered bothered to rent.
                                                12 years, 11 months ago
                                                Nice article, the first movie will always be my favourite and you're right about Predator 2 being underrated. I'll admit I never like the movie at first coz Arnie wasn't there but loved it after watching it again and now its part of my collection after watching it on TV some time back. Danny Glover was alright coz he didn't try to imitate Schwarzengger which is why his performance was also enjoyable.
                                                  12 years, 11 months ago
                                                  don't mean to nag, because i am certainly not a professional. but the mistakes took away a little from this article. great idea, good research, just need to proof a bit more next time. other than that, nice job.
                                                    12 years, 11 months ago
                                                    Thanks I just find it really interesting things they could have made back then but never got the chance. Im glad they stopped at 2 since Kevin Peter Hall passed away but finding out ideas for another film always interests me like I said.
                                                      12 years, 11 months ago
                                                      For some reason Predator 2 always resonated with me more, especially when the bodies are hanging in the warehouse and then the trophy room scene. dg, I always dig how you mention the unproduced screenplays in your articles, fascinating!
                                                        12 years, 11 months ago
                                                        yeah, the first suit looked like a Power Rangers villain!
                                                          12 years, 11 months ago
                                                          And by Manra ray i mean Black Manta.
                                                            12 years, 11 months ago
                                                            Ive loved predator 2 since i was a kid, but you know, i actually just watched the first predator for the first time yesterday. And i loved it! Its funny how on the box it makes it out to be just another shwartzanegger movie when really the true star was the predaor. By the way, thank God they scrapped the design for the first predator suit. It looks like Manta ray totally.
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