More 80's animated film faves

Yet more faves
September 06, 2010
More animated movies i grew up in the 80's and 90's as a kid and teenager.

Oliver and Company (1988): Fantastic underrated animated comedy from Disney that was one of the three movies in the 80's that brought Disney back to it's feet as Roger was first this second then Little Mermaid. I saw this when it came out in November of that year at 6 living in Omaha Nebraska at the time. I loved it and had some of the merchandise such as Mcdonald finger puppets, singing ornuments, PJs to all the way to a casette with book readalong. I saw it one more time after christmas day when my dad took me, my mom and dad still remember the Billy Joel song "Why should i worry". I was sad the next year it didn't came out on video but still remembered it good, when i was 13 turning 14 in it's theatrical re-issue i was excited and enjoyed it as much as i did when i was 6, it was about that time it came on video that year and i bought it the first day. 9 years ago i did replaced the tape with the special edition DVD and enjoy watching it every thanksgiven as an odd nostalgic tradition along with Land Before Time, fun movie.

Pinocchio and the Emperor of the Night (1987): Dark underrated Filmation/New World Pictures animated fantasy epic with the voices of James Earl Jones, Scott Grimes, Tom Bosley, Ed Asner, Don Knotts and Rickie Lee Jones as it's a sequel to the famed Collodi story and just as dark as Disney's version and the classic not-so-sweet book. I saw this movie when i was 5 years old the year it came out in December after christmas when i lived in St. Lois on one of my last 2 months to live there before moving in March to Omaha, what a terrifying experience this movie was at that age as it scared the bejesus out of me even with that horrifying scene where the title villain's henchman turns Pinocchio back into a puppet which made my stomch tickle, heart race and cling on my mom. Dark, trippy and fun movie that i enjoyed despite whenever i would rent this movie i would run away during upcoming certain parts like the scene i mentioned, it was a good thing i found a New World video copy of this movie when i was 17 and now have it on youtube for anyone who remembers it to enjoy. I wish Anchor Bay/Starz (Who owns New World Pictures stuff) or Shout can release this on DVD.

Nausicca: Valley of the Winds (a.k.a. Warriors of the Wind) (1984): I watched this movie when i was 5 years old during the year i watched "Wizards" and "Fire and Ice" with my big brothers, this was my fourth adult cartoon i watched at a young age that i rented. It was also my first experience with Hayao Miyzaki under the title "Warriors of the Wind" which was released in theaters in 1985 from New World Pictures in a heavily cut and butchered dubbed version, i owned it for years since i was 10 finding it in a bargain bin at K-Mart. Now it's finally released in the US uncut, remastered and better made in it's original version called "Nausicca Valley of the Winds" on DVD.

Project A-Ko (1986): Another anime fave i loved since i was 14 during the year i became an anime fanatic thanks to Akira and seeing Ghost in The Shell in one of the city's theaters. Hilarious and cool animated comedy adventure with hot schoolgirl babes like A-Ko and B-Ko which i had a crush on even during their nude scenes, i still love them. This movie predated both "Hancock" and "The Incredibles" in terms of superhero satires on film.

GI Joe The Movie (1987): While the new live-action movie is a guilty pleasure of mine, i'd say this is an excellent animated movie. It was suppose to be in theaters but due to complaints on Optimus Prime's death in Transformers the Movies by parents, Hasbro and Sunbow/Marvel animation decided to not kill Duke. Sgt. Slaughter was awesome as playing himself and i like how Burgess Merideth with Don Johnson provided voices, loved it since i was 5.

Lightyears (1988): Now this French surreal cult Sci-fi fantasy animated classic is everything anyone wants in foreign animation. I rented this movie when i was 12 at one of the local sci-fi movie sections in one of Rio Grande Town's video stores and WOW what a movie, i bought a copy from Wal-Mart's bargain bin right away. I wish Lionsgate would release this cult masterpiece on DVD as it's one of adult animation's best movies.

Twice Upon a Time (1983): I always enjoyed it since my mom taped it for me at age 4 on HBO and i bought another copy at age 15. This PG-rated underrated cut-out (South Park style) animated fantasy-comedy from producer George Lucas is outstanding, some of the language is harsh for kids but perfect for any age especially adults. Gotta love the voice of Peter Venkmen on Real Ghostbusters and Garfield himself Lorenzo Music, i wish Warner would release this on DVD even in a uncut version but for now it's on youtube in it's uncut version.

The Land Before Time (1988): Another hit with me at age 6 seeing it in a theater the night it came out. I saw the amazing trailer for it when i saw Willow in a theater and looked great, it delivered. George Lucas and Steven Spielberg produced Don Bluth's original animated fave which spawn a nonstop crapload of sequels, this is the true best one. I also had some Sears merchandise to this movie including PJs, Pizza Hut hand puppets and so much more including plastic PVC toys.

The Flight of Dragons (1982): Loved watching this on the Disney Channel at age 6, Rankin-Bass has made their greatest movie. A unique fantasy adventure in animation with the voices of James Earl Jones, Harry Morgan (MASH), and John Ritter.

The Last Unicorn (1982): A true cult classic in every sense of the word! i watched this at 3 and enjoyed it despite King Haggard scaring me with that creepy face, i love how this has a solid all-star cast including Christopher Lee. When the unicorn becomes a human chick, she is hot! gotta love Alan Arkin as Schmendrick. Jeff Bridges did a tremonous voice as Lir which he was in the same year as Tron.

An American Tail (1986):
What 80's kid can't forget this masterpiece? When i lived in St. Lois, it was november/december of that year where i saw this, Star Trek 4, Little Shop of Horrors and Lady and The Tramp re-issue. I saw it twice in 2 different theaters

Robot Carnival (1987): Another fantastic anime movie that was shown on TBS in the early 90's at age 11 as watching it with Heavy Metal, Rock and Rule, Vampire Hunter D, American Pop, Hey Good Looking and others made me hooked into adult animation. This movie is a great cult anime fave with fantastic stories, 2 done by the creator of Akira known as Katsuhiro Otomo. It's on youtube but i wish Ryoko DVD who just re-issued Fist of the North Star would re-issue this classic.

Animalympics (1980): My parents taped it for me when it was on HBO in the mid 80's as a 3 year old, this is a funny and stylish comedy feature anthropomorphic animal beings playing olympics. Billy Crystal, Gilda Ratner and Harry Sherer provided voices, Kit Mambo was a babe for a lion chick, Dean Wilson was too cool for words and this movie has a great sense of humor. I wish Warner or Blue Underground would just release this on DVD.

He-Man and She-Ra: Secret of the Sword (1985): Fantastic big screen animated adventure which is sort of a big screen pilot for the He-Man spin-off "She-Ra" as it introduces She-Ra and her origin but mainly He-Man was the star with her as the sidekick. Hordak is probably the most badass MOTU galaxy villain besides Horde-Prime and Skeletor, loved it at age 4. One of Filmation's best movies. Adora was my first animated crush!

The Brave Little Toaster (1987): Saw this when it came out on the Disney Channel at age 5, great original story that is probably the basis for the Toy Story saga. It did scared me with that demented clown nightmare though.

Little Nemo Adventures in Slumberland (1989): When i was 8 i had the video game for christmas for my NES, this Japanese/American animated movie didn't come out until August 1992 when i was 10 years old, i thought the movie was based on the game, i rented it and enjoyed it. Such a terrific and well animated movie from the producers/animators of "Akira" with Mickey Rooney as Flip the clown. I didn't learn until the game was made at the same time in Japan in 1989 which means this was made before the game.

The Professional Golgo 13 (1983): NOW this what i call a KICK-ASS animated action thriller from Japan. During my anime obsession at 14, i rented this from one of Albuquerque's stores and what a splendid movie. I went to the mall right away and bought a copy on VHS with some paper route money, it's a sexy action packed, violent and stylish cult favorite with terrific animation, prehistoric CGI in one memorable part and a great soundtrack that captures moods. Before there was Jason Bourne, there was Golgo 13!

Urotsukidoji Legend of the Overfiend (1987): Perhaps the most shocking movie i saw at age 14 when i rented this movie! It earned it's NC-17 for a good reason and it's anime's answer to "Fritz The Cat" when that got an X-rating. This is the movie that started the whole hentai subgenre in the US and became a controversial movie around the world, the story is complex but good including the character designs. It's got shocking material that goes for the jugular such as rape, mutilation, eyeball and face mutlation, sex, and that sort of thing. HP Lovecraft does Penthouse and Fritz The Cat here folks, this is a mind warping experience.

Peter No-Tail (1983): Superb Swedish import that i loved since i was 5 years old watching it on the Disney Channel. I'm glad Youtube has it and it holds up well, it offers a quality storyline with bizarre artwork.

Time Masters (1982): Cult French Sci-fi fantasy adventure from Rene Lenox who did the masterful "Fantastic Planet" and "Lightyears", i find this movie on video when i was 16 in the anime section. Not anime but it's a great French import that i always enjoyed watching as Jean Luc Moebius of "Heavy Metal" magazine fame did the art for this feature, it's sort of an early "Avatar" in terms of design, story and anything.

All Dogs Go To Heaven (1989): The 80's went out with a bang on this and Little Mermaid! watching this in december of that year at 7 was a pleasure, i got teary near the end. Such a sweet and enjoyable underrated animated treasure.

Honorable mentions on other great 80s animated movies: The Chipmunk Adventure, The Black Cauldron, and The Adventures of Mark Twain.

So there you have it folks my favorite animated movies of the 80's and sharing my memories.
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