Favorite 80's animated movies

80's animated movies!
September 06, 2010
Growing up in the 80's and 90's was wonderful, born in 1982 was great as well for i remembered these movies growing up as a kid and teenager in the 80's and 90's with some of my memories.

1. Akira (1988): Hands down the best animated movie of the 80's! This remarkable masterpiece of animation re-established Japanimation to everyone since it debuted in Japan back in 1988 becoming one of the most successful and beloved animated movies ever aruond the world. I remembered back in early March of 96, i was 13 turning 14 that year after reading an article on anime being an animation for the future in the US besides CGI as it stated stuff like Akira, Ghost in The Shell, Ninja Scroll and many more, i decided to rent this movie at one of Rio Grande town/Albuquerque's video stores. I loved it! such an ingenious complex storyline, excellent characterizations and loads of bloody action with fantastic animation makes this a winner in my books as well as my favorite animated movie since 14.

2. Grave of the Fireflies (1988): Powerful and absorbing experience of a movie you have to see for yourself. I was 15 after hearing so much about this movie being an anime junkie and this made me cry and think about WWII. Brilliant animation from Ghibli and effects you after seeing it.

3. Transformers The Movie (1986): Ah yes the immortal 80's animated cult classic. This movie is best known for killing Optimus Prime and other characters yet still remained some other characters along with new ones like Ultra Magnus and the badass Unicron. Great animation by Toei, a great soundtrack by Vince Dicola and more, action and adventure makes this a grand adventure in adult animation. I really enjoyed the live-action movies but this is still the best.

4. Heavy Metal (1981): Rockin' and rolling Sci-fi horror fantasy animated anthology based on the popular adult comic books. Featuring the voices of John Candy, Harold Ramis, Eugene Levy, Roger Squidward Bumpass and more. Awesome soundtrack, hot animated babes like Taarna completely nude with pubes included, gore, action and fun from start to finish. I adored this movie since i saw it on TBS back in 93 at 11 after looking at what Sci-fi, horror or fantasy movie will play on friday and saturday night it stated animated Sci-fi fantasy and BINGO. This with Vampire Hunter D, Robot Carnival, Hey Good Looking, American Pop and Rock and Rule were awesome on those nights, i bought this movie when i was 14 when it FINALLY hit legal video and loved seeing it uncut & uncensored as now i own it on DVD.

5. My Neighbor Totoro (1988): A magicial piece of animated filmmaking for everyone! i saw this on HBO when i was 12 after hearing great things about this even from critics, this was originally released in 93 in theaters by Troma entertainment home of the Toxic Avenger and now owned by Disney. This was pure pleasure to watch and fun for everyone.

6. Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1988): A classic movie of animation and live-action. I saw this 2 times in theaters after my 6th birthday when i lived in Omaha Nebraska as i was living there since early 88 until 91 when my family moved to Rio Grande Town/Albuquerque. What can i say? one of the few things that brought Disney back from darkness was this, Oliver and Company and Little Mermaid. Jessica Rabbit is the stuff every boner is made from especially when she's not bad but drawn that way, what boy didn't fall for that hot broad?

7. Pink Floyd The Wall (1982): Harrowing and unique live-action and animated musical drama about madness. This one is animated too but done brilliantly by legendary artist Gerald Scarface. I rented this when i was 13 because i was already a PF fan since 12 but WHAT A MOVIE this was.

8. Starchaser: The Legend of Orin (1985): Loved this since i was 4 years old renting it on video when i lived in St. Louis watching it with my big brothers. One of my first adult animated movies along with Transformers The Movie, awesome and underrated animated Sci-fi epic that was modeled after Star Wars and those Flash Gordon serials with a bit of Heavy Metal thrown in. Filmation did a great job with this movie on proving they don't always do stock animation but expensive looking animation with the help of a Korean company. This movie was in 3D back in 1985 when it came out in theaters! If you like movies like Avatar, Star Wars, Heavy Metal and more then see this.

9. The Secret of NIMH (1982): One of my childhood faves! This great animated fantasy epic is just what the doctor orders. Moving, dark and unique as it's one of the best animated movies of all time since i was 3 years old.

10. Vampire Hunter D (1985): The thing that got me into anime before Akira reestablished me into anime! i saw this classic 80's Sci-fi horror fantasy animated epic on TBS back when i was 11 along with Heavy Metal, Rock and Rule and others including Robot Carnival. This movie was an inspiration to the Blade movies and possibly the Buffy show, i loved seeing this uncut and uncensored when i was 13 seeing the ever hot Doris nude as well as more gore as i still love this movie. The sequel is even better!

11. Fist of the North Star (1986): Seeing this at age 14 was pure gold and one of my favorite animated movies ever. This Japanese animated Sci-fi martial arts epic is over-the-top in the gore, exploding heads and bone-cruching brutal action department as Toyoo Ashida who directed the original Vampire Hunter D brought satisfactory to me.

12. The Fox and The Hound (1981): I saw the 1988 re-issue when i was 6 years and saw it again on video at age 11 turning 12, such a sad and moving animated movie from Disney plus i love that Kurt Russell plays a voice as well as Mickey Rooney and the grandpa from Willy Wonka.

13. American Pop (1981): One of my faves since i was 15 when it finally came to video. I did watched this when i was 11 on TBS during the year i saw Heavy Metal, Vampire Hunter D, Robot Carnival and other adult animations. Ralph Bakshi made a thoughtful, psychedlic and mature animated drama with an amazing soundtrack and great entertainment.

14. Fire and Ice (1983): I watched this movie when i was 5 years old in 87 with my two big brothers who rented this. I rewatched it at age 12 when i bought the movie, loved it! such a thrilling and great adult animated fantasy in the Heavy Metal vein from Ralph Bakshi as i became a Bakshi fanatic. Teegra is one smokin' hot toon that i adored since 12, Darkwolf is just too badass for words.

15. Wicked City (1987): Violent and erotic mix of HP Lovecraft horror, Science Fiction, action, fantasy and noir from Yoshiatka Kawajari (NInja Scroll, Animatrix, Vampire Hunter D Bloodlust and Neo-Tokyo). Another fave of mine when i was 14 that i still think is awesome, this one plays like an early animated version of The X-Files and hellboy but with gore and sex thrown into it and paved way for Urotsukidoji and others.

16. Rock and Rule (1983): Another great fave of mine since i was 11 when Heavy Metal, Vampire Hunter D and others aired on TBS. I taped it off an MGM tape from one of the local video stores in albuquerque and loved it since, thank god it came on DVD even with extras and the workprint version cut. Nelvana who made the Care Bears, Beetlejuice the series and all that did their biggest thing. Susan Roman (Sailor Jupiter and Melissa Raccoon) provides the voice of the sexy mouse mutant Angel while Paul Lematt (Puppet Master) does Omar and Don Franckes (My Bloody Valentine 1981) plays the Bowie and Steve Tyler-esque villain in this Sci-fi animated fantasy rock adventure.

17. Hey Good Looking (1983): Yet another fave since i was 11 seeing it on TBS as i was hooked into adult animation. I taped off a uncensored copy of the movie on a VHS recorder and still have it on tape as well on DVD-R that i made. I hope Warner online puts this on DVD but for now it's on youtube.

18. Kiki's Delivery Service (1989): Another gem from Hayao Miyzaki! This blockbuster from Japan didn't come to the states until 1998 even though there has been fansubs through since then, Disney brought this to the US and became a staple for Miyazaki since. I did watched this when i was 16 and what a fantastic movie everyone was cheering about even the critics.

19. Castle in The Sky (1986): How does Hayao Miyzaki do it? simple, he's the ultimate Japanese animation filmmaker in the world. I saw this movie at age 16 in anime club in high school in a subtitled fansub video,

20. The Little Mermaid (1989): The movie that made Disney popular again! Ariel was every boy's wetdream come true to the big screen as was to me at age 7 seeing this in a theater. Who can't forget the songs, characters and all that?

21. The Great Mouse Detective (1986): Highly underrated but fantastic Disney animated movie from the same makers of Aladdin and Little Mermaid.

To be concluded.
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