My fave 90's animated flicks

My faves
September 13, 2010
Being 8 through 17 from beginning to end of that decade was great even for the animation fanatic like myself.

Here are my faves:

Ghost in The Shell (1995): The single best animated movie of the 90's in my opinion! if you haven't seen this, your missing out on something special. This movie captured the world by storm when it came out in December of 1995 in countries like here in the US, the UK, Japan and other countries by suprise and became an international favorite. This cyberpunk thriller defined 90's anime and animation as it became a pop culture phenomenon that influenced everything from The Matrix to Avatar (Some parts) to even Surrogates, praised by numerous hollywood filmmakers like James Cameron, Steven Spielberg, Michael Bay, Ridley Scott and many more. I saw this in the theater in March in my city of Albuquerque at age 13 turning 14 with my uncle, i loved it. It also makes you think and stuns you with it's brilliant animation and storytelling including philosophy.

Princess Mononoke (1997): Hayao Miyazaki's best movie of the 90's and this movie is proof he is Japanimation's answer to Steven Spielberg. Watching this during it's 99 release at 17 was a pleasure in one of the local theaters, it's a movie of art, pure beauty and imagination. See it!

Toy Story 1 & 2 (1995 and 1999): The original movie created the CGI animated movie genre we see today! it's an important landmark movie that reeled in audiences and critics alike, loved it since i was 13 seeing it about 4 times in a theater. The sequel however surpasses it like Godfather 2, Terminator 2, Aliens, Dawn of the Dead, Evil Dead 2 and other great sequels.

Aladdin (1992): Best Disney movie of the 90's! the most fun, bright, bouncy and imaginative of the Disney renaissance pictures. Great pop culture references and humor thanks to the Genie by Robin Williams, of course the songs are brilliant and Jasmine is just the hottest disney honey ever! i loved this since i was 10 seeing it three times in theaters.

The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993): WHAT A MOVIE! I loved it since i saw it before Halloween at age 11 about 3 times, such a magicial and dark animated movie for adults and kids. It's a damn shame that gothics in the late 90's to emos in 2002 till 2006 whored this movie at Hot-Topic which nearly crippled this movie but it's all dead now as the merchandise now belongs to Disneyland/Disneyworld parks. The songs are just damned

Batman Mask of the Phantasm (1993): Best Batman movie of the 90's! The live-action movies by Schumacher that followed this were stinkers but this was a breath of fresh-air. It came out a year after Batman Returns premiered, this is a perfect spin-off on the big screen as it's Batman's first animated adventure that premiered before Christmas but did bad business at the box-office because it wasn't live-action Batman. I saw this here in one of Albuquerque's theaters and it was a treat!this really takes Batman on a new level just like Burton and Nolan's movies did but more on the comics kind of thing. Andrea Beaumont was sooooo hot and Mark Hamil proved he was the best Joker around, Kevin Conroy does better than any Batman on film. I love how it's rated PG which was rare at the time since 93 was the year i became a fan of adult cartoon movies.

Perfect Blue (1997): Scary as hell, violent and thrilling psychological horror thriller animated movie from Japanese animator Satoshi Kan (RIP) who made a masterpiece of a movie here. It's like Dario Argento, Alfred Hitchcock and Michael Mann all in one acid trip of a movie that pulls you in it's world, puzzles you and thrills you. I saw this during it's theatrical release by Manga pictures here in Albuquerque at 17 turning 18 and it was Fking awesome.

Ninja Scroll (1993): NOW YOUR TALKING! Saw this at age 15 when i bought it from one of the mall's mainly Cottenwood mall and loved it. Such a brilliant cult fave that mixes Japanese folklore, fantasy, adventure, sex, gore and thrills in one amazing mix from Yoshiakta Kawajarri who gave us Wicked City and later Vampire Hunter D Bloodlust (His masterpiece). Quentin Tarantino seems to be a fan of this movie as it influenced Kill Bill, it's gory and sexually explicit but has good charcterization and storyline plus stunning animation.

Roujin-Z (1991): A total surprise of a movie! after watching Roger Ebert picking this movie back in 96 as his video pick of the week, i thought i would rent it from Blockbusters and it stated from the makers of Akira. The year i was a total anime geek was truly rewarding, this one predates the pixar movie "UP" in terms of an adventure movie of an old man who wants to be out and feel like being young again. It's a crazy animated movie that was written by Katsuhiro Otomo of Akira fame and earns a PG-13 rating for good reason.

The Iron Giant (1999): An amazing and sadly underrated animated masterpiece of originality and ideas from Brad Bird (The Simpsons, Ratatoullie and Incredibles). This 2D animated spectacle bombed at the box-office but i was lucky to see it in theaters twice, such a kickass PG-rated animated adventure that is sad and unique.

Beauty and The Beast (1991): The worlds's only animated movie to be nominated for best picture until Silence of the Lambs won over it, SOTL is excellent but this could have won or Terminator 2, oh well. Saw this during a field trip to the movies at 9 before school went out for the christmas season, boy did this movie delivered or what? great songs, fantastic animation, emotion and darkness abound. I loved it! Beast was awesome and Belle was a beauty in ink, gotta love it.

A Goofy Movie (1995): Perhaps the most underrated Disney movie of the 90's! this spin-off to Goof Troop proved it could be a box-office hit for Movietoons unlike Ducktales The Movie (Which was great BTW). This one is a memorable and fun movie that teaches values of son and fathers alike, it also appeals to teenagers, kids and adults. I was 13 turning 14 when it came out, i loved it! it spoke to us preteens and teens at the time, Roxanne was a knock-out for me at that age including invading a few dreams just like Max in this movie, i still like her.

Porco Russo (1992): Hayao Miyazaki delivers another masterpiece of animation from Japan! I saw this movie when i was 16 in anime club in high school as i borrowed a fansub from the teacher and owner, i made a taped copy from another VHS for myself. I was glad in 2005 it finally came to DVD in the USA with Michael Keaton as the title character's voice.

South Park Bigger Longer and Uncut (1999): Being a SP fan since 15, i had my mom to see it with me at 17 in a theater at the one by Winrock Mall (One of the three major malls here in the city), i loved it but my mom thought it was the most vulger thing she ever saw. A giant uncensored episode that satirizes censorship and freedom of speech, great songs and makes you feel good inside.

Beavis and Butt-Head Do America (1996): Being a B&B fan since 11, i saw the teaser in theaters as i remembered at age 14 in the summer of that year and WOW it looked great as it was a dream come true for B&B to be a movie. I saw it before Christmas and loved it as it put a smile on my face, i even saw it 2 more times. Featuring Bruce Willis and Demi Moore (Who was in Hunchback of Notre Dame the same yar) with Robert Stack, John Letterman and David Spade as voices and a great soundtrack, this is a pure entertaining ride of a comedy.

The Lion King (1994): The highest grossing animated movie of all time! Taken influence from Japan's Kimba, this is like an Americanized version for American audiences and bits of Hamlet thrown in. Elton John and Tim Rice provide the soundtrack as well as Hans Zimmer, it's pure memorable stuff.

Mulan (1998): A solid surprise of a movie! saw this in theaters when i visited Las Vegas ( I go to Vegas every year to see relatives once in a while) in late june after my 16th birthday at the theater inside Sunset Station Casino/Hotel's movie theater being an animation fan. It turned out to be a great flick as Eddie Murphy was hilarious as the Dragon, the villain was great and the music score by

The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1996): Seeing this after my 14th birthday was fantastic, it's such a dark and depressing yet underrated animated winner of a Disney movie. I like how it doesn't be afraid to be dark despite being G, Esmerelda was bonervision thanks to her looks and voice of Demi Moore and the songs were exceptionally good.

The Rescuers Down Under (1990): The best Disney sequel ever made! i think it surpasses the original movie in every way. Seeing this at 8 in Thanksgiven of that year was a pleasure, i like how it has more solid animation this time with a creative storyline and John Candy steals the show.

The Prince of Egypt (1998): Dreamworks's first 2D animated movie! this is a nice animated recreation of The Ten Commandments with a great cast especially Val Kilmer, brilliant animation and a fantastic score.

Antz (1998): One of the 2 biggest bug movies of 98 and Dreamworks's first CGI animated movie, it's a clever and intelligent adult animated

Ducktales The Movie (1990): Highly underrated semi-series finale even though the series ended in 1991. I gotta say it nearly went out with a bang on this one, despite the whole genie thing used in an earlier episode, this one is well animated and shows a cool villain played by Christopher Lloyd. The Genie is just as hilarious as the one in Aladdin. Saw this in a theater in August of that year and loved it.

A Bug's Life (1998): Another winner by Pixar and their most underrated movie! Drawing inspiration from legendary filmmaker Akira Kurasowa, this animated CGI adventure seeing it in the theaters 3 times was fantastic. It has a good cast like Kevin Spacey as Hopper and was the last movie for Roddy Mcdowell before he died, funny and touching.

Balto (1995): Underrated animated gem that i didn't see in theaters but watched on video at 13 turning 14, i was pleasantly surprised. Kevin Beacon does a good voice of the title character, Spielberg does producing and i love the stylish animation.

An American Tail Fievel Goes West (1991): Underrated follow-up to the Don Bluth masterpiece, this Spielberg produced sequel offers a good dose of lighthearted comedy and western themes similar to Mel Brooks's Blazing Saddles. I saw this at age 9 after christmas because i was excited for a sequel to American tail, i saw it twice like the original and loved it! funny stuff and gotta love James Stewart's last performance.

Armitage III Poly Matrix (1997): Terrific rental this was as a 16 year old, although meant to cash-in on the success of Ghost in The Shell it turns out to be different. It's very much like Blade Runner than it's ancestors GITS and Akira, here the film provided by voices by Elizabeth Berkley (Who recovered from Showgirls) and Keither Sutherland (Always terrific actor) as it tells a good storyline about cyborg babes, crime in the future and great animation. It was my first time seeing pubic hair in anime as i thought they were forbidden to draw pubic hair in anime especially hentai but i guess that passed in 97.

Ranma 1/2 movies 1 & 2 (1991 and 1992): Watching these at 16 was terrific, i became a Ranma 1/2 fan after seeing these. Beautiful women (Except for female Ranma who may look hot but actually a guy when drentched in hot water) like Shampoo (My biggest anime crush at the time), comedy, that hilarious old pervert and more. These movies and the show are pure comedy genius.

Honorable mentions: Pocahontas, Tenchi movie trilogy, Jetsons The Movie (WOuld have been perfect if Tiffany was doing the songs and not the voice of Judy Jetson because Janet Waldo IS Judy), Hercules, Cats Don't Dance, Gargoyles The Movie, Tarzan and The Halloween Tree.
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