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My favorite horror flicks
October 29, 2009
Your probably wondering what the title is all about. In England on BBC 1 they had an English guy dressed up in make up introducing Hammer (and similar vintage) horror films during the mid 90's. It was quite good because I got to tape some of my fav horror films since I was a big horror fan as a kid. If I missed any out I probably haven't seen it yet.

Hammer horror

Ill start off with some hammer horror films. Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee were well known for making hammer horror. They made quite a few films together as well. I did like the Christopher Lee Dracula films but these were my favorite's.

The first comedy/horror on the list. I actually like this film more than the series they brought out. It has some really good actors in this as well. I carnt believe the series got more success than this film though. When shes training to become a vampire killer it looked quite good. Just a kick ass flick.

Monster squad features all the horror icons and a classic kids monster film which is really popular. I never really watched this when I was a kid but saw it again about a year ago and surprised how good it was. Not as good as the Goonies or Explorers but it had an old fashioned style of storytelling which I really liked.

This a really low budget horror flick. I just put this on the list since it was a film I saw a kid and forgotten about. I haven't seen it in a while but it does look quite weird.

I remember this being a decent horror film back in the day. All I can remember is the stepfather killing loads of people that pissed him off which happened allot Also the kid that was in It was in the second film was in It as well.

This is a good low budget film. When an alligator gets flushed down a toilet and goes into the sewers he grows huge and wants his revenge and the eating begins. It stars the guy from Jackie Brown Robert Forster who's a cop investigating the murders or remains of the victims from the Alligator. There's plenty of great gore and a fun little flick.

This was a pretty cool horror film with different tales. Each one was quite good and scary.

A sea monster on the ship is killing everyone which was the plot. It wasn't too bad though just your typical monster film.

This was a fun sc-fi horror with Jamie Lee Curtis returning to her roots and Donald Sutherland who I found quite funny in this. It isn't bad but not great either.

This had some scary moments in this. If I remember a little boy gets killed by the mimic thing. One of the better horror films during the 90's.

Tremor is a great film. Kevin Bacon and Fred Ward were hilarious together. The monster great and menacing. The film was basically a jaws film but on the ground. Its another film that manged to get the scares as well as the laughs.

I really enjoyed the second and third Evil Dead films. I havent seen the the fist yet but I guess its quite similar to the second one. Evil Dead army of darkness would have to be my. Its got great slapstick humor from Bruce Campbell and a really good story. I wish they would make a fourth film and maybe base it on the fistful of boomstick game on the PS2 which i enjoyed allot.

John Carpenter

The master of low budget horror films that seemed to get remade allot these days. The Thing and Halloween were his most memorable horror films but I enjoyed all of them. I think In the Mouth of Madness was a really underrated horror film with some great monsters in it and a cool storyline.

George A. Romero

The god father of zombie films. My favorite film that he did is Dawn of the Dead and Creepshow. Day of the dead was a good film and better than the remake but it could have been better. Land of the dead was how day of the dead was going to be like but he didn't have the budget at the time. George and Stephen King teamed up to make the brilliant fun horror film Creepshow.

This is one of my favorite zombie films. I watched it when I was younger and found it a bit boring but when I watched it again I appreciated it much more and saw how good it really is. The story follows the original one but with slight alterations. Barbra (Tallman) originally a screaming female horror stereotype is stronger in this version and the only surviving person of the farm house. The film was made by the same team as the original with the exception that directing were handled by famed special make-up effects artist Tom Savini. I think Savini did an amazing job with this and I personally feel its better than the original although that version will always be a classic. I thought Tony Todd was great in this as well and the other actors did quite well although some of it was a bit cheesy. The look of it was great and the zombies looked realistic and scary. I think its a great remake and quite underrated.

Not as good as the first film but that's only because it had less stories. If it had more than maybe it would have been as good. I loved the parts when it flicked back to the animation and then back to the stories. Not sure which story is my fav maybe the first one but enjoyed them all. I think this film works like the first film since George A. Romero and Stephen King were involved with it but the third film was really bad. I haven't seen it and I don't want to.

Stephen King

Stephen King is a legend when it comes to writing horror stories and there's been some really scary films based off his books.

I think the first two Freddy are the best. I loev the effects in them as well and scenes of the steal works where he takes his victims to. I watched this when I was kid and found it really scary. I think it holds up really well and has some really memorable killings in it especially when Johnny Depp's character gets sucked into the bed and blood flies out. Robert Englund plays Freddy brilliantly and Wes Cravens masterpiece in my opinion.

I remembered the demons looking really scary as a kid. Its about Demons that come from every where and once they bite you your face would start messing up and you would turn into the evil demons. The first film started when people went to a cinema and this lady put on a mask and then she had a scratch on her face and became a demon. The second film was creepy when the demon came towards the TV screen to kill the girl and make her a demon. They were both quite decent horror flicks for there time and I never realised they were Italian and written by the legend of horror films out there Dario Argento.

These were just silly films really. I think I saw bits of the first film but I watched most of the second film and found it fun.

I thought it was a decent little horror flick until they introduced the monster and every thing went over the top. It was basically an Alien film under water. The look of the film was quite well done in my opinion but just went down hill when the creature came on screen. I actually remember another film similar to this as well. I did remember a giant shark at the end not sure if that was in the other film.

Peter Hyams directs his horror film which I quite liked. The creature looked scary and the story was quite good as well. I think this was based off a book but didn't follow it so closely or they changed the look of the monster or something. I still enjoyed anyway.

Vamp is a classic little Vampire flick. I bought this a while ago and still enjoyed it. Grace Jones does a pretty good job as the head vampire and it has the humor and laughs throughout. Its basically Dusk till dawn but a low budget version but I have to say I enjoyed it more.

I was really excited when I first watched this film to see what all the fuss was about. Strangely though having a gory title name it hasn't actual got that much blood and guts in it. Its quite a strange and weird film directed by Toby Hooper. I think he was trying to make a more physiological film tapping into fears rather than shocking you with blood and guts. There's plenty of strange moments in the film such as there old grandpa who looks about 200 hundred years old and still alive that they try and feed the girl to. I think this was based on a true story but leather face was made up or something.

This was a brilliant landmark horror from Richard Donner and won an award I think. Its got quite few shocking moment with the first one being the nanny hanging herself for Damien. I thought the film had a really eerie story with Damien being born from a dog which I though was quite freaky. Just a really well told horror film. I thought he second film was a bit disappointing but the third film with Sam Neill as Damien really gets back on track and quite scary. At least it shows good triumphing over evil which gives a more satisfying ending.

Its a low budget sequel and from what I found out its based on a short story written by H.P. Lovecraft. When I was a kid the creature in it really freaked me out. The only real decent actor which I was surprised starred in it was John Rhys-Davies who's starred in the Indian Jones films and the brilliant TV series Sliders. I carnt remember too much apart from this demon thing been awaken and on the hunt for more victims which was trapped in some underground layer. I never saw the first film and I haven't managed to watch this one again although I would like to.

Body parts has the most eeriest opening music and plenty of gory moments. Jeff fayey is brilliant in this loosing his arm and then being replaced with a killers.He then has flash backs of the killers murders which is pretty horrific.This film is really eerie with a surgeon obsessed with transplanting body parts onto unfortunate victims.They all suffer side effects and the killer himself comes after all of them to reclaim back his lims.Then Jeff Fayey is the last but has other plans and has stop the killer.

Another fun horror film. You don't really mind the victims dying becuase its all done in a funny way. There's some pretty cool effects and I'm surprised this didn't have a sequel unless they made one I didn't know about. Its a film I need to get.

The first poltergeist is brilliant directed by Toby Hooper again and done another great job with a really spooky supernatural film. The most scary moment was either the tree or the clowns toy.The second film was good and had a new character Taylor the Indian. There was a really chilling performance played by Julian Beck as the evil Reverend Henry Kane he was defently a scene to remember when he comes to the house preaching. The third film was scary but the weakest out of the trilogy.

There's been a few remakes since the original but this version is still the best even though the first one is still a classic. Its very creepy and dark and there's great performances from all actors and an early role for Jeff Ggoldblum. I think this was a clever film the way they put it all together and a great update on the original.

One of Stephen Dorff earliest film.The boy played by Stephen Dorff has a friend which opens the the gateway to hell releasing little creatures and zombies. There's some scary scenes in this film probably the zombie that takes the girl away the most. Over all Its quite a decent little horror film.

Clive Barker creations

Clive Barker created the really gory Hellraiser films. I liked all of them although the first two are the best. Candman was a really creepy film as well. I watched it recently and it still made me scared in placed.

I liked the first three Hellraiser films I thought they were all great.They defiantly don't make films like them today especially the gore that they had in them.I think for me my fav has to be Hellraiser 3 I think it finished the series off before they started really milking it because they've made a few more I think but Pinhead himself played by Doug Bradley who I don't think stared in any more after the third but he did a great portraying the chilling character.I thought the second one came with some new evil looking characters so it was pretty cool to see them on screen.

Out of leprechaun films this is the only one Ive seen. I thought was ok for a little bit of fun. Warwick Davis plays a menacing character since he always plays the good guys in films.

I just remember this recently. I remember it being quite gory when I saw it. Just another early 90's horror I had to stick in there.

Directed by William Friedkin that also did The Exorcist. A lady is hired as a nanny and she has evil plans for every baby she sits. After looking after them for a period of time she is able to kidnap the baby and take to an evil tree that eats the babies and traps them inside it. When she tries to do the same with the new couple they manage to find her secret and end up being stalked by her through out the film. I think its a good horror film although some of it is quite over the top.

Furry aliens who only want to cause trouble and eat meat. I watched this not long ago and I still find it fun to watch. The sequel was ok not as good as the original but better than the other ones they made.

Friday the 13th was the most memorable that started the franchise off then the mask killer Jason Vorhees takes over and begins his revenge against the kids of the camp for killing his mum. I think some of the sequels are ok but some are really bad. These are my favorite anyway. I think Kane Hodder was the best to play Jason and a shame he never managed to play him in Freddy vs Jason.

Again the first is a classic but the sequel I haven't yet seen although I heard its quite bad. The third film was really scary and made me jump quite allot. The ending was quite gruesome as well when he priest gets pinned to the ceiling.

The first film was the best and then the second one. Chucky is still menacing in the third outing but it didn't scare you as much as the first two. I thought it was good how they conducted the puppet of chucky around on his murderous rampage and of course the memorable voice of chucky by Brad Dourif. People might criticise these being bad but I think there allot better than the sequel's they made after this.

I used to watch this film over my friends allot since he liked it as well. I think its a really good horror film I always enjoyed the intro in how the wishmaster came to be. It a fun 90's horror flick and had a few sequels but I don't think any of them were as good as the original.

I think this is the coolest horror film ever made with loads of stars that have gone on to make great films. Joel Schemacer made a real classic and a popular film. Its a really stylish and sexy vampire film with a few really gory scenes.Theirs loads of humor with Corey Feldman as one of the frog brothers who I think were the stars of the film.Its a brilliant film and one which you watch allot. My favorite bit in it was the bike scene when they rip through the beaches right to the coastline. The film had a great music also.

This was a really good vampire film but your typical blood sucking one you would watch. Its more realistic or the first realistic one that was made. It reunites the Aliens crew Lance Henriksen Bill Paxton and Jenette Goldstein. The story was good and the kid who played the man trapped in a boys body made me laugh the way he portrayed him. A classic vampire flick.

Sam Neil stars in another great horror film seeing him investigate the disappearance of a spaceship which he created.They find the video recording of the last crew that have a real gory video with them eating each other going all crazy. By this point I'm hoping that they get the hell out of there and nuke the spaceship from a distance but know they investigate it more. As the film goes on they find that the ship has some how gone through a black whole into another dimension and brought back an evil. This has to be one the scariest films ever made in my opinion.

This isn't just a great horror film but one of my favorite films of all time.I've always loved Were Wolf films. This film showed a really great demonic wolf with the help of a brilliant make up artist Rick Baker. John Landis wanted it shot in bright light which was extremely hard at the time with special effects and Rick Baker did it and came up with a brilliant transformation of man to wolf. He even won an award for the effects in this film as well. There's great use of mixing horror and humor this film making it more very memorable. The ending was sad with David Naughton's character dying by the person who he loves Jenny Agutter.This film is great with jumps and scares through out. John Landis shot brilliant sites in London and made it a classic film which still holds up today.

The original is a classic but there was hardly any gore unlike this version.There were a few good actors in this version mainly Kevin Dillon its a pitty he's not on the big screen so much these days. The gore was the best part for me with victims dying in horrible ways. They made the Blob so much more monstrous and menacing which was more enjoyable. You find out in this version that the Blob wasn't an alien life form but an experiment gone wrong and landed in a small town. I think this film is very underrated and defiantly better than the original.

In my opinion Tales from the crypt finest work. Like the crypt keeper said we are going all Hollywood style for this one. It starred some big names with William Sadler the hero fighting the demons and Billy Zane the main demon villain who stole the show giving a great performance.The film isn't all serious and has some really funny scenes which will make you laugh loads. Its a really fun film to watch with some gory scenes.

Fright Night is probably the best vampire film made in my opinion Its 80's classic. There's great humor like Vamp and some quite scary moments. Chris Sarandon plays Jerry Dandridge the head vampire and is after his long lost love which looks actually like Amy Peterson and has to have her no matter what. Charley Brewster Amy's boyfriend and Peter Vincent played brilliantly by Roddy McDowall the famous vampire killer have other ideas and plan to stake him through the heart.This is another enjoyable film and an 80's horror that really stands out.

Another really scary film which I watched not too long ago. I heard all sorts of rumors that it was based on a true story and then it wasn't and they made most of it up but I know I wouldn't want to live in the house it happened to. Whether it really happened this was another great horror film.
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