Underrated Sc-fi flicks

Some of my favorite sc-fi films and underrated ones
November 05, 2009
I didn't want to put all the well known films in there like Blade Runner and The Terminator and other great sc-fi films becuase I'm sure other people have already reviewed them a dozen times. It's more for underrated films that don't get noticed as much.

I'm not sure if they made a sequel to APEX but I remember liking it allot as a kid. I thought it was a fun film with all the time travel and robots killing every one and the apocalyptic world. Obviously its low budget but I think it had some cult following.

When I was a kid these were the B movie films back then that I used to rent at the video shop. I think this film was during Oliver Grunner's heyday. He wasn't actually a big action star but he made these low budget films and I guess some of them were ok for certain fans. I think this was probably his best film and when ever I read up about this film it gets fairly good reviews. I haven't seen it in a while though so I'll have to check it out again soon.

I really enjoyed this film as a kid becuase I've always liked robot battles and this film did it quite well. The beginning was really good seeing all the robots broken down and you see the main villain kill one of the contenders in his robot. I think they should remake this film becuase the special effects could make the robot battles allot better now.

Ive always liked the Lawnmower Man probably for the effects it had back when it was released. The effects were really big at the time and the early CG. I heard it was based off Stephen King's short story but it didn't follow it as much. This isn't really a big deal to me becuase I enjoy the film anyway. I think Jeff Fahey made a good performance from being retarded to becoming super clever and Pierce Brosnan was good in it also although he went onto to make bigger films. I'm not saying this film should get great reviews but its certainly better than the sequel.

I caught a glimpse of this on the sc-fi channel and remembered it again. A lady goes into some virtual world where its all apocalyptic with strange deformed people. The bit I remember the most is when this girl goes into the grinding machine where she gets chopped up which is near the end which I thought was pretty disgusting. It was great to see Bruce Campbell in this which I couldn't remember. I didn't manage to watch the whole film but hopefully are order it because its a cool little sc-fi flick.

I know allot of fans from the first film hated the sequel which is understandable but I still like it. Atleast for all the sc-fi stuff like on the other planet and the two enemies Christopher Lambert has to fight. I think the problem this film had is it had nothing to do with the first film apart from having Sean Connery in it again. Nowhere near as good as the first film but I think its better than all the sequels.

I think this is a pretty cool sc-fi flick. It stars Bill Paxton with his usual character full of energy in this apocalyptic world where there's a strong slipstream which devastated the world and everyone has different flying aircrafts. A very clever robot played by Bob Pec is being hunted down by Mark Hamill. Although its not brilliant I still say give it a watch. Maybe the stories a bit weak or they needed a bit more action but it did keep me watching.

A film I found again not long ago. I could only remember the bit when the boy goes down into that strange underground bunker world where they had powdered faces and the robot guy who killed those boys.
When I saw it again I really enjoyed it and understood the story more. Its a strange film with a wacky humor but it also has its serious parts.

Before I found this film again all I could remember was the story with the kid and when they go upstairs and see the lady sitting at the TV with no mouth. It was a bit disturbing watching that bit as a kid. I liked all the stories and found them all quite fun. It was good to see Dan Aykroyd in there at the start and end. The first story was quite harsh but the guy learns a strong lesson in how not to be in the moral of the story. The most memorable story is the last one. It was quite a freaky story because know one believed the man. The music was funny when the monster slaps him on the face. I thought it was a good film with some cool little stories but the only one I didn't like so much was the second one which seemed a bit childish compered to the others. Its quite weird that all those great directors including Steven Spielberg worked on it. Something you don't really see any more.

Another film which the fans of Godzilla disliked allot. I find the film really entertaining and Roland Emmerich made some other great blockbusters. I think it was the way the Godzilla looked that allot of fans had a problem with. I didn't mind any of the humor and the the Godzilla stuff was great. I'm quite fussy when it comes to films but some I don't have a problem with like this. I supposed depends on everyone's opinion and whether you a big fan of the character that your pick at things.

One of Christopher Lambert's better films. I think it has a pretty good story and doesn't seem too low budget and the acting isn't bad either compared to the sequel that was made. Its quite gory in places with some gruesome killings. One of the coolest bit is when the cyborgs at the end start attacking and they manage to take one of the masks off it and its all disfigured. It has some good action and over all an entertaining futuristic film.

Ive always enjoyed Waterworld since it was released and think its an underrated film. There were some really cool things in this film and if they set out to make an epic water film they certainly delivered it for me. Not sure what else people expected from it to be honest.

This film is great its so funny and has some really awful monsters in it but I still love it. Peter Strauss plays the hero who could have played Dash Rendar if they made Star Wars shadows of the empire in the 80's along with his moaning companion Molly Ringwald. Great to see Ernie Hudson in this driving his big heap and Michael Ironside as the main villain. This film is just so fun and doesn't take itself too serious.

I wouldn't say this is as good as the Goonies but its allot of fun to watch. Joe Dante who directed this made quite a few great low budget films but this was my favorite. It's great when they build there spaceship and the score for the film was really good as well.

This film has a great little charm to it as one of those underrated sc-fi films that goes unnoticed. Not as good as Star Wars but it still holds it's own. I really wanted to play the arcade game he was playing in the film it looked really fun. Its one of my favorite 80's sc-fi films I watched as a kid anyway.

Alien 3 is the last decent Alien film directed by David Fincher. He came in late so he had to do the best with the time he had on it. I still don't like the fact they killed off Hicks and Newt but atleast you get to see Bishop again and the creator of Bishop at the end. I think they should have ended the franchise there but I have heard rumors there making a firth with Ridley Scott returning to direct it which will hopefully make up for the crappy firth film. I read it will be prequel to the first film and focus on the Spacejocky and where aliens came from which sounds pretty good.

I remember being disappointed with this film as a kid because Arnold wasn't in it but now I appreciate the film much more. Kevin Peter Hall reprises his role as the Predator again and did a great job He uses some really cool new weapons in this film.
There's smart disc which he uses towards the end and my favorite the net gun. The of the highlight of the film was seeing the Predator ship and the trophy cabinet where they keep all the skulls when Danny Glover has the last fight with the Predator. You get to see some wicked skulls in there and the most exciting one was the Alien skull which sets up for the AVP films. They are making a forth Predator film called Predators which they said will make up for the crappy AVP films.

Screamers is a good sc-fi film but it just had that B-movie feel to it which let it down slightly. I found I couldn't stop watching it because the story was so interesting unlike some sc-fi's where you loose interest quite quickly. It has its gory moments and the action isn't to bad. There's some scary moments and surprises towards the end which I thought was clever about the story. I think the ending could have been a little better done but good over all. One of Peter Weller's better films and worth watching.

The first film was a classic and this film had a allot to live up to. It still had all the violence and the funny humor from the first film. The fight between Robocop and Cain at the end was wicked. Most of the original cast returned which was nice to see which you normally see in sequel's. I don't find too much to complain about this film apart from the fact its just an underrated sequel. It was allot better than Robocop 3 which I was really disappointed with. Mainly becuase Peter Weller didn't return to play Robocop. I think there trying to reboot the Robocop franchise but I don't see the point since your never beat the original.

I watched this recently and really liked it. I saw George Lucas getting his life time achievement award a few years ago and they showed this which was one of his earlier films he done. The future seemed quite bleak but Robert Duvall THX 1138 goes on the run to get out of the sinister world. Donald Pleasence was good in it as well I always find him quite funny. Just a great early sc-fi film from George Lucas which was better than I thought.

I watched this for the first time about a year ago now and really like it. I was never much of a Charlie Sheen fan but I noticed hes done quite a few good films. I think this has to be his last really good one. I think it influenced a game not sure which one but when he goes down into the alien underground I think the interior looked similar to the game or something. Anway I really enjoyed watching this film and feel its deserves more respect.

It's quite funny when I first saw this film as a kid I thought Ray Liotta was Van Damme becuase he had a similar look to him. Theres some great actors in this like Lance Henriksen, Ernie Hudson and Kevin Dillon who's just looking for a friend since he doesn't belong on the island which had become a prison. Ive always enjoyed this film I think it has a cool little story and great fight scenes. Surprisingly Ray little does a good job at being an action hero atleast in this anyway.

Not sure why this hasn't got a better score on IMDB but it should be a 7 atleast. The effects were really cool back then even if they do look retro now. Watching Jeff Bridges on the arcades made me want to play those games they looked so fun. The lifecycle scene still kicks ass for me and its a really cool sc-fi film.

You can tell this film was influenced allot from the Matrix which came out a year before. Some people might even prefer this film over the Matrix. I think its a good sc-fi film and one of the best. Quite good to see some other faces in the film like Kiefer Sutherland and the host of the Crystal Ball show Richard O'Brien who fitted that role perfectly. Its quite stylish film and keeps you on the edge of your seat towards the end as John Murdoch finally uncovers the truth about the city and reaching the outside which hes in a big shock for. Although this film is very dark the ending has a light at the end of the tunnel which is quite satisfying.

I saw this film when it was released so I was still quite young. I was probably more into action films back then and since this film didn't have that I was bored with it. I watched it again recently and I managed to appreciate it more. Its a film that's really trying give a message. Still one of Jude Laws better films and Ethan Hawk is an underrated actor in my opinion who was great in this. I found the ending quite sad as well even though Ethan Hawk finally get's to go out into space he couldn't have done it with out his paralysed friend Jude law. The score captures the mood of the film really well.

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