Comic heroes part 2

More heroes that went to film and TV
November 19, 2009
I forget a few good heroes that went to film and TV so here they are. Theirs a few in the list that I was surprised that were based on comic's which I found quite interesting. Again like the first article Ive tried to put together the older comic book films and TV shows.

I was quite surprised that they already made a film. It looks very low budget and I don't think it ever got released. I put this on the list incase anyone did manage to see it. I wouldn't mind seeing just to compare it the the recent ones.

I only heard about this film from the first article I did. This was made for TV with David Hasselhoff as the hero. I haven't seen it yet but I think it gets quite bad reviews.

Pamela Anderson at her sexiest in this post-apocalyptic sc-fi flick. This could have been better it seemed like it had the potential to be good but didn't really deliver. Temuera Morrison and Jack Noseworthy also starred in it.

I used to watch the animated films which I really enjoyed and then watched the first Iive action film which I found a bit disappointing. I carnt remember if they had dubbed English or you had to read subtitles which I found quite annoying. I read somewhere that this was the most expensive french film ever made.

I carnt remember too much about this film apart from Buck rogers gets transported into the future or something. It's a well known film but I haven't seen it for a while so I forget how good it is.

Funny enough my Grandad let me watch this film and I didn't know what to think of it. Watching it now its quite campy and seemed like the bit in the Heavy Metal story at the end. I liked the set designs and the world you saw which looked quite well done. One of Jane Fonda's most iconic role she played anyway.

I think I remember seeing this film a while ago and it seemed quite good. I'm not really a fan of Jet Li but I might have to give this another watch soon.

This is show I was trying to remember for ages. I remember watching this in the early 90's then it was canceled but I really enjoyed it.

This was another great Superman show and really successful. I don't think Dean Cain could really shake this role off becuase it was so good although he did star in a few films since then. I think Teri Hatcher did a bit better making Desperate Housewives which was a big hit on TV these days.

The film that made Jim Carrey a star. I remember seeing this in the cinema as a kid and laughed quite allot, Jim Carrey was prefect for this role. I forget how nice looking Cameron Diaz was back then becuase I don't seem to find her that attractive anymore. They did make a cartoon on this film which wasn't bad either.

I always thought this was just a spoof on super hero films and never realised it was based on the dark horse comic. This film is really funny in places and nice to see Paul Reubens starring in this who you don't see that much anymore as the Spleen.

A colorful adaption of the comic strip starring Warren Beatty as Dick Tracy. Madonna looks quite sexy in this film and suited her role quite well. Al Pacino was really funny as Big Boy Caprice and I liked all the villains and there strange faces. I don't think this is a bad film atoll and maybe underrated.

One of my favorite cartoons of the 90's. The humor was really funny and the characters were great. I think this cartoon was a bit head of it's time or more for adults becuase I don't remember it lasting very long. They have made a live action film or TV series but I don't think its very good. Be great to see a live action film with Bruce Cambell playing the Tick which would be quite fun to see happen.

The first film is still the best and Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones make a great team being funny and kicking ass on screen. It was great seeing the different aliens through out the film and the weapons epically the grasshopper gun Will Smith gets. Vincent D'Onofriomade made a good villain and over all a really fun sc-fi flick.

I saw this film when I was really young and found it quite boring. I recently watched it on TV and I really enjoyed it and consider it to be one of the best comic book films of the 90's. It was a really fun film with light humor. It reminded me a bit of the Indiana Jones films.
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