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A collection of my favorite animated films
November 09, 2009
I watched allot of animated films when I was younger and really appreciate them and the artwork. Some of them are cartoons series that made it to films and others just animated films. There are allot becuase I thought if you gonna put your favorite animated films in there just add them all.

Disney films

I wanted to start the article with the Disney films that I enjoyed watching as a kid. I did watch other Disney films like Beauty and The Beast and lion king but these were my favorites. The ones I would watch the most were sword in the stone and Aladdin. I thought Rescuers Down Under was a really cool especially the beginning part when you see from an eagle view through the land. I really enjoyed watching Basil The Great Mouse Detective as well. I thought the fat cat was really funny. I think it was one of the best Disney films they done. Although Bedknobs And Broomsticks wasn't all animated it did have a great animated bit when they try to find the asterix star I think that's what it was called. I used to watch Alice in Wonderland allot as well although I didn't tell anyone. I think its got a great imagination and story and some really wacky characters. Its a shame most Disney films are all CG but I suppose that's just part of the modern generation now.

Cartoon films

Where do I start with cartoons that went to film. I loved watching all the cartoons as a kid but the films were even better stretching out a good story into really good films. I did enjoy the live action Transformers films but I think the animated film will always be better. I hadn't seen the film for ages and really enjoyed watching it again when I bought the DVD. I thought Unicorn was a great villain and funny hearing Blur again which I forget about. My favorite cartoon film I had is the Thundercats HO the movie which I still have on VHS. I did hear they put that in with the first series of Thundercats but I wish they would release it separately.

Don Bluth films

Don Bluth made some great films and like Raplh Bashi he didn't stick with Disney and went off and made his own style of films. I really like the animation in his films and the films he done. I think The Secret of NIMH was my favorite. The detail in the artwork was really good.

Ralph Bakshi films

You have to hand it to Ralph Bakshi he didn't want to play by the rules and made his own style of animated films that weren't always for kids. Lord of the rings was my favorite film he done. Its a shame he never manged to complete it.
I watched Fire and Ice which I think is a really decent film and I think he mastered the rotoscoping more in it. I watched Wizards recently and enjoyed that as well. A bit dated but it had a good little story and a surprising ending how he killed the main bad guy at the end. I did want to watch col world which looked quite good but i read the reviews which weren't very positive so I gave it a miss. I really like Ralph Bakshi artwork in his films think the background are quite beautifully painted its a shame he doesn't make so many films these days.

Asterix films

My dad really liked these films and I liked them as well. They were french animated films but I saw them in dubbed English. The ones I remember the most are Asterix The Gaul and The 12 Tasks Of Asterix. I remember bit of the other two films which were good as well. I think they had a certain sense of humor that people liked about them and there different stories. I did see the first live action film ages ago I thought it was ok but didn't seem to capture the cartoons charm.

Separate animated films

This is a very popular films with some great animation against live action. It was clever how they done it and great seeing all the cartoon characters in there. I loved the bullets that come out of Bob Hoskins case near the end and Jessica Rabbit was hot for a cartoon character.

They did make some live action TV series of the Narnia chronicles which were pretty good also. I thought this was ok but not brilliant. It kept to the story but its just a little dated now.

This is a film I haven't seen for years and only once so I carnt remember hardly any of it. All I could remember was when there struggling to drive a car. I know its a good film since it has good reviews so I'll to watch again when I get the chance.

The BFG was a great film based on Roald Dahl's book. Maybe one of the best adaptions of his book to film apart from Charlie and the chocolate factory. The BFG himself was voiced by David Jason who also did Danger mouse and Count Duckula.

I really enjoyed this film. Robin Williams does the voice of batty in his heydays when he used to do a few animated voices. I liked all the Hexxus stuff done by Tim Curry and how he broke free from his imprisonment from the tree and starts singing. I watched this again not too long ago and still enjoyed I think its a really fun film.

This is a great fantasy with dragons and knights. I loved this film so much as a kid the music was great especially the opining song. Dragons have always been a myth obviously but the cartoon really gives it a magical feeling with interesting characters. A man called Peter Dickenson voiced by John Ritter gets transported back in time to help destroy the evil Ommadon voiced by another great actor James earl Jones. The evil Ommadon can only be destroyed by physics showing that fact is more real than magic. Its a fantastic cartoon and story which captures the imagination of every child who watches it.

I didn't relise how old this film was but its a classic. Its quite scary in parts becuase of the way the animals were getting treated but they got there own back on the pigs in the end.

The sequel to American tail. Although it wasn't as good as the original it was still quite popular. The spider in it always made me laugh.

Three great charming little films. Dianne Jackson directed the snowman and Granpa and Dave Unwin directed father Christmas. Granpa was about a young girl going to visit her Granpa on his last days. He tells all these adventurous stories to her. The voice of Granpa was done by Peter Ustinov. Father Christmas was about him going on a vacation and getting back just in time for snowmans party. The snowman was the best and very sad tail of a boy and his friend the snowman. I always remember David Bowie introducing the film and then the memorable music started.

Chuck Jones films

Chuck Jones created Looney Tunes cartoons and other shows for kids but he also directed these two films which I really like. The first film I enjoyed is The Phantom Tollbooth which I found recently on YouTube. I found out it was based off a book but apparently not as good but not many films are. Its a good little adventure and its basically giving a message out to kids to find learning fun and go out and play instead of staying in. Maybe kids today should watch this and learn something instead of playing on there computers games all the time. It has that 70's feel to it but the story is still great and the characters are interesting and strange.
Rikki-Tikki-Tavi is the other film I've always liked the music was cool and I liked the voice of Rikki-Tikki-Tavi . He was like a warrior of the garden protecting the family. Seemed a bit short but I still enjoyed it.

I carnt really say too much about this film becuase I only just about remembered it but I do know I enjoyed it allot as a kid.

I saw this is a few times when it was on sky and I enjoyed it. It wasn't brilliant but still a good little animated film. Ben Kingsley did Freddie the frog's voice.

This was one of my sisters favorite film when we young but I was never too keen on it. I knew it had a good story and characters but never appreciated it enough at the time. Now I can see why its so popular and like Flight Of The Dragons it has a great intro song which captures the beauty of the story. All the characters in the film were good I think I liked the skeleton at the end the most.

Watership down is a great film which I bought not too long ago. The story is really good and the segul Kehaar was really funny. I never reliesed how dark it was but I let my sister borrow it for her kids and she said it was too scary for them. So I guess its for older kids and grownups.

This is a brilliant little animation. It really stood out in my mind because it was so great visually. It was about a boy that I thought was girl at the time that has to kill these dragons. Like I said its a great animation and the style they use. It looks quite simple and bit dated now but still amazing to watch and the music goes great with the story making it stand out more.

I really enjoy this film and think its much better than the sequel they made Heavy Metal 2000. I didn't know what to expect when I first watched this but it was quite trippy. The stories were quite random but really watchable and the animation had a cool style. There's also allot humor in this which suites the strange characters and feel of the film and also nudity. The songs they used in the film were really retro but cool.
I liked all the stories but my fav would have to be the first one or the WWII which was quite creepy just a shame it never lasted longer. After I watched this it was like an experience what I never seen before. If I were a teenager It would have been even better but I still really enjoyed it.

This is a film I was trying to remember for ages until I found it on here. I have lots of fond memories of this film especially of a kid because its when I watched it for the first time. Created by Jean 'Moebius' Giraud who is a brilliant designer and worked on some other great films. Its a weird and bizarre cartoon full of strange creatures. One scene that always stands out in my head was when the rhino creature gets killed and taken up by these weird tentacles. Which as a kid disturbed me a bit since the boys only companion. When I watched it again I thought it wouldn't hold up but surprisingly it did and the artwork was really well done for its time.
The film for me is a French master piece with great characters and a great story.
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