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October 26, 2009
Seeing comic and superheroes on film is a common place now. I read the SFX magazine on comic heroes and they judged some of the films a bit unfairly so I wanted to get some positive views from them. So this article is looking back at the older films that we grew up on even if they didn't do so well.

I never watched this series as a kid but the lady playing wonder woman looked quite hot in her day.

The classic camp Batman series which everyone enjoyed. We all remember the iconic Bat-tune and intro. The over the top fighting which had funny words when ever they punched each other.

I remember this being fairly boring until it got to the end. I haven't seen this film for a while but I know it didn't do very well maybe becuase it didn't stay true to the cartoon and comics. I think the casting was quite good though.

Obviously this series is quite dated now but very iconic when you see Spider-Man on the roof tops looking around. I think Nicholas Hammond had a great look for Peter Parker just a shame he made his Spider-Man in the 70's rather than now. I did enjoy the first few episode's where he practice's on the tree swinging and gets his costume out of the box in his attic and looks in the mirror. I'll always remember the intro with that cool 70's guitar sound in the background.

I was surprised they already made a Punisher film after seeing the remake with Lundgren. Ive only seen small clips of the film which didn't really impress me. From the pics though it does look quite bad. It was obviously made during Lundgren's heyday so it might be worth a watch.

I wouldn't say I dislike the first Guyver film but it wasn't very good. I thought the Guyver costume looked quite good and the fight scenes were ok. The Zoanoids looked a bit crap and the humor was quite silly at times. There were parts in it I thought were ok but over all it was a let down compered to the manga series.
The sequel Dark Hero was a step in the right direction the Guyver costume looked quite good and the Zoanoids looked better and bigger like how they looked in the manga series. Although the sequel had all this it still wasn't great it was like a Power Ranger film. Like I mentioned in the manga article I hope they reboot the live action films and make them true to the comics and manga series. Which is easier with the special effects now.

I think this was quite good. Not good as the Indiana Jones films which it reminded me of but I don't think its as bad as people say. Billy Zane did a good job playing the Phantom and it look's a big budget flick so I guess it was another film that didn't stay true to the comics.

This film was as wacky as they come. I don't think it was awful but I don't think it got the right audience maybe becuase it was too weird. I never read the comics but I guess its another film that didn't capture the source material that well.

The Captain America film was pretty cool to watch as a kid but some of the film was a bit boring. Once he's becomes Captain America its really exciting and it was great the way it was set in World War II but after he had the fight with the Red Skull it goes down hill from then on wards.There didn't seem to be enough excitement to sit there and watch the rest. Captain America uses his shield allot to take down villains but there's not enough villain's that really give him any bother apart from the Red Skull. But I'll always remember his costume which I still think looks cool.

Swamp thing was one of Wes Cravens earlier films. I still like this film even though its quite low budget. The last fight was quite fun to watch and it seemed quite sentimental at times which gave its charm. I don't think its get great reviews but I think its slightly underrated.

For me this film really reminds me of the 80's and the look of it. I have to say I enjoyed this film. It had quite a weird villain at the end which was some sort of voodoo statue that would come to life and become some big monster.
I thought Peter O'Toole was quite good in this as Supergirl's over the top mentor. When you see him he's in some weird dark world with sharp rocks. I always found it scary when she had to climb up through the twister and then fly out at the top but Peter O'Toole's character was sucked into it. Peter Cook was also in this who was another old face from TV programmes. Not as good as Superman by any means but still good in its own way.

One of the campest superhero films ever made. I still like the film and probably catch on TV if its on but I wouldn't go out of my way. The set design's were really well done and some great performances especially from Brian Blessed.

A classic TV programme which every one remembers as a kid. When Looking at it now you have to laugh at the Hulk's wig and green powdered body. It wasn't all bad though because Lou Ferrigno did an amazing job as the Hulk and Bill Bixby also did a great job at portraying Dr. David Bruce Banner.

Like allot of people I first saw this as a kid and I found it really cool and I loved the special effects. I think those effects from the 80's were amazing and really added to the charm of the film. I don't think its a masterpiece but I still enjoy it allot now I'm older and I think its a great family film. I read somewhere that it was based off a comic and but it didn't stay true to its origin but I think it's still a fun flick.

This is a cartoon series which I haven't seen for ages. I know it did well and I think it stayed true to the comics. Be good to see a live action soon.

If only it was made today I'm sure it would have been a big hit. Its hard to explain why the film wasn't so successful because it had the potential to be great. All the effects in the film were good apart from the Devil which looked terrible and his cheesy scary voice. Some of the acting was quite bad and seemed like a straight to DVD film. I think Leguizamo stole the film as the clown,he was so wacky and weird. I thought the medieval guy was a cool character especially at the end fighting the big Devil. Spawn himself was great and had good visuals throughout as he learns about his new powers. Over all it wasn't bad it just needed to be darker and more violent. I suppose they did the best with it for its time.

I've always enjoyed the Masters Of The Universe film even if it didn't have all the characters from the cartoon. Lundgren seemed like the perfect person to play He-Man back then. Its a shame they never had battle cat or Orc and based it more in Eternia but this was down to budget the director said on the commentary.

This was a good film with Aleck Baldwin playing the hero. I haven't seen this for a while but I think it gets quite good reviews.

Judge Dredd although didn't do very well at the box office I think is quite underrated.
The hardcore Dredd fans of the comics hated the film becuase he removed his helmet which is understandable but I still think its a solid action film. I heard rumors they were remaking it but to tell you the truth I'm not too bothered although I think Ron Perlman would make a great Judge Dredd.

I did review this in my manga article but its a great martial art film with a good story. I was going to mention this in the manga article but I think its a shame Mark Dacascos didn't go onto to become bigger during the 90's. He did make some good films and I think his fighting is quite unique to watch on screen. I think he would make a great Shinobi if they were to ever make that game into live action.

One of Van Dammes best films hes done. In the SFX magazine I read it just goes on about how the timeline doesn't make any sense but I think that's irrelevant or it doesn't seem to bother me since I enjoy it for the action and humor. I think its a great film and has some memorable scenes like when Van Damme does the splits on the kitchen counter and when he travels through time and ducks under a truck. Ron Silver made a great villain and the special effects were great for its time.

During the 90's they made some great marvel cartoons on the fox kids channel. Spider-Man being my favorite and I would rate it over the films. I think its a shame that the Spider-Man and x-Men films weren't like the cartoons which were more action packed. Not to say I hated them I just think they could have been a bit better.

This was a very successful cartoon show which had a fair few series and its own film's based off it. I think it was influenced allot from the 89 film and even won an award. The stories were great and the villain's really well done and Mark Hamill even lended his voice for the Joker. The PS3 released a Batman game recently which is really good and got the voice of Batman from the cartoon to voice Batman in the game Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill voiced the Joker in it as well.

I think that the the Flash series was really good for its time especially with the special effects. It was really clever how they made him look running really fast. It had good humor as well which gave it a nice charm. John Wesley Shipp who played the Flash did a really good job which was funny as well as being serious when donning the red costume. I thought the costume looked quite cool and the show had a big budget and the reason why it didn't last. There are rumors of them making a film which I would really like to see now since special effects are so much better now. I just hope they get a good actor to play the Flash. I think DC need to make more films since they have some great characters.

The first film is still the best. It seemed dark and had humor in the right places. The effects and Turtle costumes were well done. This film didn't seem as silly as the other two and the music was quite cool. Would be great to see a film with the Technodrome and Krang since he was the best villain.

Brandon Lee made a few action films before this film but this was by far his finest performance and you could see him going on to do other great films. It was a cool gothic action film which allot of people liked including myself. Unfortunately a film most remember for Brandon Lee's death.

Blade is a great film and the best out of the three. Wesley Snipes was born to play this role and did an amazing job. I remember when you first see him from the feet down working up as his dark look stood out from all the blood and white back ground and you knew that this film was going to kick ass.This one had a better story than the others, introducing him well and putting some amazing fights on screen especially the sword fight with frost at the end.The film was shot quite stylishly which I never really like but this film was compelling and really enjoyable.Its a shame the other two weren't as good.

Tim Burton's reinvents the batman franchise in his dark gothic film with Michael Keaton as the caped crusader. With a great performance from Jack Nicholson as his nemesis the Joker. Although the new films have done well this is still my favorite Batman film. I enjoy everything about it from the batmobile to the action and Danny Elfman's brilliant score. It set a standard for future comic book films. The second film was still dark but more Tim Burton's style which was wacky and weird but still great.

I think the first Superman film is the best superhero movie ever made still. It was brilliantly directed by Richard Donner and had a really good cast especially the man of steel himself Christopher Reeve. I think the first film had allot of heart and passion which set it apart from others.To be honest I know the other Superman films weren't as good as the first one. The second one is the closest to it but I enjoyed 3 and 4 as well. I really liked it when Superman turns bad in the third film showing two sides to Superman. The only reason why I enjoyed the fourth film was becuase he had to fight another version of himself but evil. Like allot of people
I was upset when Christopher Reeve passed away when he played a superhero that could fly and ended the way he did.
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