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My favorite TV shows growing up
November 03, 2009
There's a few English shows on the list but hopefully you might have seen them. The article is a mixture of sitcom and series.

This series reminded me allot of the films Fantastic Voyage and The Incredible Shrinking Man. I thought this show was quite good and kept you on the edge of your seat at times when they got into trouble.

Heart break high was a really good Australian show. I think its probably the best TV show they ever done. The earlier episodes were really good and the later ones were ok but it seemed like the show passed its time and finally ended. Its a show I would watch before the Tick cartoon came on.

Jim Henson created this wonderful puppetry and live actors in these fantasy fairy tale stories. The first series was great with John Hurt as the narrator and host of the show and his funny dog voiced by Jim's son Brian Henson. There were some memorable stories like the solder and the devils and the Hedgehog man and his princess that chucked his coat of hair in the fire to break his curse. The second series was the Greek tales but they didn't do that many stories and it wasn't as good. I'm not saying it was rubbish just not as good as the first series.

Not really a series but they did make three short films that came out at Christmas times. Each one was great and fun to watch. They were cleverly made and I think each story was influenced by old films. The did make a film which was ok and also done a another short film called a matter of loaf and death which I found disappointing. They made a game a few years ago now called Project zoo which I thought was great and really fun to play. Wallace and Gromit had to save the animals from Feathers McGraw. I think they should make that into a film myself.

I found some of Mr bean episodes hilarious when I was kid. It was more childish humor but some of the jokes he did were quite clever like when he was too embarrassed to get undressed in front of a man on a beach and at the end he stood up with stick and was blind. One of my favorite episodes was when he went to the swimming pool and lost his swimming trunks in the pool and all the girls saw him. So it was just silly humor but so funny to watch. The films they made were quite bad though, not sure why they couldn't get them right maybe it was better just having them as episodes.

I remember watching the first episode where they came into a dimension and a tidal wave was about to wipe everyone out. After that episode I was hooked. It was a great series and they nearly reached home at one time. I'm not sure what happened in the later episodes but I think it went down hill which was a shame becuase it was a great show at the beginning.

My favorite kids TV show ever. They were obviously influenced from the Twilight zone series with all the bizarre things happening in Eerie Indiana. I have the boxset which was great to watch again. I think the later episodes weren't so good, like all shows I think they started to run out of ideas but they stopped at the right time. There were some quite creepy episodes like the 40 year old twins trapped in kids bodies becuase there mum didn't want them to grow up and when Marshall gets trapped in the lost time. The Halloween episode when Simon's brother goes into the mummy film always reminds me of when I was younger still trickle treating which was a fun episode. Just a great show.

I did already review this in the comic heroes but just a great memorable show in the 70's. Your always think of Lou Ferrigno as the hulk and when Dr. David Bruce Banner says the line "don't make me angry you would like me when I'm angry".

Out of all the early American shows the A Team has to be the best one I watched. Each character was great with MR. T being the most popular. I can always remember the episode when they first build there truck they get trapped together somewhere by some gang and have to escape and build there truck.

Knight rider was another great early show I watched. The intro music was really cool even now. Probably David Hasselhoff's best work apart from Baywatch.

Speaking of Baywatch I had to put this next. Lets face it we only watched this show for Pamela Anderson and who could blame us. Apart from all the beautiful women on the show they did come up with some good episodes and it aired for quite few seasons. I never knew David Hasselhoff sung the the ending song which was actually quite good and catchy.

This is an underrated show in my opinion. I didn't find it laugh out loud but it was quite funny in places. I even think Joseph Gordon-Levitt would make a great Spider-Man now if they rebooted the films again.

I think you either watched this or the Harry Enfield show in England which was funny as well. I preferred this more which had some really funny characters and sketches in it. Johnny Depp was even a fan and starred on the show which was funny to see.

After Monty python John Cleese made this great series. I carnt remember too much of it but there some some really funny episodes.John Cleese had so much energy with disasters always around the corner.

One of David Jason's most successful show he done. Its a really well known in England which lasted a really long time. I wont name the best episodes becuase there were too many.

A touch of frost was another great show he done which lasted really long. This time he plays a detective. I think the earlier episodes were the best ones and really made the show what it was. Just gritty realistic stories which I think were based off a book.

Another great comedy show with a good cast. One of the 90's best comedies along with Game On which was popular at the time as well although I never really watched it that much.

When Rik Mayall was at his funniest. I would always watch this on a Friday night it was hilarious and so over the top.

Red Dwarf was probably my favorite show I watched as a kid. Ive seen all the series although the last one was quite disappointing. By the time they added the lady in the cast I didn't find the jokes as funny. The earlier series were brilliant though and once they started using the space bug the series really took off and they came up with some really funny episodes. Not sure which series was the best probably the mid 90's ones when the show hit there prime. I think they wanted to make a film but nothing really come of it and they made an Easter special last year instead which was ok. I think if they were going to make a film they should have done it when the show was at its height since all the actors have moved on and doing different things now.
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