Top 15 80s cartoons

April 12, 2010

#15 Camp Candy: Ok so John Candy had his own cartoon, great reason it makes the list. Growing up we were poor and i never got to go to camp, my mom had to work 3 jobs just to pay for food and make sure we had tv for all my cartoons haha. So i always loved anything set at a camp. For example, Sleepaway Camp, Friday the 13th, Camp Nowhere and of course Camp Candy. I know the horror ones might be weird but the kids were smoking weed and having a great time. Camp Candy didn't have this but it was funny and seemed like John Candy would have been awesome to hang out with.

#14 Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers: Disney had a lot of great cartoons in the 80s and 90s. I loved Ducktales and Gummi Bears but HATED Talespin so don't mention that show. Ok, so all apologies to the former two shows mentioned, Chip N Dale was better and there is one more i haven't mentioned yet that is way up on the list. Chip N Dale also had an amazing Nintendo game, the best of the Disney shows to get a NES game actually. I loved this cartoon though, Chip was cousin Larry to Dale's Balky.

#13 My Pet Monster: Although this cartoon was great the opening and the theme song, "Monster Mash" was better than the show itself. Also, the live-action flick was simply amazing haha i have it on VHS, anyone want a copy let me know. But the cartoon was good too, it was based off the toy. It was funny how people seemed to always mistake the Monster for a dog and the Monster's arch-enemy was bad-ass.

#12 Barnyard Commandos: I'm sure people will say they have never heard of this cartoon. But how can you not remember the toys? They were great and made me love the show even though it was short-lived from what i remember. There were Pigs (bad guys) and Rams (good guys) and even though growing up i always liked the bad guys, the Rams were just so much cooler than the Pigs. By the way they fought for total control of the Barnyard...yeah and had food fights. Check it out...maybe.

#11 Hulk Hogan's Rock N Wrestling: I grew up LOVING old school wrestling so naturally i LOVED this cartoon. Roddy Piper was really cool in this cartoon and of course Hulk Hogan was lame. Hogan, by the way was voiced by TV's Brad Garrett. I hate him now and maybe that's why i hated Hogan in the cartoon. Piper's vehicle, the hot rod, was the best part of the show. The Heels from the WWF and the Faces from the WWF were bad and good guys.

#10 Silverhawks: TV execs were like, Thundercats was successful lets make a rip off. Anyway, the show and toys were really cool. They looked cool and the bad guys were kinda scary, like Mumm-ra from the 'Cats. There was this weird mute copper kid called Copper-Kid...and he was a freak. There was also a pretty lame character called Bluegrass who played guitar in space, which ok that's pretty sweet. If i could play guitar and fight evil i'd do it, ok Bluegrass isn't lame i guess.

#9 Transformers: You're lucky i put it this high, like i said i didn't grow up with money so i played with Go-Bots and had a Cy-Kill halloween costume. But i couldn't put Go-Bots on the list because it did kinda suck. Also, the way they made those energon cubes purple and glowing was so freakin awesome it makes Transformers eligible for top 15 cartoons of the 80s. I think the Dino-Bots and Constructicons made me like the Transformers so much more. But like i said, never had the toys really and never really LOVED the show like most kids did born in 81.

#8 Captain N Gamemaster: Any kid growing up in the 80s had to LOVE Nintendo and if you loved Nintendo most likely you loved this cartoon. Except the Gameboy...that was horrible in Season 2. Anyway, althought Kid Icarus said "icus" after every sentence in the beginning episodes he got really cool. And Mega-Man they totally disgraced by making him green and sound like an old midget and Simon from Castlevania was a smoothe playa pimp. The greatest intro ever too, the kid, Kevin, that gets sucked into the TV becomes Captain N and just wrecks everyting in video game land...except Bayou Billy, he sucks at that game. I remember being like, wow Mother Brain from Metroid is the main villain and i'm getting to see all these video game worlds and just being blown away. This is a classic, woulda been higher but there are classics coming up...

#7 Beetlejuice: First of all, it was based on my favorite movie ever, so that's one reason i loved it. This show was on the tail end of the 80s, late 89 and more of a 90s cartoon with the animation but whatever its on my list. I thought it was great how Lydia went into the netherworld, kinda like Alice went to wonderland. It was cool seeing Beetlejuice's neighbors and landlord and all the weird and cool residents of the Netherworld. Beetlejuice and Lydia pulled some great pranks on her highschool classmates and peers. Beetlejuice ate beetles on the show too, which was pretty cool. This was like the original Heathers.

#6 Dino-Riders: I almost put Dino-Riders at like 4 but had to respect the hustle of some of the great classic 80s cartoons. This show was amazing please check it out if you have never seen it. Its kind of obscure but the first 2 episodes alone have more action and coolness than most cartoons had in their entire runs. What kid didn't love Dinosaurs growing up? I mean they put lasers on them to make them more bad-ass. The show is about a race of human-like...people and a race of animal headed people bodied...things. Guess who the good and bad guys were. They crash-land on Earth, kinda like the 'Formers but back in pre-historic DINO era Earth. Just a great, great show with awesome action, awesome awesome action.

#5 He-Man and the MOTU: Although this cartoon had way less action than a lot of other shows, it was so much more entertaining. Prince Adam was like Clark Kent but instead of glasses and a phone booth it was a pink loin cloth and a timid tiger...i hate using words with the same letter to describe something but thats just what it is. Orko...i know. But, the rogues gallery rivals Spiderman. Skeletor, Triklops, Trapjaw, Merman, Beastman, Evil-Lyn, the list goes on and on. I actually remember Hordak from She-ra's cartoon being so cool looking then seeing him in the MOTU line of toys and being like, awesome i can play with him and the Evil Horde and not be...ya know. They had freakin bats on their chest as like their crest and i loved Halloween so i was in with this dudes. Anyway, He-Man had some cool buddies, Stratos, Man at Arms, Tee-la, Buzz-off, Ram-man, and many other horribly named guys.

#4 Thundercats: Ancient spirits of evil, transform this decayed form to Mumm-ra the ever living...Ahhhh. Yeah and the fact that the Sword of Omens and the Eye of Thundara were so cool that Thundercats got this high even though the cartoon wasn't as great as some of these shows. Tygra and Panthro were really cool too, so that helped because Snarf certainly didn't hep. Copper kid, Orko and Snarf were all lame but Snarf is probably the lamest. I remember being like actually frightened of Mumm-ra but also being like, i LOVE Mumm-ra. Him and his lair made this show for me and when he messed with Lion-O it was hilarious. Oh and Family Guy did the best spoof ever and Lion-O's voice was really him. Lion-O used the sword to watch Cheetara use the bathroom and when Snarf walked in he was like lets go get trashed...funny.

#3 Darkwing Duck: Yeah, i went there. Darking was the best Disney show. It took all of these great elements from great things. First off and most obviously it was a take on Batman with Ducktales type characters and in Launchpad's case a Ducktales character. Now, this rogue's gallery is like Japan, yes the country, it took the best from many things. He had a character called Nega-duck kinda like bizzaro Superman, then there was Bushroot who was a take on Poison Ivy from Batman, then there was Megavolt (my fav. villain) who was a take on Electro from Spiderman, then there was a walrus who was a take on i don't know Kingpin from the Marvel U? A dog made of water like Hydro-man from Spiderman. Yeah and it was really funny and action packed. Way funnier than Ducktales and more action packed than Chip N Dale. Drake Mallard aka Darkwing was mild mannered then he was the terror that flaps in the night! When there's trouble you can call DW.

#2 GI Joe: I feel like i'm speaking blasphemy not putting GI Joe at the top spot but its basically a tie between these two and most the time i put GI Joe at one but lately i been feeling the other one a tiny bit more. Maybe because that HORRIBLE movie "the rise of cobra" that came out disenchanted with GI Joe enough to knock it down to number 2 but that shouldn't be. Zartan and the Dreadknocks were my personal favorites and they were so gutter in the show. Stormshadow was my next favorite character and i think most people would put him at number one. Cobra Commander was so great, he was funny and weak but also ruthless and evil, he was the guy that kept the show going. Destro and Baroness were totally getting it on...and also Lady Jaye and Flint and also Duke with both pale red-heads Scarlett and Cover-Girl (Duke, Scarlett was your first, Cover girl was just a cheap trick). This show was hands down the best action of any cartoon ever and had great humor...why is this not number one? Not sure but basically the top 2 are both number one in my heart. Cobraaa!

€#1 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles had it all. Great action and the best humor of any 80s cartoon. Tomorrow i'll say GI Joe is my number one but for today, its TMNT. Shredder aka Oroko Saki was my favorite villain ever. He would talk slick to Baxter Stockman, Krang, Rocksteady, Bebop and of course his arch-enemy Splinter aka Ahmato Yoshi (sweet real name). I really remember being just obssessed with the Turtles cartoon and toys. My favorite supporting character was the RatKing he was awesome, lived in the sewers and was insane. My other supporting all-star was another insane guy, Casey Jones. I remember an episode were Casey went undercover to work at this corporate place who were brain-washing people and showed up with a tie and button down shirt with khakis...but had the hockey mask How can you top that? Michaelangelo was the best turtles...yeah i know some of you will hate on that statement but my name is Michael so of course i liked him. He was the coolest one though, he was the party dude! Leonardo was my next favorite just because he had the best weapons, swords. I only used Leo in the Turtles arcade game because swords make most sense, who wants to fight with a bo staff besides Gambit or sais...tsais...however you spell those little things Raphael used. This cartoon was the best of the best until they changed the animation style and it changed a lot. But for years the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles made a lot of kids want to take martial arts and eat pizza.
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