top 15 cartoon villains

from the 80s and 90s
September 08, 2010

Sorry guys, another list...but its been a while, lately they haven't been. My next article will be in time for Halloween and its gonna be awesome haha. Ok, here's my top 15 cartoon villains from the 80s and 90s...nothing after that, because ITS NOT RETRO.

#15 Cykill: While he was a ruthless, really cool villain he was from a show, Go-Bots, that was second fiddle to Transformers. For Halloween i remember going to K.Mart and getting those horrible, shitty costumes that we all loved with the plastic masks that you would stick your tongue through non-stop. Anyway, Cykill was no joke, he's on the outside looking in the top 10 but...plenty and plenty of cartoon violence, maybe because it was non-human violence.

#14 Lotor: Aka Prince Lotor, he was Voltron's thug. Dude was purple, very regal. A lot of Voltron fans think he's one of the best villains ever...not me. I'm not a huge Voltron fan, but i know a badass villain when i see one.

#13 Hordak: Now, i actually LOVE Hordak and think he was a really cool character and an awesome toy from the MOTU line...However, dude fought chicks, know what i'm saying? I mean, you can't crack top 10 fighting girls, although his figure was in the He-Man MOTU line, he was a She-Ra villain and even though he was really cool looking and evil, he can't be above Skeletor. Although, Skeletor was Hordak's apprentice, which a lot of people don't know. Also cool, the Evil Horde had bat logos on their chests and it was sweet looking.

#12 Darkstorm: Darkstorm from the Visionaries was a really rad villain. The toy line was insanley cool looking with the holograms, much like Supernaturals, which i actually liked better as a toy line. Darkstorm's name is sick, i wish my name was Darkstorm. I would really like my name to be Darkstorm...

#11 Krulos: Krulos from Dino-Riders was really mean. He was from a race of bad guys with reptile heads and human bodies who tried to kill a race of humans who were the good guys. Krulos had a pesky guy trying to take over his spot, a guy with a Snake head who sounded like the guy who voiced Starscream and Krulos sounded kinda like the voice of Megatron...actually they both were. But i actually liked this cartoon more than Transformers. Whats holding Krulos back from the top 10 is the fact that the good guys were a bunch of bitches and he had to use dinosaurs like the t-rex to help him...punk.

#10 Miles Mayhem: Miles was from a show called MASK. He wasn't very intimidating looking but he was pretty bad ass like Lex Luthor. The cartoon had everyone rocking really cool...well masks and that was what made the awesome toy line so awesome. And Miles' mask was awesomely evil.

#9 Gargamel: Yes, Gargamel. He tried to literally eat Smurfs all the time, catch them...and later eat them...well those were his plans. Why would you wanna eat a little blue guy? I have no idea...but i guess people in India wonder why we eat cow. Still, the Smurfs weren't like normal animals Gargamel was trying to kill and eat, they could talk...and he could understand them...haha which to me makes him INSANE. Insane is usually good for evil guys. These are good reasons he belongs in the top 10.

#8 Rowdy Roddy Piper: Piper's picture may be his human form, but from the cartoon Hulk Hogan's Rock 'N Wrestling, Piper was a really cool, funny villain. He would ride around in his hot rod...because his nickname was Hot Rod with other villains like the Iron Shiek. They went up against the main face heroes like, Hogan and Junkyard Dog. I can't say enough about how cool the cartoon version of Piper was.

#7 Monstar: Anyone else LOVE the Silverhawks cartoon even though it was obviously just capitalizing on the success of the Thundercats? Well, Monstar, like Mumm-ra had two different forms. His head would go from really weird looking to...i'm not even sure either crazy alien form or just armored...who knows. Anyway dude looked insane and rocked and eye patch. He was one of the few cartoon villains who was actually scary looking and truly evil. A lot of guys were funny and made you laugh even though they were bad guys, Monstar was just mean and scary, which is awesome. The toy was really cool too, i still have it actually.

#6 Megatron: Although i liked Starscream better, Megatron was the main baddie in Transformers and more evil. He sounded, looked and acted bad ass. He was a real prick, i mean no mercy in him. He turned into a gun, now why didn't Starscream just crush him in the form? Wouldn't it be like Fright Night when you hurt the vampire in bat form, it would like crush the regular dude form? Megatron was after those wonderful glowing purple looking energon cubes, i love them too, can't blame dude.

#5 MotherBrain: MotherBrain was obviously from the original awesome NES game, Metroid but my baddie number 5 is from the cartoon, Captain N: GameMaster. She was one ugly bitch haha. She was no joke, much like in the game. Kevin aka Captain N, acted like he wasn't scared of her...but he was...he was. How could you not be, look at it, like the thing from Robocop 2. Just weird and freaky and rad.

#4 Skeletor: So why did Skeletor get treated more like a misbehaving child rather than the truly malicious villain he was? Like, he would do horrible things, putting everyone in Prince Adam...shhh aka He-Man's family in harm's way and He-Man and the other Masters of the Universe would be Skeletor you know you can't do that, and let him just go on his way. Skeletor was definately one of the coolest villains ever. I really loved how funny he was too. I remember the Evilseed episode and he calls Mer-man through some mystical image thing and you see Mer-man's in worse shape and he goes, "Skeletor, send help, please!" and Skeletor replies, "I have my own problems, fool!" and hangs up...that's really funny and mean to do to your boy.

#3 Shredder: Tonight i dine on turtle soup! Now, i don't think he really wanted to eat them like Gargamel obviously did, but still. Krang was lame and Shredder was the real deal. Shredder was probably my favorite guy in my favorite cartoon but that still doesn't make him number one. He could never really get the job done and those two idiots, Rocksteady and Bebop weren't much help. However, it wasn't really fair that Shredder would fight 4 turtles by himself, but he manned up and tried. Oroko thats what i wish my name was, screw Darkstorm, i want a sick sounding Japanese name. Too bad i'm white. Anyway, Shredder could arguably be the coolest villain but his cartoon already won my top 25 80s cartoon list, let someone else win pal. But noone punked people like Shredder could, he could dress someone down with the best of em.

#2 Mumm-ra: Mumm-ra the ever living!!! The most frightening villain from any cartoon i can remember, he, like Utimate Warrior, would summon the ancient spirits of evil and get transformed into a straight beast. As a mummy he was obviously weaker but actually more frightening and creepy. Inside his pyramid, tomb, thing was scary as a kid and he would just have his eyes glowing and come out all slow...seriously he is truly what a cartoon villain should be. He would murder every Thundercat and bathe in their blood if he had his way.

#1 Cobra Commander: Used car salesman...sound evil enough already? This man went on to become the leader of the world's most powerful terrorist organization and was ruthless in his attempts at taking over the world. Money was no object, he would pay Zartan and Destro any price to help him in his conquest of destroying G.I. Joe by any means necessary, thus leading to his unquestioned domination of the world. Cobraaaaa! He did happen to say "Retreattt!" a lot too. Screw Serpentor and Cobra-La, Cobra Commander was the real villain of the cartoon series.
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