Top 15 Cartoon Characters

My favorites that ruled weekdays and saturday mornings
December 07, 2009
I love cartoons and when I like most of us get swept up in the world of animation. Whether its anvils being dropped on character's heads or funny one liners. Cartoons have entertained us for decades. Now on television there aren't very many characters to love unless you have boomerang. That's right a channel that features some awesome cartoons.

The era I grew up in had many great cartoons. It was the golden era for us all. The late 80's to the mid 90's that was when the Saturday morning era was in full swing. There weren't any live action shows on television. The only ones I remember are Power Rangers and Saved by the bell. I am sure there were others but I am not going to mention them. Everyone get in your pjs and a bowl of your favorite cereal. It is time for my top 15 list of cartoon characters. Why top 15 because I go little more beyond than the nostalgia critic.

Number 15- Hong Kong Phooey

I really liked this show and this character was the main reason. He was a janitor and I liked his style. How he changed into his costume is hopped into a filing cabinet. The drawer would always get stuck but still. He had a special kind of charm to him. The show reminded me of some of those exploitation films from the late 70's. He's got style groovy style with a Hong Kong Phooey Chop. HE- YAH!!!! That car he drove was awesome and it could fly. Even though he was a bit absent minded at times. I think that he still rocked and a karate dog with a pet cat. How can you not love that? I heard there will be a live action film made. As much as I know it will suck. I will be there to see it.

Number 14-Yosemite Sam

OOOOO, I hates them rabbits. That famous comes from only one character and his name is Yosemite Sam. He has been a pirate, a cowboy and a knight just to name a few. I think he is bugs bunny's biggest adversary. I know that everyone will disagree. I personally enjoy him as a character a lot more than Elmer Fudd. I think his comic timing is better. I always liked his reactions to when his plans don't work out. The way he would like them too. No matter what Sam kept going. I even liked his appearance in Looney Tunes back in action. He owned his own casino and it was classic Sam once again. I think his appearance in Space Jam was just wasted except during that pulp fiction scene with Elmer Fudd. That made the movie for me. Yosemite is one of my favorites and I would always want to see if he got the varmints or not.

Number 13- Pepe LePew

This next character on my list needs really no introduction. At least I hope he doesn't need any. I think that always has been a favorite of mine. I think at times he is a bit underrated as a character. He is a genius and of course the things the things he did in his cartoons would have a restraining order put on real people. Pepe was a ladies man and he was loaded with confidence. Even though he never really got the ladies. Pepe also had a pretty good line in space jam as well. I still liked his style anyways. He always chased after a dog dressed as a skunk or a cat dressed as a skunk. I still remember the cartoon where he was covered with blue paint and the cat chased after him.

Number 12- Wile E Coyote

Coming in at number 12 is that road runner chasing coyote. I think the road runner cartoons were always great. There was very few dialogue in those. That is what made them great and I think I seen them all. I even watched the brand new Wizard of OW cartoon that is one of the special features on the Looney Tunes back in action DVD. Wile never had to talk to get his point across. He did however talk in two cartoons. The one with bugs bunny and that one is great. The ending is classic when Wile says, "Allow me to introduce name is mud." I think I never laughed so hard when I seen that scene. I don't know why but that always made me laugh. My question about him is always. Where does he get all the money for those acme gadgets and why hasn't he sued them for their products malfunctioning on him all the time? To communicate he would always hold up a sign that would say something short and simple. What I laughed at was when Wile E finally caught the road runner. He didn't know what to do simply because he was really tiny compared to the road runner. He even broke the fourth wall and asked the audience what to do. Wile E Coyote super genius and a super pick for my number 12 spot.

Number 11- Droopy

What can I say about Droopy? His comic timing is spectacular and again he is underrated as a character. I like that he is a laid back character. He always opens each of his cartoons with his famous line. "You know what.." I don't know why but every time I hear that line. I know that I am in for a great cartoon. He always drove his adversaries bonkers. They would run from him as far as they could. They would take planes, trains, boats and even some sort of farm animals. They would arrive at their destination and Droopy would be there waiting on them. This was when cartoons were actually funny and had good animation. I think droopy is hilarious and well deserves a spot on my countdown.

Number 10- Yakko Warner

Who could not make a list of the best cartoon characters and not have Yakko on it. He is like my generation's bugs bunny. I know that I am probably going to get a lot of crap for saying that but it is true. I think of him as the funny one of the Warner siblings. I know that Animaniacs was a great show. I just think Yakko was funny because his humor was intelligent. I remember the episode where they went to Hades. I loved that episode because of the Star Trek parody that they do. Then Yakko pulls out a remote and freezes the place. He didn't have to burp or rely on his cuteness. He was super intelligent and always pulled you into the cartoon. Who can't forget Yakko's World and the universe song. Those are very memorable. I like the episode where he became king of Anvilania. That episode was awesome or the one where he saved Camelot. "Will someone please get this man to stop saying Dragon." The anvil dropped on King Arthur's head and also the guy who was running around on fire.

Number 9- Pinky and The Brain

And speaking of the Camelot episode. The next two characters on my list piloted a robotic dragon in that episode. Coming in at number nine on my countdown Pinky and the Brain. I know that they are two characters and for the most part my list has single characters on it. For everyone who was a fan of their show. They know why I put them both at the number nine spot. They had tremendous chemistry. I don't think they could have held a cartoon by themselves. It would have been fun to see them try but still. Pinky always found a way to mess things up for Brain. I think that Brain had his moments where he was hilarious. I think the episode Bubba Bo Bob Brain speaks for itself. The classic line from that episode is, " I believe puberty was generous to you." that always makes me laugh. Pinky and the Brain have staying power among cartoon fans and I hope that everyone still remembers them.

Number 8- Donald Duck

I have always liked Donald Duck. I think he was always funny. I think the reason why you can't understand him is because he is secretly cursing underneath all the duck talk. He was always easily angered about something. Whether it be chipmunks or some bird that won't move when he is trying to clean inside of a clock. The theme song to his cartoons always made me smile. At the end he always said, "Yeah." Even though he was clearly angry with the singers of his own cartoon. That is what makes him so great. He also was always ready to fight whatever or whoever made him made. He was even ready to fight himself at times.

Number 7- Marvin The Martian

Coming in at number seven is the co star of my favorite all time cartoon Hare Devil Hare. That was ,of course, the very first appearance of Marvin the Martian. I enjoy this character so very much. His voice and his overall quirkiness. I think Mel Blanc did a great job voicing Marvin. Even though Marvin didn't appear in very many cartoons. I think he really only appeared in three but I may be wrong. He was always wanting to blow up a planet and would stop at nothing to do it. I think he was a villain but I am not sure. Oh well I still again liked him better than Elmer Fudd. Aliens are always cool and will always be cool.

Number 6- The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
It was hard picking between all four turtles and each one them have their strengths and weakness as characters. I think the original turtles from the 80's deserve a spot on my list because they were pretty comical. I think the funniest turtle was Rapheal but sometimes his jokes did get on my nerves. Michelangelo was the one who stole the show for most of time. On top of that remember the episode cowabunga shred head. It was one of my favorites or how about the one where the fear laser was fired at everyone including the turtles. The turtles are hiding under the bed. Leo looks around and says, "Are we turtles or mice?" Raph then responds with, "I have a great craving for cheese right now." Comic timing like that happens during the right scenes. The original turtles had that down pat.

Number 5-Darkwing Duck

My daughters are six and three. They both love my number five choice. The terror that flaps in the night. The thing that goes bump in the night. The neurosis that requires a shrink. Darkwing Duck is a crime fighting duck who protects St canard but has the biggest ego ever. I think his ego is just as big as another duck's ego. I am not going to compare him to other characters though. I think that Darkwing duck is awesome. Why for one his voice is cool and as Drake Mallard it is completely different. He is super intelligent like Batman but at times he let's his ego cloud his mind. The episode with the fan club is a prime example. Darkwing is a bit more serious than a lot of other Disney characters but not by much. He always gets the drop on the bad guy in the end.

Number 4-Huckleberry Hound

My number four pick is a character that is near and dear to my heart. I really loved watching huckleberry hound when I was a kid. He has been everything from a fireman to a police officer. He was even a superhero in an episode of Yogi's Ark or whatever that show was called. My three favorite Huck Hound cartoons are the freeway patrol. The one with fox stealing the chickens and lastly the cartoon where he was a Mounty. I think that has to be my favorite. Throwing the snowballs part is my favorite simply because of the outcome. He gets it in the end but ends up catching Jock or whatever his name is in the end. Huckleberry Hound was always silly but he was fun enough to watch over and over again.

Number 3- Daffy Duck

The one duck who is a spotlight stealer. He is jealous and ego driven. I find daffy duck to be a very funny character. I have seen all of his cartoon and he makes me laugh every time and that is what a great cartoon character should do. He or she should make you laugh every time they are on screen. In Duck Amuck and Robin Hood Daffy. Daffy Duck does just that and then some. Duck Amuck is awesome because Daffy is put through different scenes and has to change things outfits and things. There is even times where he isn't even there. I love that cartoon and in fact it is my second favorite cartoon of all time. Overall Daffy Duck is hilarious and pun intended will quack you up.

Number 2- Goofy

The ever popular dog bi-ped dog friend of Mickey Mouse. I always liked goofy because no matter how clumsy he is. Goofy always seems to succeed at anything. I think everyone remembers those shorts with the narrator such how exercise or how to get a date. Goofy's been in ever era plus has had a TV show and two movies. Not to mention he has appeared in other movies that he wasn't the star such as Mickey and The three musketeers and Disney's Christmas Carol as Jacob Marley. I don't really count him as a star of the Three Musketeers simply because Mickey's name is in the title. Goofy always clumsy and always funny. Goofy seems to be a perfect pick for my number 2 spot.

And my number one favorite cartoon character is.....

Number 1- Bugs Bunny

What can be said about Bugs Bunny that hasn't already been said. He is a great character and very well among fans of cartoons. The very first cartoon I saw was a Bugs Bunny cartoon. You know I actually got in trouble when I was a kid because of a Bugs Bunny cartoon. This line was the line that I was grounded for," Goodnight rover don't forget your rubbers." Of course he threw a pair of slippers to a dog that was outside. My dad and mom both got me in trouble for it. Until I showed them the cartoon and then I was let off the hook for it. I think that is when I knew that cartoons were never really made for kids. If they were then lines like that wouldn't be allowed. Now cartoons are taken in as a Children's medium. That is one bugs bunny memory that will always be with me.
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