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My top 16 best guitar players of all time
March 18, 2009
Since hard rock music came to be. Many of us have done air guitar to songs with insane guitar solos. Now this list that is going to be presented to you all is of course my opinion. I may have left a few out but as far as it goes this is a pretty solid list.

When compiling this list I looked at a couple of things. Did they do something musically that made me jump out of my seat. Also what they have done in and with music period..

Number 16

Lenny Kravitz

Ever since I heard are you gonna go my way. I have been a fan of his music. Lenny Kravitz has something about him that makes you want to listen to his lyrics. A lot of people feel that Lenny Kravitz isn't a true guitar player but listen to Fly Away or my personal favorite god gave me everything I want with legendary Rolling Stones front man Mick Jagger. That guitar solo in that song is insane and it has a classic rock feel to it. That's what makes Lenny Kravitz so cool. He has a style all his own and he can work with anyone musically. One thing that I have always said if there was ever a modern day Hendrix it would have to be Lenny Kravitz.

Number 15

Tom Morello

For the longest time I didn't even know his name. I always loved the way that Morello played the guitar. In fact I still do. He of course was in a little band called Rage Against the Machine. Perhaps some of you may heard of it. That was a great band that mixed hard rock and rap, plus it sounded refreshing with the way Morello played on all of the songs. Bulls on Parade, Guerrilla Radio, Killing in the name of, Renegades of Funk and many others. Morello's solos are simply insane on everyone of those tracks. Of course after Rage broke up he formed another band which I like even more than Rage. Audioslave was the next band that Morello played in and they were just as good if not better. My favorite all time Morello solo is the one that he does on Like a Stone. He's so low on my list because he's still a bit new and is on his way to be a legend.

Number 14

Richie Sambora

Coming in at number 14 is this man Richie Sambora who most of you may already know he plays in the band Bon Jovi. He deserves to be on my list like everyone else that is on the list. One reason he is on here because to me like some guys on my list he doesn't seem to be counted as a credible guitar player. I think those people are dead wrong. If you listen to Bon Jovi's slippery when wet album. Sambora can play pretty damn well. Listen to You Give Love A Bad Name or Wanted Dead or Alive and you tell me if he can't play guitar.

Number 13

Robin Crosby of Ratt

This man's name is a little unknown but I can tell you this back in the late 80's he rocked it with the best of them. He had some of the best shredding solos for that time period. He made my list because I have to give the man some serious props. The solo on round and round is just insane. To bad he left us when Ratt was going to make a big come back in 2006.

Number 12

Vernon Reid of Living Colour

How could I make this list and not have Vernon Reid from Living Color on this list. Personally I found the band very visionary for their time and their music stands the test of time. Their one hit is my favorite song to listen to and air guitar to. Come on I know I am not the only one that air guitars to the cult of personality. The guitar solos in that song are awesome and it makes the song worth listening to over and over again. Vernon Reid is an under rated guitar player and I hope that one day living color gets the recognition they deserve as a band and make it into the rock n roll hall of fame.

Number 11

Joe Perry

The next person to make my list comes in at number eleven and it is none other than Aerosmith's Joe Perry. Some people may say why Joe Perry. I tell those people that they underestimate him as a guitar player. If you listen to any of Aerosmith's songs especially Love in an Elevator. You will hear a genius at work. Of course Joe has been around since the seventies and is still rocking to this very day. Personally, I hope he continues to rock.

Number 10

Rudolf Schenker of The Scorpions

This man's name is unknown to most people but if I mention the scorpions. You will know why this guy is on my list. His guitar playing is uncanny and has it's own identity. I mean some of the songs he played on are just awesome and even their new stuff is great. I would have to say my favorite scorpions song is No one like you. That song has amazing guitar playing in it from start to finish.

Number 9

CC Deville of Posion

He was said to be something that came straight from a comic book. That is at least what Bret Micheals has said. Coming in at number nine is CC Deville and I'll admit it. I am a fan of Poison's music. Their songs are very catchy and they can get stuck in your head from time to time. I would have to say my favorite CC Deville solo would be the one on talk dirty to me. Although every rose has it's thorn and something to believe were very melodic. Those songs are awesome and I can say that I have banged my head to them a couple of times. I have even sang along to the songs. I am sure everyone has every once and a while.

Number 8
Angus Young

His opening riffs are timeless. Some of the best in rock history. The dude had a knack for rocking out and still does in fact. I got the new album and it rules and at almost 60 years old. Angus is still rocking it. I would have to say my favorite AC DC songs are thunderstruck, dirty deeds and long way to the top. It seems like they can do no wrong. I hope they continue to rock for years to come.

Number 7

Mick Mars of Motley Crue

Everytime I feel down I always put in my Motley Crue cds and listen to Mick Mars rock it out. I have been a fan of Motley crue for years. No matter what song it is of theirs. Mick always seems to rock it out. Of course there are two songs I think that he rocks the hardest. The first song is my favorite by Motley Crue and that is Kick Start My Heart. That is an awesome song from start to finish. My second favorite song by Motley Crue is their ballad Home Sweet Home. Now it is a bit slow but when that solo kicks in. I can't help but bang my head to it. Mick Mars rocks and I hope he keeps on rockin for as long as he can.

Number 6

Dimebag Darryl Abbott

Coming at number six is a man. That ruled guitar in a band called Pantera. I never was a fan of their music at first that is however till I heard cemetery gates. The solo that he plays in that song. My jaw dropped to the ground and I became an instant fan of their music. Of course I am not a fan of Phil at all. This is isn't about Phil this is about Dime. Dime has influenced a lot of the heavy metal guitar players that play today. I can understand why and I wish he were still around. I was going to go to that damage plan concert. I am glad that I didn't but Dime is truly missed by his fans. I heard that at his funeral Eddie van Halen put one of his guitars on Dime's coffin. How cool is that? Anyways Dimebag you are truly missed and you left us to soon.

Number 5

Randy Rhodes

The first time I ever heard the song Crazy train. I was amazed at the guitar playing in it. That guitar player is number five on my list. Another one of the greats that left us way to soon. Any Ozzy song from the 80's that you listen to has Randy's trade mark sound. Not only that but Randy Rhodes also played in Quiet Riot. A lot people don't know that except for maybe the fans of Randy's. His music stands the test of time and we all will forever head bang, thank you Randy, thank you.

Number 4

Eddie Van Halen

What more can be said about number four. He is probably the most famous guitar player next to slash and Hendrix. I have heard a lot of his music and I must say it is head and shoulders above the rest. There are some guitar players that can hang with Eddie but they are far and in between. When talking eddie van halen three of his solos immediately come to mind. The first one has got to be eruption that is just an awesome whaling good time time of a solo. The second one has to be the one on Hot for teacher and that right there one of my all time favorite solos. Then his third solo which a lot of people might not know is the one he did on Micheal Jackson's beat It. Some people may not like it but I do. I think it's damn good. Eddie Van Halen is a guitar master and one day if they aren't already. I hope Van Halen gets into the rock n roll hall of fame.

Number 3


This guy really needs no introduction when it comes to guitar playing. In fact he is my favorite guitar player. He changed the land scape of hard rock back in the late 80's in a little band called Guns N Roses. He played guitar unlike anything the world has ever heard. In my opinion Slash is one of the best guitar players in history hands down. He has a style all his own and created some of the most memorable solos and riffs in rock history. Welcome to Jungle, Sweet Child of Mine and Paradise City. Those songs rule ass and Slash is a musical genius. When it comes to my favorite Slash solo there is only one song that defines his greatness as a guitar player. That song is November Rain, that is just musically beautiful and it's like the guitar is singing to you.

Number 2

Tony Iommi of Black Sabbath

This man is like the godfather of heavy metal. In fact he along with the infamous ozzy osbourne formed the original metal group Black Sabbath. One thing I find cool about Tony is the man lost his finger tips on one hand and still played guitar. That is rock and roll if I ever heard of it in my life. Tony is behind some the most memorable metal songs ever. Iron Man, Paranoid and War Pigs just to name a few. Tony made number two because without him others on my list wouldn't be the same.

Number 1

Jimi Hendrix

This man needs no introduction and a lot of people may disagree but Jimmy Hendrix is the guitar player. He was a left handed guitar player and turned a right handed guitar upside down. Just so he could play it. That is so freaking awesome and plus his songs are some very memorable ones. Purple Haze, Voo Doo Child and of course Foxy Lady. Also other songs he did All along the watchtower and Hey Joe. Those are by far some classic songs. Hendrix is number one because he deserves this spot and without him guitar playing would be very different today.
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