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My top 14 favorite wrestlers of all time
April 08, 2009
I have been a fan of professional wrestling for many years. I have seen a lot of performers who have kept me entertained. These fourteen on this list have kept me entertained in each of their matches.

14. Rowdy Roddy Piper

I recently picked up Rowdy Roddy Piper's dvd and I must say it is awesome. It is great for all wrestling fans to have in their collection. Why is piper on my list here's my reason first off he's one bad mofo. He was the first wrestler to really break out into Hollywood. Say what you want but I would rather watch They Live before I would watch Mr. Nanny. He was decent in the ring and for those who haven't seen Bret Hart Vs Piper please you tube it. I think it was wrestlemania 8. That match was awesome and proved that he wasn't just a mouth piece but a tremendous in ring performer.

He's also the man behind the most memorable segment in wrestling history.That's right Piper's Pit and that had some of the most entertaining stuff I have ever seen.The one liners that he used were classic stuff. " Do not throw rocks at a guy who's got a machine gun." or his most infamous line. "Just when you think you have all the answers. I change the questions."Plus some stuff seen on the pit was to help build towards big high profile matches. If only they would've kept Roddy with Sean O' Haire. I think O' Haire would still be with WWE. He had potential to go places and with Roddy he would've. Roddy had and still does to up his opponents/allies game. He did it with Hogan and others. Hell I watched the dog collar match with Greg Valentine. That match was a very violent match but Piper and Valentine made it work. When I seen that Piper was going to be inducted into the WWE hall of Fame I was like it's about time. Rowdy I salute you and man I hope I see you back in WWE soon.

13.Aj Styles

Back in 2002 I was into just mainstream wrestling until a buddy of mine introduced me to a company called NWATNA. I was a bit skeptical considering that when I started to watch the show. I was like this is just another WCW but I was dead wrong and the man that introduced me to the indy scene (independent for those who don't know). I seen him win the very first x division match ever and become the first X division title. I must say the match was one of the best that I've seen since well since ever. His opponents were Psicosis, Jerry Lynn and Low Ki. That match set the standard for what I wanted to see in professional wrestling. That match did not disappoint me at all. Now sorry to get side tracked .

Aj Styles is one of the best high flyers around. Some people may disagree with me on that point.He can also mat wrestle as well. I've seen him do some amazing things. Like when he powerbombed Abyss from the top rope that was awesome or the flipping DDT he does. The styles clash is probably one of my favorite finishers around. He also was the first person in TNA to hold all TNA champioships three times. That is a great accomplishment within itself.

He has had some of the best matches I've seen. One of my favorites which I have so many but I would have to say Aj vs Samoa Joe Vs Chris Daniels at Unbreakable that took place about four years ago. Another great match was the world title defense against Raven. It was one of the times in a while where I was one the edge of my seat threw out the entire match. Another reason why Aj is on this list. He has charisma and that is something that can't be taught. Of course he shouldn't talk half the time but he is very entertaining. But all in all I think Aj has the talent to be the next Shawn Micheals.

12.Rey Mysterio

The last man I said was one of the best high flyers around. Which is arguable as far as some people are concerned. This man Rey Mysterio is the high flyer in the business. He is the one who actually got me into wrestling in the first place. The very first match I seen was Rey Mysterio Vs Dean Malenko on Nitro back in 1999. Of course I really didn't watch wrestling that much until April of 2000 but that match opened my eyes. I like most people underestimated Rey just because of his size but he proved me wrong. In fact when I wanted to become a wrestler. A dream that is no more at this time. I actually looked to Rey as a role model. This guy does do some of the most breath taking things I have ever seen. He was X division before there was an X division. He did wrestle in Mexico and is with out question the most popular Mexican wrestler.

Rey's talent is unquestionable and any match that he has been in. I've watched matches he's had with Chris Jericho, Dean Malenko and Eddie Geurerro. Rey Vs Eddie is one of those things that can't be duplicated. They just had that chemistry that you can't get on call. The Halloween Havoc match is a prime example of that. His WCW matches are legendary and will be what he is remembered for. I was as excited as everyone else when I found out that WWE hired him. I was jumping for joy. One of my friends who never seen Rey wrestle before asked me why. I told him Rey is awesome and wait till his debut match. Sure enough Rey's debut against Chavo was nothing less of extraordinary. He never lost a step after coming to WWE. Now I feel like Rey has toned his style down to much. He's not the exciting wrestler that I remember. That is why he is number thirteen but my Rey memories will be his early WWE and WCW days. Thanks Rey for introducing me to professional wrestling a sport that I love.

11. Jake "The Snake" Roberts

This guy has got nothing but put down. After Beyond the mat I heard nothing but bad things. I then picked up his DVD pick your poison. I must say that it also is a must have for all wrestling fans. It tells things from his perspective. Everything from his childhood to breaking into the business and how he was treated by his parents. I was shocked to hear how his own parents treated him His father was a professional wrestler. His dad never showed him that wrestling was entertaining. Around the house he played his injuries and tormented his children. So when Jake told his dad that he wanted to wrestle. His dad told him that he was loser and he wouldn't amount to anything.

His dad could been more wrong about the statement. Let's face it when he was on Jake was one of the best in the business. Jake's peers have said that Jake is a pro at what he does. I have to agree. He is an innovator, the DDT is an often used move in the wrestling business. He also was without a doubt the best on the microphone. He even helped Austin break out of his shell and become the superstar we all know him as today. Remember king of the ring the infamous interview with Austin. All had to with Jake the snake. Jake also influenced Raven (who he in fact trained) and Undertaker who does the sit up thing. Which Jake did when after he hit the DDT. Plus the storylines he would come up with were genius. Jake also was the best if not the heel ever in the sports history. Some of my most memorable Jake the snake moments. Wow there are so many. I would have to say a couple come to mind. The fued he had with Ravishing Rick Rude with his wife involved. At the time people's real life spouse's or girlfriends never got involved in storylines. That sort of changed the way WWE did things. Also when he had the cobra and it bit Macho Man on the neck and wouldn't let go. I was like "Oh my god!" I'm glad it's him and not me. Jake I wish that drugs didn't get in the way because who knows you would still be with WWE today

10. Sting

It's showtime folks WOOOO!!!! man do I miss those infamous words that sting use to say. The Sting I'm talking about is the old Sting. The WCW Sting does anyone else remember him in the old days. I do and I have to say he was awesome. The fact is he first tagged with Ultimate Warrior in a tag team called the blade runners. They were going to WWE's answer to the road warriors but unfortunately they never went to WWE together. Instead they went their separate ways and they are very few teams at least back then where both members turned out to be great wrestlers and boy was I right. Warrior turned out to be a lost cause and Sting turned out to be an awesome in ring competitor. the matches he had with Ric Flair were awesome. Flair and Sting have to be one of the top ten feuds of the past twenty years. I even remember when Sting would drop from the ceiling and strike fear into people. Then he would hit them with a bat. Awesome stuff that was of course when WCW was good. Then they went down hill and closed down. I thought that Sting would come to WWE. That would've been awesome during Invasion but Sting didn't show up. He instead worked for other promotions. Sting's moves have become famous for all fans. Scorpion Deathlock a sharpshooter. Wrong he did it differently than Bret. The Stinger Splash which Shelton Benjamin happily does as a tribute to Sting. Not only that his Scorpion Deathdrop. A vicious reverse DDT and that was a very effective move against opponents. I would have to say I like his version of the sharpshooter better. Yes his move is better Bret sorry. Once TNA came into the fold. Sting without a moments notice showed up. I ordered the pay per view like all other Sting marks just so I could see Sting's in ring return. I was surprised to see that he hasn't missed a step but I think Sting has maybe another title run left in him. As long as TNA gives him a shot and I haven't really heard much from him. I heard Sting Vs Angle was awesome but never watched I might you tube it. Sting is without a doubt one of the best to ever wrestle and that's why he made my list.

9. "Double A" Arn Anderson

The Enforcer a man who changed the business forever.Arn Anderson the master and originator of the spinebuster. Again a man who's move a lot of wrestlers do in the business today. I recently picked up yet another wrestling DVD. Ric Flair and The Four Horsemen. I can not express enough how great this man was back during the glory run of the horsemen. He was the one who came up with the name. Plus he was awesome on the microphone. Whenever he was in front of a camera magic happened. Not to mention he was a great wrestler to boot. He's probably one of the best tag team wrestlers you could ever find in the business. First forming the Anderson brothers tag team with Ole. Which the new Minnesota Wrecking Crew was in my opinion better than the original. They had the same style and boy did that kick ass. I've watched some of their matches and I must say I compare them to Cade and Murdoch. Just because of their styles are certainly similar. But in way are Cade and Murdoch even close to being in the same league as the Andersons. Of course Arn's most memorable tag team was when he had he tag team run with Tully Blanchard. Who in my opinion paved the way for HBK and Triple H. Arn in fact cared so much about this business and still does. It saddens me that he had to hang it up. I would've loved to have seen the horsemen ride one more time. hey that sort of thing happens. Arn thanks for the memories and that is why you're on my list.

8. British Bulldog

Davey Boy smith the British Bulldog, he was trained in the dungeon by Stu Hart. He of course another great wrestler that never got a shot at the WWE championship. Which I think is complete crap if you ask me. He used a running powerslam to finish off opponents. He is probably in my books one of the best power wrestlers around. He of course was the first ever WWE European Champion. He at times was underrated as a performer inside the ring. I remember the match he had with Bret Hart in Wembley Stadium and the match he had with Shawn Micheals. Those were some classic matches. Bulldog was also apart of a tag team with the Dynamite Kid called the Bristish Bulldogs which were a solid pound for pound tag team. davey boy left us to soon. He's up there with Curt Henning, Eddie Guerrero and Owen Hart having the greatest tag team match of all time.

7. Mr. Perfect
Mr. Perfect this is a man that was very entertaining to watch. I remember the sports videos that he did. I think the football one was my favorite. Where he threw a touch down to himself. That was simply no pun intended perfect. He was also one of the best Intercontinental champions to ever hold the belt in my opinion. Of course shawn micheals is also in the same catergory. He is the one who gave shawn micheals the heart break kid nickname. Which I think is awesome. One great wrestler giving another a nickname. My favorite Mr. Perfect match is any match he had with bret hart. I think matches set the course for future wrestlers. Mr. Perfect is one of the few to never hold the WWE championship. Which I think is lame because they would rather have the hogans and the cenas of the world hold the gold then someone who was naturally gifted like Mr. Perfect. It saddens me that he left us so soon. I was hoping that he would've gotten the wwe title shot that he rightfully deserved. Oh well he is still one of the best and that friends is perfect.

6. Bret "The Hitman" Hart

Coming in at number seven is a man who needs no introduction. This man Bret "the Hitman" Hart. Bret gets a bad rap for his attitude now but the Bret Hart that I want to speak of is the talented performer that he is. He of course broke into the business threw his father Stu Hart's wrestling company Stampede Wrestling. That of course is where Bret practiced the craft or art of professional wrestling. He came to WWE and it where it all began for Bret. When Bret was on there is no one that could wrestle better. I said and now you must live with it. He done it all in WWE he was a king of the ring winner, A royal Rumble winner, A WWE champion, An Intercontinental Champion and a tag team champion with his partner Jim "the anvil" Neidhart. They formed the duo known as the Hart Foundation managed by Legendary wrestling manager Jimmy Hart and man were they a great team. They have to be in my top three favorite tag teams of all time. Of course no great wrestler would be complete without a finisher and this guy was no exception and he would finish his opponents with a move that he called the sharpshooter. That move looked like it hurt and that made the move so cool. Of course so many others have used it but Bret Hart did it the best. There are so many things that can be said about him but one thing is for sure Bret is at least in my view one of the all time greats.

5. The Rock

Coming in at number five the trail blazin', eye borw raisin', jabroni beatin',pie eatin', always amped, people's champ....THE ROCK. Sorry I couldn't resist now of course The Rock really needs no introduction. He is a hot movie star right now. I have seen all of his movies and most of them were good. A few of them sucked Be Cool being one of them. Enough about his movies. I want to talk about his wrestling career. The Rock without a doubt is the most entertaining wrestler I have ever seen. He has always kept me watching. His interviews were awesome and just like Ric Flair. The Rock could make laugh, cry or even mad. You had to watch to see what he was going to say. He has a talent for bringing the people in and holding the entire audience in the palm of his hand. The Rock was a great in ring performer as well. Now he isn't as technically sound as Kurt Angle or Bret Hart but, he can still tell a story in the ring.

Some of my favorite Rock moments. There are a couple that I loved and one was at The King Of The Ring 2002. It involved Goldust and Booker T backstage. It was to funny and if you have the chance watch it. You won't be disappointed that I can promise you.

I did enjoy his heel turn in 2003 but it seemed like he lost a step. After being beat by Goldberg. Which by the way I thought that sucked so bad. Anyways he left and would return a couple of times. His last match was at Wrestlemania 20.

I miss The Rock and hope that he will come back someday.

4.Eddie Guererro

He was simply known as Latino Heat and coming in at number four is Eddie Guerrero. Eddie was probably without a shadow of a doubt the best in the business. When he was alive and healthy. When Eddie was on there wasn't a wrestler in any company that could keep up with him. Eddie was very entertaining the Los Guererros videos were. The one where they went golfing was awesome. The segment had me laughing and not only was Eddie funny but he had a big heart. He loved wrestling and he's been involved in some great matches. His last match in the old ECW with Dean Malenko was great. Any match he had with Rey Mysterio, the late Chris Benoit and many others. Basically any match Eddie had was good.

When WWE finally put the championship on Eddie. I was happy and even better I was celebrating with all the fans. I wasn't at the arena but I was at home watching No Way Out. When Eddie hit the frog splash on Brock Lesnar. I was screaming at the top of my lungs. He deserved to win it and it showed that hard work indeed does pay off. My only complaint is that I wish they would have put the championship on him sooner. Sadly Eddie passed away in 2005. It was a sad day and it was the first time. I cried over a wrestler dying.

3.Kurt Angle

Oh it's true, it's true and coming in at number three is Kurt Angle the Olympic gold medalist. The only Olympic gold medalist in professional wrestling history. Of course I never heard of him till I seen him in WWE. It was wwf at the time. I seen this guy who was about my height and he was wrestling with guys like The Undertaker and Steve Austin. Of course he is 20 times the athlete Austin and Taker would ever be. Kurt is also very entertaining and he can successfully get over as a face (good guy) or heel(bad guy). He's held like every belt in both of the wrestling companies he has worked for.

2.Shawn Micheals

If you are a wrestling fan. The next wrestler on my list needs no introduction. Shawn Micheals started off as part of a tag team called the rockers with Marty Janetty. They were an awesome tag team and they never held the tag team titles in WWE. They almost did but the titles were stripped off of them. Shawn decided to turn on Marty during the infamous Barber shop segment. Shawn kicked Marty threw a window and from then on he was a singles wrestler. Shawn is indeed an innovator and Shawn has been in the first ever ladder match against Razor Ramon. The first ever iron man match with Bret Hart. Which is my favorite match that Shawn has competed in. It went to a draw and then Shawn ended up winning the WWF world championship. I cheered as loud as I could when I saw that happen. Shawn was also in the first ever hell in the cell with Undertaker. That was the best hell in cell match. Of course I am a Shawn Micheals fan so of course I am going to be biased.

Shawn is also named Mr. Wrestlemania. The reasoning for that nickname is simple. Whenever there is a wrestlemania with him on the card. Shawn always and I mean always has the best match on the card.

I am glad to see that he has not missed a beat and I hope that he is inducted into the WWE hall of fame in the next couple of years.

And now for number one.

1. Ric Flair

This man needs no introduction his name is synonymous with professional wrestling and is the greatest wrestler of all time. One thing that makes Ric Flair stand out above all the other wrestlers. Is that Ric Flair has influenced so many wrestlers to come down the pipe. Triple H, The Rock and Shawn Micheals just to name a few. One word that he is identified with Ric Flair is WOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Everytime I attend a WWE event. I hear WOOs all over the arena. In the ring in his prime. Ric Flair was untouchable against anyone he faced. Ric Flair was also a pioneer and he captained the first ever stable to get real cable exposure with Arn Anderson, Ole Anderson and Tully Blanchard. The Four Horsemen were the most dominate stable of wrestlers. They held pretty much every belt in the NWA. They broke ground and without them there wouldn't be NWO, DX or Evolution.

The thing I think Ric flair will be remembered for is his uncanny ability to talk on the microphone. Whenever I would see a Ric Flair promo. I knew that I was in for a treat and not only that. I knew that he had a passion for the business unlike any other wrestler.

Last year at wrestlemania Ric Flair had his final match with Shawn Micheals. I had mixed feelings about this match. I like both wrestlers and have mad respect for them. I knew that this match was going to be a classic and it was. Ric then retired from the business but there is no doubt that he will always be remembered as great.
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