Villains Too Scary for TV

Villains that as a Kid made me almost wet the bed and were too scary for kiddies...
June 22, 2006
Okay, Seriously, there are awesome villains that are mean and bad to the bone, and yet still cool for kids to watch. Not all bad guys have to be scary-looking to get the point across. Robotnik off of Sonic the Hedgehog was not scary in my eyes as a kid, but you knew he was evil and his actions proved it. He didn't have to look scary to make you understand his wicked intentions.

Having said that, I'd like to share to you, in no apparent order, the baddies of my younger years that had me scrambling under the pillow and nearly wetting myself...uh, nearly.

The Spirit:

Wow, Here's something you don't expect! A Care Bears Movie villain that's actually scary? No, surely not! But oh yes, my friends, this chick was hard-core evil and a bit freaky too. When I first saw the Care Bears movie, I was a young and tender grade-schooler. My Aunt had recorded the movie on video tape and I was casually watching it in my grandmother's living room, unbeknownst the freakshow that was about to be displayed before my eyes. I mean, it's a CARE BEARS movie! This scary mask-thing, known as the Spirit, was downright creepy. She was seductive and vile, and corrupted an innocent and ambiguous boy to become what the picture below us shows. Now, honestly, despite the rest of the movie being cute and cuddly, isn't that a bit freaky? I think so. Maybe the Spirit wasn't drop-dead scary, but she was evil enough to make the movie a bit more freaky. Congrats Spirit, woot.

Queen Beryl:

Sailor Moon was THE cartoon show I watched in grade school and stil enjoy today. If you've ever watched the show, you probably know about Queen Beryl, the evil witch of a woman that wanted control of the earth and pretty much the whole galaxy. Not only was she a nasty piece of work to look at (especially towards the final battle of the Season One of Sailor Moon) but she also had this creepy voice that dug into your skull and sent shock waves running through you (Eh, maybe this didn't happen to everyone but it did to me! LOL) Anywhoo, Queen Beryl was pretty merciless, even if it meant taking out her own henchmen, which she ended up doing, if she wasn't simply punishing them severely. And all for a stupid crystal! LOL She also was decieving, cruel, merciless, and vain. She even brainwashed Darien/Tuxedo Mask to serve her! (*sob* Why?) Anywhoo, Beryl was creepy. Maybe not scarier-than-hell freakshow scary, but she was creepy enough.

Evil Prince from Unico the Movie:

Wow, one of my favorite movies as a kid, and I really couldn't tell you why now...LOL Anyway, Unico was about a unicorn (I thought he was a girl unicorn for the longest time, because of the pink hair you know! LOL) that can make anyone happy. Yay for him, until the gods of that world get jealous of him and plot to destroy him. Enter the West Wind, a sweet character that is the wind, only the wind looks like a woman in this flick, that takes Unico away from the evil spirits. Unico befriends the son of the devil (I know, WTF? I may have to do a segment about this movie later, stay tuned) and turns a cat into a witch (Okay, it's official, the Unico article will be done! LOL) and that little witch falls for a prince. Okay, the prince seems a little mysterious and charming, but hey, he's still hot, so Katie (the cat-turned-witch) falls for him. Well, as the movie progresses, this charming prince ends up being this wacked out bad guy. Enter one of the scariest moments of anime cinema for kids. While the prince is dueling Unico, the Prince falls and lands directly on a spike. Uhm, let's just say 'graphic' is a good term to use for this. Then the Prince turns into this huge monster that tries to take Unico's life. Okay, now that you've heard the plot summary for Unico, why is this villain scary? Mainly because as a kid, once a person died, you'd assume they'd stay dead, but oh no! Not this dude! He comes back to life and gets even scarier by becoming this huge black beast of a monster. Yeah, the dude did more than creep me out, he scared the bejesus out of me. *sigh* But still such a good flick....

The Joker:

Now, don't get me wrong, I LOOOOVE Batman the series. Loooove it. But when I saw Batman the movie on the television screen for the first time, The Joker fah-reaked me out beyond all belief. I really wasn't the biggest horror film star growing up, and in fact, the only real horror movie I'd ever seen as a kid was The Shining...uhm....yeah, and that was enough to launch me into an anti-horror film movement until I finally saw The Ring, and then started to get over my hesitant fear of the scary movie flicks...but I degress As you can clearly see from these pics, there is good reason why as a kid I was scared to death of the Joker, and of clowns in general. Yeah, I was happy when Batman kicked his rear end, but from then on, I still got chills from the Joker's presence. Clearly falling into a bat (ha ha, no pun intended) of toxic waste is not a good thing, judging from Jack Nicolson's transformation. Yeah, Jack creeps me out to begin with, so why not give him some face paint and a smile that's demonically evil and somewhat irresistable. (Go ahead, stare at his face, try to instantly turn away...not easy is it?) If the directors were going for crazy scariness, yeah, they got the job done. Even the cartoon still gives me the heebijeebies. Yeah, I'm a silly girlie wuss...I'll be the first to admit it! ^_^


Dear Lord, we've come to this. Quite frankly, I couldn't watch Reboot half the time because of this chick. Seriously, this one takes the cake for me; maybe not for you, but definately for me. Why? Hello, this chick was freaky-deaky. Reboot was one awesome show, and the computer elements was a definate plus, making everything seem somewhat realer. Perhaps too realer...(LOL, I had to say it!) Anywhoo, this woman was like a computerized witch, reaking havic across the cyber world, and when first introduced, she wore this sad face mask, like the drama symbol. When happy, she wore the smiling mask, which looked somewhat freaky. Oh, but when she was mad, heh heh, time to duck under the pillows, my good friends. That's when the mask flew off, revealing a psychological childhood terror that I just couldn't stand. Seriously, I wouldn't even watch the show when she was on, simple as that. I don't know what became of her (because I wouldn't watch episodes with her in it) but I hoped she'd been put out of her computer freakish misery. (I didn't like this witch! Can't you tell? LOL) Then, just when I thought she was gone, BAM! There she was, staring at you with her glowing eyes! This could have also brought on my fear of clowns too, since she appears somewhat like a clown...LOL, well, while she may not be the freakiest baddie to you, she topped the cake for me. Thanks, Hexidecimal! For giving me nightmares and brandishing a whip on my childhood sanity, thanks again!

Well, there you have it! Trust me, looking up these pics wasn't easy! I was scared just typing in the google search on most of them! Well, I'm off to continue work on my sequel article, Live Action Hearthrobs, the sequel to Cartoons that Stole my Heart! LOL, hope you enjoyed this little section on scary tv villains....tune in next time for another article by Romania Black! Take care, you guys!
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